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Cherokee sink is one of Florida’s numerous fresh water springs and sinks. It is located in Wakulla County, adjacent to the counties namesake Wakulla Spring, and included in the property of Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park. The sink emerges from the surrounding foliage as a nearly circular, beautifully colored, jade green pool. The sides rise ominously all the way around the sink and can be anywhere from three to thirty feet of vertical rock above the water. For generations locals have followed the footpaths and trails to the waters edge to jump, dive, and swing from the surrounding trees and cliffs into the water. The depth increases rapidly from the waters edge and most places do not even offer a foot hold before dropping to 40 feet in depth. The deepest area of the sink reaches to 80 feet. The depths of the sink offer little in the way of visibility with the average being about 6 feet near the bottom and dropping rapidly to zero as divers began the process of identifying debris. An extensive layer of silt blankets the entire bottom of the sink. Shallower depths offered quite a different picture as large schools of minnows, brim and small bass were plentiful and the water was significantly warmer where exposed to the sun. The depths of the sink offered glimpses of life as well. Large fresh water eels could be seen moving in and out of the rocky edges and on occasion stirred from the bottom layer of silt by a passing diver only to quickly fade into the fog of darkness and particulate.
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Latitude: 30.21287
Longitude: -84.304449
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 80'
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
6/18/2023 Kyle Currie 6ft Conditions at 45 ft included 6 ft visibility with warm conditions in a 5 mil wetsuit. Visibility rapidly drops past 45 ft and becomes very silty. Redneck Riviera, open to swimmers, loud music.
9/1/2012 Speleodiver 20 Sink is open to divers. No swimmers. You must check in with the park. It is recommended you call ahead and schedule the dive. There is cave here but it is small and short.
6/13/2009 DaveFSU Closed Article in the Tallahassee Democrat reports that Cherokee Sink will remain closed indefinitely. Apparently, as a public swimming facility, they must have a permit from the Department of Health. They can't get that permit without constructing a permanent restroom facility. No budget to build a restroom facility. Unknown how this affects divers.
6/9/2009 DaveFSU Closed A call into Wakulla Springs State Park, which now oversees the property, reports that Cherokee sink will remain closed until the end of the year.
5/21/2009 Walter Pickel Closed Cherokee Sink was closed on 5.21.2009 due to highly elevated bacteria level.
3/15/2008 Scott Byars 30 ft. Viz in basin about 15'. The viz in the cave is about 15-30 the futher back you go the better it gets. Viz in the clearwater tunnel was about 50'. The cave might be possible to do backmount but less mess sidemount.
3/2/2008 Mathew Bull 10' from the surface Didn't dive, but just went to go check it out as I've never seen the site. Nice docks, easy entry, lots of benches. Huge sink too! Water was green and slightly milky, but it didn't look awefull.
7/8/2007 Madison Williams 25 ft. Cherokee Sink has been cleaned up a lot. There are new pathways, and even a new dock.
5/6/2006 Buhlz 20' Dove w/ Dave here. Had to go to Wakulla to get permission and leave C-cards. Nice little sink hole but couldn't find cave. There's a spooky tree in there that sneaks up on ya so watch out. I found the edge of the hole and my bubbles almost caused an avalanche on me. Nice little dive. Many FSU chickies!!!!
8/25/2005 Gregg Stanton 20 ft. Cherokee Sink is accessible through a new entrance near the Wakulla Springs State Park (WSSP), south on Rt 61. First check in with the ranger at the front gate at WSSP and provide them with a photocopy of your dive card, a photo ID, and sign a waiver, that's it. There is currently no charge to dive this site! There is a portapoty, some tables and boardwalk/steps & decks at this large sink. Access to the water is still over the rocks at this time. Surface visibility remains poor, but below 25 ft you can see for 15-20 feet. Conditions are better now that the garbage has been removed, but tree limbs abound.
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