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Latitude: 18.47443
Longitude: -69.780805
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 135'
 Cave Diving
 Cavern Diving
 Open Water Diving
Cueva del Indio
Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
10/3/2014 John Jaume Unlimited Cueva Taina is a great dive, about 20 minute drive from Santo Domingo. The location is secure in a gated compound, with staff who will Sherpa your tanks to the entrance. Easy access via a spiral stair case. The cave has two main passages, one with depths to about 135',average 60' and the other has max depth of about 71', 41' average. Both passages have a variety of speleotems, and a halocline. The vis is great and most of the cave is hard to silt out. I understand that you can only dive there with a guide. I dove it with Golden Arrow Technical Dive Center, my guide was Mauricio Gomez. They were very helpful and are conveniently located. Denis Bourret just moved his shop to a new location in Santo Domingo's exclusive Naco district. There are other reputable centers in the Dominican Republic, but Golden Arrow is the only one I found in the city of Santo Domingo. Very convenient to do some cave diving while in Santo Domingo for business. I also found their prices more affordable than other centers, maybe because they are close to CuevaTaina and do a lot of business with local cave and tech divers? A great experience, Awsome Caves and expert staff.
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System Depth Cave Cavern OW Last Report Distance (mi)
   El Tildo 32 True False False 5.6
   Los Jardines Orientales True False False 5.2