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Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

Jackson Blue Spring is about 5 miles east of Marianna at the northeast end of Merritts Mill Pond. From the intersection of US 90 and SR 73 in Marianna, head east 1.4 miles on U.S. 90. Turn north (left) on SR 71 and travel 1.2 miles to the intersection of SR 164. Turn east (right) and drive 3.3 miles to the county park entrance on the south (right) side of the road. The spring is 0.1 mile southeast of SR164 in a county park.

Description - Numerous springs feed Merritts Mill Pond. Jackson Blue Spring is the main spring at the head of the pond. It is situated about 10 ft west of the diving platform. Spring pool diameter is approximately 240 ft southwest to northeast and 233 ft northwest to southeast. Maximum depth over the vent is 16.5 ft. The vent is elliptical and approximately 5 ft high and 25 feet wide. Limestone is exposed near the vent, and it bears backhoe scars. Clear bluish water issues from the vent. A boil is slightly visible at the surface. There is approximately 40% algae coverage on the pool bottom and very little aquatic or emergent vegetation. The spring pool is a designated swimming area separated from the rest of Merritts Mill Pond by a chain link fence across the channel approximately 300 ft downstream. The southern shore of the spring pool meets a lowland cypress-gum forest. The northern half of the pool is bordered by high ground sloping upward to nearly 20 ft above water level. Most of the high ground is cleared and grassy. All nearby uplands are developed. There are buildings and a parking area constructed on the uplands. Surrounding the spring, are a concrete retaining wall near shore, slides, a diving board, and picnic tables. An extensive underwater cave system has been mapped at Jackson Blue Spring.

Utilization - Jackson Blue Spring is a county swimming and recreational park.
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Latitude: 30.79013
Longitude: -85.14015
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 105'
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Merritts Mill Pond
Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
2/27/2023 Brian Moore 80 modererate flow excellent vis Weekends are a little crowded go during the week. all in all very nice conditions!
3/1/2020 Mark Janson 80-100’ Flow is steadily increasing. Still doable without a scooter. Fair number of divers on the weekend split between breathers and open circuit. Everyone really cool and respectful! Great weekend of diving!
11/19/2019 Mark Janson 100’ Low flow. Great viz. Cavern full of fish and even a river otter! Absolutely great diving conditions! Park still under repair construction, but easy to get in and out.
10/22/2019 DiveCarolinas 100' Flow is WAY down and visibility is crystal clear. Able to kick back to 2600 in 60 minutes before heading in avalanche alley.Viz up there was outstanding as well until the passage of divers raised a little silt.The swm back down the mainline with mild flow was about 30 minutes. Scootered to the same jump today which took just 23 minute in the mild current. Temps are running 67-68. Come and dive since there's no telling when it will be this nice again! CONSTRUCTION WARNING - crews are on-site and using heavy machinery to cut back the hillside behind the diving board and where diver enter beside the diving board. Things do get a load when they are operating over the cave opening.
1/1/2019 ARY 15ft Very high flow, some restrictions had to help my Gavin with fins. Viz is very milky due to recent heavy rainfalls, 10-15 ft and not improved upstream. We went past 3rd T and returned due to issues with gear.
6/23/2018 Tom 100’ Simple mainline swim dive to the trash room. Flow was moderate, took 90minutes to swim to the trash room....clear as gin all the way there. Stopped and spent some quality time with the eels on the way out. Great day.
6/4/2017 Shirley Good, not great The flow was low and the front room was a little cloudy. Not horrible, but not JB clear. The park wasn't very crowded, due to some rain and thunder, and I saw no other divers at the park. Great dive.
5/9/2016 Frank >50ft First time at jb, flow was the new norm according to CA. It was 'pull and pull' only after about 600 ft. I had the cave to myself all day. Viz was great up to the first T when I turned the dive.
2/27/2016 Mer 80ft Blue and moderate flow for JB. Some particulate if other teams in system before you.
5/22/2015 Flyczek 50-100 flow is moderate for JB, VIs was great. park is now open to swimmers, stay away during the weekend days
12/25/2014 Mark S 10-15 my first time here and I was told it was very unusual. Hazy and foggy, we found the gold line and tied to it but I couldn't even see the STaoP sign that I know supposed to be there. Last few days prior to the dive day were very rainy and that might be the cause. Flow was moderate comparing to Ginnie, I could kick thru it. Only made it to the second breakdown to 91 ft depth and then after maybe 200 ft we turned around. The viz was not worth it.
