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Latitude: 30.788074
Longitude: -85.14485
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 82'
 Cave Diving
 Cavern Diving
 Open Water Diving
Merritts Mill Pond
Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
11/3/2008 Mathew Bull Excellent from surface Didn't dive it, because I'm not rigged up for such a small cave and my ear was all jacked up from a reverse squeeze on the previous dive. Looked great from the surface though.
9/22/2004 J 100 Tiny 40's sidemount or no-mount entrance with multiple tight 90 degree bends and extremely sharp limestone- non typical for this area. Initial 30 feet shallow- less than 20 feet depth- descends down fragile, narrow vertical fissure to 8" or less high mud floored room at 100-110 FFW.
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System Depth Cave Cavern OW Last Report Distance (mi)
 Overview Information Available for Jackson Blue Spring  Jackson Blue Spring 105 True True False 2/27/2023 0.3
 Overview Information Available for Bozel Spring  Bozel Spring 110 True False False 12/29/2021 6.1
 Overview Information Available for Hole In The Wall  Hole In The Wall 110 True False False 3/3/2019 0.8
 Overview Information Available for Twin Caves  Twin Caves 100 True False False 3/2/2019 0.1
 Overview Information Available for Shangri-la Springs  Shangri-la Springs 40 True True True 5/31/2014 0.2
 Overview Information Available for Maund Spring  Maund Spring 70 True False False 5/12/2012 5.1
 Overview Information Available for Gator Hole  Gator Hole 42 True False False 9/28/2011 1.5
   Sandbag Spring True False False 4.6