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Latitude: 30.28611
Longitude: -84.34203
Coordinate System:
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
1/19/2011 Mathew Bull Tanic Sinks have blown out from the recent rains.
12/4/2010 Mathew Bull 40' Waters blue/green with a bit of smoke in it.
11/28/2010 Mathew Bull 40-50' Little milky, likely from runnoff after rains the day before yesterday. Should flush out and be closer to 60' shortly.
11/13/2010 Mathew Bull 60' Vis is great, well over what my primary could handle with a little milk in it. Had a great dive!
11/6/2010 Mathew Bull 40-60' Same as below
11/4/2010 Mathew Bull 40-60' A little milk and very little particulate, but still blue despite the recent rains. Vis was enough to enough to enjoy the dive and see alot of the walls. Everything is great in the area. I actually entered at Cream Sink and headed upstream just short of ClearCut.
5/31/2010 Mathew Bull 40-60' Kinda green, but clear, little bit of flow but very nice time to dive the area. Its been tannic for several months, nice to be able to jump back in here...
4/9/2010 Mat 5' and Tannic Didn't dive, heavily tannic from the surface.
12/5/2009 Mathew Bull Blown System is tannic from recent storms, WCDC has cleared the trails out to the sinks though.
11/14/2009 Mathew Bull 30-40' Actually dove from Cream Sink, just upstream from Promise and Go Between Sinks. Conditions were great
10/10/2009 Mathew Bull Clear from the surface Looked clear and blue from the surface, made me wish I left home earlier to have time to dive.
6/6/2009 Mathew Bull 5' and very tannic Didn't dive, lots of particulate, water was very tannic.
5/24/2009 Mathew Bull 40-50' Still a greenish tint, but visibility wasn't bad as long as you didn't kick up the bottom. Went as far as Trench, upstream, with consistant conditions.
2/7/2009 Mathew Bull 30-40' Waters low, visibility is great albeit a bit greenish still.
10/5/2008 Mathew Bull 30' Visibility is returning to the area after Fay and several other tropical hiccups and alot of rainfall. Water is still greenish, but clear and the dive is great.
6/22/2008 Mathew Bull 50'ish Visibility down a little, likely due to the thunderstorm we dove through throwing runoff and particulate into the water. Still a great dive and we had clear skies by the time we exitted.
6/8/2008 Mathew Bull 60 ' Flows still down, water probably a bit cleaner than 3 weeks ago, and still even more swimmers showing up to beat the heat.
5/18/2008 Mathew Bull 60' Flows down, water levels are down, the water is clear with an ever so slight green tinge. Lots of swimmers on the surface who have no problem with going through anything you've left on the surface during the dive. Watch out for underaged, puking, drunk chicks.
3/2/2008 Mathew Bull 5' tannic and smokey from the surface Didn't dive, but the sinks throughout this length of system are tannic and very smokey from the surface. Flow seems to be kickin too.
2/3/2008 Mathew Bull 15-20' Slight green-yellow hue from a bit of tannic intrusion, water was still 68F, so there wasn't enough intrusion to drop temps. Headed upstream from Promise to Go Between, Fern, Cream, Woods, and Trench with 15-20' visibility and positive flow.
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System Depth Cave Cavern OW Last Report Distance (mi)
 Overview Information Available for Cherokee Sink  Cherokee Sink 80 True True True 6/18/2023 5.5
   Leon Sinks - Emerald Sink 180 True True False 8/9/2021 0.9
 Overview Information Available for Mcbrides Slough  Mcbride's Slough 90 True False False 6/22/2017 5.4
 Overview Information Available for Indian Springs  Indian Springs 110 True False False 10/20/2016 2.7
 Overview Information Available for Church Sink  Church Sink 67 True False False 8/17/2015 7.8
   Leon Sinks - Promise Sink True False False 6/15/2012 0
 Overview Information Available for Leon Sinks - Upper River Sink  Leon Sinks - Upper River Sink True False False 2/9/2012 0.5
   Leon Sinks - Whiskey Mill Sink 220 True False False 6/11/2011 0.8
   Leon Sinks - Gopher Hole True False False 1/18/2010 1.6
   Leon Sinks - Little Dismal 250 True False False 1/18/2010 2
   Leon Sinks - Big Dismal Sink 250 True False False 1/18/2010 2.1
   Leon Sinks - Innisfree Sink True False False 12/5/2009 0.9
   Leon Sinks - Cheryl Sink 110 True True False 1
 Overview Information Available for Sally Ward Spring  Sally Ward Spring 350 True False False 3.6
   Leon Sinks - Sullivan Sink 225 True False False 1.9
 Overview Information Available for Chips Hole  Chip's Hole 120 True False False 1.6
   Meeting House Sink True False False 1.6
   Ames Sink True False False 3.5
   Kelly Sink True False False 3.6
   Leon Sinks - Split Sink 45 True False False 1
   Leon Sinks - Turner Sink True False False 1.5
 Overview Information Available for Leon Sinks - Wakulla Springs  Leon Sinks - Wakulla Springs 320 True True False 4.2