8/23/2014 Zach >60' Crystal clear, moderate flow at the venturi near the opening, present but avoidable throughout the rest of the cavern and mild beyond the cavern zone. I only went just passed the chimney, but it was pristine and spectacular to that point.
5/31/2014 Victor Zamora 60 Vis is getting noticeably better. Not what is considered the norm, but better than it's been for a few months. Flow is bad, but dropping a little bit. It becomes practically unswimmable passed 800ft.
5/25/2014 Bil Lindstrom 40' There is good news: Flow is still very high and screaming. Viz on the GL is about 40', maybe a little better. I re-visited Sweet Passage after diving there 2 weeks ago. The good news is that SP is a little clearer than it was the last time, seemed like viz was 60' or better off of GL. So maybe some clearing is happening and we'll soon be back to the tap water viz we're accustomed to.
4/18/2014 Steve M 40 flow EXTREMELY high. Edd called it ~140mg/d. Stronger than I've ever seen it. Visibility murky, lots of particulate in the water. In fact, worse than I've ever seen it. I was swimming (ugh) went up the parallel lines (a little relief) but when we got to the 2nd breakdown, we decided we'll go get my scooter for any future dives. The ride out was a trip.
3/24/2014 Jack Hammer Unlimited Flow very low, no problems finning in. Visibility as far as we could see. Played around in front area, ~p600.
12/18/2013 Oliver / nakatomi 100' Conditions are great as usual and the flow is down - very swimmable.
9/17/2013 Oliver 100' Moderate flow through the deco room and cavern, very moderate from the 1st to the second breakdown. We had a very enjoyable swim dive.
8/30/2013 corvettejoe (CDF) 40-50' The flow was kicking pretty good, as several others stated the same thing as they came out. Since the park was closed except for divers, I had it mostly to myself. Edd was there with a couple students, another couple was exiting, and another couple was getting in as I was getting out.

This was my first time to this area. Cave Adventures was an excellent source of info, the staff was very friendly and the process to check in went smoothly.

I geared up, got in, got my butt kicked by the flow on entry, and finally found the gold line. Edd had stated the vis
7/27/2013 Jason 100 Flow is up significantly.
3/28/2013 Bil Linddstrom 100 Typical JB Viz, all the way to the end of Crinoid Glory line, gold line, and Deloach's delight. Flow is up considerably; not to 2006 levels, but pretty hard compared to the last few years. The mill pond is considerably higher than lately as well. Temp in the mill pond is up too, the bream have left the cavern to head back for spring.
11/12/2012 Idol 100' 100' vis; mainline to 2500', King Canyon to King's bypass. Low flow. Low water in river.
8/4/2012 Mer 100' , 70' 100' vis: Mainline to 2500', Avalanche Alley, Kings Bypass and King Canyon. 70' vis and milky: Crinoid Glory from Middle Lands jump until 3Ts before the upstream end meets the goldline. Crinoid Glory vis may have been due to diver traffic. Flow same as 8/3. Knats bad before sunset, mosquitoes bad after.
8/3/2012 Mer 100' Mainline to terminal room and Stratosphere 100' vis. Flow is down, still noticeable from 3rd T and downstream, but only very slight flow further into the system than that.
7/17/2012 Dani Excellent Hight flow. Go out on 50% time than go in.
7/7/2012 Jason unlimited Flow is up a bit. Gnats are intense.
7/2/2012 Mer 80-100' Clear, flow down. Knats are bad.
5/26/2012 Riana 80' Flow is practically gone. Vis was good but hazy same great cave as always! Lots of humanity above water only one other team below....good times.
5/5/2012 Sandy Robinson 100' Same as below. Flow still negligible. Park is now open for the summer.
5/2/2012 Mer 100' Low flow for JB. Clear mainline to 3000' , clear Crinoid Glory. Water level to bottom step of wood steps to beach.
3/25/2012 Sandy Robinson good Normal viz for JB. The flow seems to be slightly up since January 15 when we last dove JB. Except for a solo diver, we had the cave to ourselves. Fantastic weather.
3/8/2012 Hunter Sutton unlimited Jackson Blue had a day or two after the recent rains that it turned to less than 20' viz which is very unusual for JB. Today it was back to its usual self able to see as far as the next wall no matter how far away.
