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About 1km west of the beach town of Cabarete, and a 1km walk from the main road, are the caves that form part of the Natural Monument Cabarete and Goleta Lagoons (also known as El Choco National Park). Access is through a lush tropical jungle, up man-made steps, and then down through a passage to a natural Jacuzzi, a crystal clear pond in the middle of the earth. The caves in this area are the result of geological formations where sinkholes, disappearing streams, and underground caverns, often filled with water, are found beneath relatively flat landscapes. There are several caves in the area, some accessible with a one to three hour hike. Horse ranches take visitors on tours into the park to observe the numerous edible tropical fruit plants and the vast variety of birds.
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Latitude: 19.564629
Longitude: -69.907623
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 72'
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10/11/2009 phillip good One of the longest caves here, about 800mtrs. A classic cenote sinkhole, locals hang out an swim there. Big cavern zone really grandiose tunnels. the cave is also very cool has dark colored walls, very weird vibe. Discovered and mapped by Dennis Bourret and Bobby Pritchet.
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