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This system is on private property and there is no access.

Michael Barnette was able to arrange permission for an exploratory dive in 2004. Bret Hemphill made the dive. It was reported as a very dark, tannic sink with extensive tree litter, plant material, and covered with a floating reed island. The sink drops to over 110 ffw, with numerous small vents and gradual pumping on the upstream side. The downstream side headed southward but did not appear to have a passable tunnel.

The sink is known locally as a dumping spot for bodies of lynched locals in the 1930s and 1940s. On the site of an old plantation, with the foundation remains of old slave quarters nearby. A truck appears to be buried along the side of the sink, and a small wooden boat is within the system.

The system is tidally influenced and is suspected to connect to Tarpon Springs Marina Sink. Overall, not a very nice system.
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Latitude: 28.18124
Longitude: -82.77125
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 110'
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 Open Water Diving
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System Depth Cave Cavern OW Last Report Distance (mi)
   Howard Park Sink 94 True False False 10/6/2019 2.5
   Rock Sink False False True 3/24/2019 9.3
 Overview Information Available for Salt Spring  Salt Spring 330 True False False 12/13/2014 8.4
 Overview Information Available for Crystal Beach Spring  Crystal Beach Spring 126 True False False 6/14/2014 6.8
 Overview Information Available for Wall Spring  Wall Spring True True False 10/22/2010 5.2
   Knight's Sink 170 True False False 4/18/2006 4.3
   Whiskey Spring True False False 8.6
   Gar Spring True False False 8.7
   Cauldron Spring 85 True False False 8.1
   Brett's Toilet Bowl 40 True False False 8.1
   Tarpon Springs Marina Sink False False False 1.3
   Hidden Lake Sink 80 True False False 2.7
 Overview Information Available for Tarpon Springs Sink  Tarpon Springs Sink 115 True False False 2.5
   Lake Tarpon Sink 170 True False False 4.4
   Blue Sink 130 False False False 6.4