1/15/2012 Jeff Eades >100 feet Excellent conditions no flow what so ever. Great time to dive if you do not scotter.
10/30/2011 Richard Dinon 100 to unlimited Flow is nonexistent. Basin and cavern crystal clear. Absoultely perfect being closed to the public.
10/24/2011 Hunter Sutton unlimited Flow is near zero. If there was ever a room you really wanted to check out and just couldn't quite make it that far, now is the time to dive it.
10/18/2011 Iowa Cave Diver 100 I have never seen the flow this low/non-existent at JB. I hadn't dove here in over a year.... you could hoover in the opening of the cavern and not move. Great time to dive... low/no flow, great viz, no swimmers! Marine life outside of the cave has greatly increased also, including vegitation in open water has grown like crazy. Go Dive JB!
9/4/2011 WJefferis 100 Viz was great for Labor Day weekend. The flow was non-existant. PErfect time to go dive JB. The park closes to the public Sept 5th, so it will be only cave divers for a while.
8/10/2011 Justin Unlimited Same as last week. Great vis, great dive.
7/29/2011 Justin Unlimited Low to not-quite-moderate flow. Unlimited visibility on a mostly cavern dive back to the recent collapse at the Horseshoe, a couple hundred feet in.
7/5/2011 Dave Jones 80-100' During the last 4 days the flow was very low and visibility was excellent.
5/29/2011 Bert 80 feet Lots of divers with the cds conference,flow was manageable with fairly good visibility considering the number of divers in the system.
5/27/2011 Louis mixed bag flow is up a bit from two weeks ago but still very much down for what JB cam be. With the workshop in town the cave is packed, so lots of particulate in the water but when you hit a clear area it proves it is just diver traffic levels.
5/14/2011 Louis Fantastic Lots of new construction for the start of summer swimming. Viz is great and flow is down.
4/12/2011 Rob Neto Hazy 60' Flow has been on the rise lately. The water level in the basin was even up about a foot from last week. The rain last week didn't last that long, but apparently it was enough to affect JB. Lots of divers at JB for a Monday, which could account for the haze in the water. Visibility was great off the main line where I know no one else has been over the past few days.
2/26/2011 Rob Neto 100 Flow has been up and down lately, but this is probably the lowest I've seen it in years. We did about a 1900' penetration, about a 1/3 of that off the main line. Turned the dive expecting to get out a little quicker than our penetration, but with the flow so low, it took us almost as long to get out as it did to get in. One of my students claims it was the drills we did on the way out, but those drills really didn't impede our pace at all.
2/5/2011 atedeschi 100' First time in the system, did a slow scooter dive up to the traffic light. Went in on the right at the Ts and Right on the way out. Really sweet system.
1/28/2011 WJefferis 100' Super low flow and great visibility. The air temps got up to 70* today.
1/23/2011 Mathew Bull 60-80 Low flow, but exiting is still twice as fast. Great time to swim JB.
1/21/2011 WJefferis 100' Air temps were 41* in the morning and 51* later in the day. The flow was totally nonexistant. Great couple of dives.
1/15/2011 Mathew Bull 60-100 Flows still down, great time to dive JB
1/15/2011 Mathew Bull 60-100' Flows still down, great time to dive JB.
12/5/2010 Lynne Flaherty 100 Very low flow -- only noticeable where the cave pinched down. Innumerable fish in the cavern, very pretty!
12/2/2010 Mathew Bull 80' Flow low, but present - great vis, but a little smoke in the water.
11/27/2010 James Garrett 100ft No flow at all. Crystal viz.
11/5/2010 W.Jefferis 100 I could notice a very slight pick-up in flow, although it's still practically non-existant. Visibility was crystal clear. Still a great time to dive JB, although air temps were down today to 46* at 8:30 when were arrived at the park (BRRRRRR).
10/31/2010 Louis 100 Flow picked up a bit from Friday, still way down though. Great Dive!!
10/29/2010 Louis 100 Flow is really down, some people saying lowest they've seen in a decade. Conditions are great, enjoy it while you can!
10/23/2010 W.Jefferis 100' Did two dives on 10-23-10 during my intro class. The flow was pretty much nonexistent. Great time to dive JB!!!
10/3/2010 W.Jefferis 100' Flow was almost non-existant in the cavern area. Visibility was crystal clear.
9/25/2010 Brad Bremer 100' Did 3 days of diving in JB 6 dives. All great viz!!
