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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
3/16/2014 jmaddox (via CDF) 80 This cave is located directly across the “street” from the houses of the folks that maintain the water pumps in the national park. There are chickens, dogs, donkeys and babies running around everywhere and the whole place smelled like weed. The caretakers did have an enormous pair of channel locks I used to remove my completely stuck low-flow DIN valve analyzer plug from my tank, which was nice of them. A short trail maybe 100’ long takes you to down to the small shallow entrance pool. The line was run to the sign where the cave becomes instantly distinguishable from others based on the amount of formations seen throughout the entire dive. The cave is short and shallow with no restrictions, no flow, easy swimming borehole that is very well decorated with a moderate amount of silt. We went through “the window” that pops you out in a very large room located at the end of the cave. We circled this room admiring the many formations and then back out. No fuss no muss, short and SWEET.
2/27/2012 Charles D Beeker typical cave vis IU is still active in our research in cavern and the marker flags mark various locations for archaeological and animal remains. I agree metal post flags are not the best solution, and these will be removed during our next expedition. Unfortunately
7/22/2010 Phillip good when we installed the signs we noticed that too, the markers are all over the place, we were not sure whether they were finished or not with the research. As you point out since they are finished that is really not cool to leave all that stuff in the cave!!!
7/13/2010 Walter Pickel 80 Had a long working dive in the system today. Looks like Indiana University cleaned out all of their "finds" but the left all of their marker flags as trash -- rusting away in the water supply for Bayahibe. That is one group that just doesn't seem to get it when it comes to cave exploration and conservation.
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