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Latitude: 27.3967
Longitude: -83.2157
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 365'
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Big Jack Hole
Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
7/2/2011 J.K. 20 ft. Shot a few snapper. Curt Bowen's cement filled bucket is still on the edge from the original survey. We only went to 132ft. Water temp. 76F around hole. Very cool dive. Want to do it with better viz.
10/7/2009 JD 100' This was a Awesome dive the viz was pretty much cobalt blue, kinda strong current, really deep dive, dove with a group of 10 did 3 dives, 1 of which was a night dive
1/15/2009 .emo spearo. 40 feet .me and jamarcus dove this hole. .its out in the gulf. .we didn't go into the hole just on the precipice. .anyway there was like a lot of mangos. .and jacks. .i shot one jack in the tail end. .i was going for the tail pressure point. .try and stone it you know. .and it took off into the hole. .with my $800 kudana. .i was so sad. .like marilyn manson without mascara. .so if any of you cavers dive it. .please let me know if you find it.
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Description Type Date Author Remarks
 System Map Map 1993 Curt Bowen (ADM)
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 Overview Information Available for Big Jack Hole  Big Jack Hole 370 True False False 0