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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
7/22/2010 Cristian Pittaro 100 Would be cool if you guys share what you found new to add it on the map, by the way, I saw you added more caves and maps, would be nice of you adding the source of them Thanks, and by the way is cool the way you keep the info, will update if there are any changes in the springs down here.
7/14/2010 Walter Pickel 100 Always a great dive in La Jeringa. We did 4 dives in this system over the course of a week and found something new each time.
6/12/2010 Cristian Pittaro always perfect Max depth is 49, avg is 45
4/6/2010 phillip good the entire cave has been explored and mapped by Dave Pratt and Cristian Pitaro, there is a no mount section that has also been pushed by Dave. The entire cave was explored by those two using backmount gear exclusively, except for the no mount sections, do not know how they did it but they really did. The coolest cave here I think, although many people will not like it as it is very tight in most parts.
10/12/2009 phillip good Cristian and dave really did do the whole thing backmount except the few no mount sections! I also think it's a sidemount cave but I guess it's doable backmount but what a hassle, and anyway who dives backmount anymore?
10/12/2009 Walter Pickel 100 Did a few dives here this week. It would be impossible to do all of this cave in backmount. There are minor restrictions for both upstream and downstream - side mount is needed unless you only want to see 100' of the cave. Unfortunately, all diving in the park is now closed unless by permit from the Director of Protected Areas.
10/11/2009 phillip good Discovered by Cristian Pitaro and Dave Pratt I think about a year ago. They mapped the entire cave and did it backmount/no mount! not sidemount! First time I dove it I was convinced it was too tight but guess not. So far the longest and coolest cave in Bayahibe if not the DR, really weird looking rocks. Does not silt out anymore and has some flow (unusual for here)
Click here if you would like to contribute any information or resources for this system.
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Location information for this website is not available.