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Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

Apopka Spring is located on the southwest side of Lake Apopka in Gourd Neck, 2 miles south of Monteverde and is accessible only by boat. From Clermont head east on SR 50 approximately 3.5 miles to the intersection with CR 455. Turn north (left) onto CR 455 and travel approximately 4.2 miles to the town of Monteverde. Turn east (right) once in Monteverde and follow signs to the boat landing approximately 0.5 mile.

Description Apopka Spring occupies an open cove on the northwest side of Gourd Neck of Lake Apopka. The circular spring pool measures 180 ft in diameter, while the larger spring cove containing the spring measures 450 ft north to south and 360 ft east to west. The vent is in the center of the deep, bowl-shaped spring depression where the depth measures 45 ft The spring bottom is a mixture of sand and dark organic matter. Cloudy lake water quickly turns to clear spring water as the spring is approached. There is some exotic aquatic vegetation along the sandy slopes of the spring depression. The spring produces a large boil, and suspended particles can be seen within the clear water column. The spring cove is shallow around the perimeter with an organic, mucky bottom and emergent vegetation. Gourd Neck is buffered by marsh and lowland swamp forest on its west side before giving way to sand hills with extensive agriculture. The east side of Gourd Neck is bordered by a sand hill peninsula with planted pines. An underwater cave system has been recognized in this spring.
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Latitude: 28.566797
Longitude: -81.68067
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 98'
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Gordneck Sink
Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
1/12/2017 Teddy Garlock 0'-100' The lake is doing some weird things. Although the flow seemed to be greater than last year, the lake has intruded much further down into the cavern zone. Visibility was less than 1' (almost impossible to even read your computer) until 47' depth. The large tree is now blocking most of the entrance, but we were able to feel our way through. This is 100% a touch-dive until almost 50'. I would not dive here right now if you don't have some experience with finding the entrance. Once below 47' the spring water is clear as gin, and much warmer than the lake. Dove to the EOL, restriction at the entrance is as tight as ever.
3/30/2016 Teddy Garlock 100' Great dive. The lake clears up (a bit) around the spring entrance, we experienced around 3'. Quite a bit better than what I understand it is normally like. The visibility drastically improves when you enter the cavern area, with a strong flow and clear water. The cave is filled in with logs and other debris. I dove it to 80', where it becomes very tight due to all of the logs present. The cave goes on, but it would take a little effort to clear some of the crap out of the way. Be careful of the monofilament fishing line present! We fixed the memorial sign, which had toppled and was amongst some debris.
4/20/2008 Rodger Taylor 0 to 40' Accended to 33 feet to tangle of trees and debris. Passed thru and buddy tied off line. I followed buddy taking pictures until cave tappered off in a pile of cement blocks, beer bottles and school of catfish. Reversed and encountered log jam and much debris. Surfaced thru solid mass of debris blocking out all visual contact. Advance dive. Lots of garfish and alligators, monofilament line, and fishing lures to get entangled in. Max depth 82 feet.
2/14/2008 Tim Machardy 50 Interesting dive, the old lady and I went on this dive. Before getting in the water we counted 5 alligators sitting around our boat. The water was vary nasty on the way in and out of the cave. Deepest depth reached was 80 feet. Bring some alcohol and vinegar to clean your ears along with your lights.
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 Cross Section Map 1993 Peter Butt, Tom Morris
 Profile Map 1993 Peter Butt, Tom Morris
 System Map Map 1985 Peter Horne
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