8/30/2010 Sandy 100' Viz was sparkling. There was bascially no flow until the second breakdown and not much flow to the left of the first T. A really nice dive.
8/24/2010 Greg Murphy 100' Visibility was great and flow is still down all the way to fourth T where we turned.
8/22/2010 Kim Mace 100' They were having issues with the gate, so we decided to attempt a dive before it was inundated with swimmers. Easily the best dive I've ever had in JB; flow was significantly lower than usual and the viz was perfect. Took the first jump to the left after the chimney and got some great pics!
7/5/2010 Mathew Bull 100' Visibility was perfect, flow was down substantially from my last few visits.
5/16/2010 Louis 60 Cave looked great with heavy flow
5/13/2010 Daren Gray 60' Flow was heavy, decent visibility, and as always a great drift out from 3000'.
5/7/2010 Mathew Bull 60'ish Some tannic intrusion coming out a infeeding passage in the beginning of the system, kinda suprising - hadn't seen that happen before... Clear past it though, flow was down from my last visit, still prevelant though.
4/16/2010 Mathew Bull 100' Vis is awesome, flow is normal(hefty)
4/1/2010 Jason Bockelman 75 Flow is still kickin fairly well. Had a great dive today, just under 4 hours. Great way to test out the new P-valve! Vis was about 75 feet or so depending on the location, the worst vis was past the trash room, where it went down to about 45-50 feet. Water temp was the usual 70 degrees with the one spot just past King's bypass having a temp of 68. Had one other cave diver and a few cavern divers in the water with me, they were long gone by the time I was out of the water. Spoke with water management on Tuesday, they said that JB was pumping out 162 cubic feet per second and that it was the cleanest in recent memory. Great news!
3/21/2010 Louis 100 ft Flow is still kicking, vis is great, and more fun than a barrel of monkeys.
2/27/2010 Mathew Bull 80' Vis is great and flow is still up(normal).
2/20/2010 Iowa Cave Diver 100' great viz, kickin' flow... i miss my SS.... pull, pull, pull some more... exhausting swimming
2/20/2010 WJefferis 100' Flow is still up. Flow was very noticable all the way to the end of the second breakdown. Made for a great drift dive on the way out. I talked with others divers who went past the second breakdown that stated that the flow got even worse from that point on.
2/8/2010 WJefferis 80-100' Flow is definately up. You can swim against it, but it is much slower going than it has been over the last several months. If you have a DPV it would definately be the way to go right now.
1/18/2010 Pete Gelbman 80-100' Some light particulate/milkiness in some sections in the front half of the cave, but generally great and flow is way down. The remains of some type of animal is decaying in the cavern zone, fish everywhere.
1/3/2010 Mathew Bull 30-70' Particulate in the beginning of the system, probably from diver traffic. Cleared up alot after the first "T". Flow is picking up.
12/30/2009 Bil Lindstrom 75 Viz was a little hazy to about the 2nd tee. After that it was great all the way to the upstream terminus of the Minnow Route. Flow was negligible.
12/28/2009 Mathew Bull 70' Visibility has improved a bit, flow seemed like it did last time - easy to swim.
12/16/2009 Bil Lindstrom 50 at best Flow seemed up just a tad and viz was down considerably. I didn't hit that crystal clear water I'm used to here until I got up into the Stratosphere. Had the place to myself, great dive nonetheless.
12/6/2009 Mathew Bull 60'ish Flow was down from my last report, but my buddy felt it was strong than a week ago. We got alot of rain over the past week, so that was likely the cause. Also a little extra particulate in the water - probably, again due to the rains, but all the traffic in there surely helped.
11/27/2009 JCDdiver 80-100' Flow is still down, an easy swim.
10/18/2009 Mathew Bull 80-100' Flows still down, visibility is great
10/11/2009 Mathew Bull 80-100' Visibility was great and flow was low, but noticable.
8/8/2009 Mathew Bull 60' Flow was down alot and very easily managable without needing to make contact with the cave. Great time to dive JB.
6/27/2009 Mathew Bull 80' Flow seemed down slightly from my last visit, but still requires paying attention to where to avoid it, in order to make any effecient progress(swimming atleast). Once the park opens, the crowds get THICK, but not much traffic once you get into the overhead. Very enjoyable.
6/20/2009 Shirley Kasser Great Scootered here on Saturday and Sunday, followed by a swim dive on Sunday afternoon. I don't have many dives here, so I was surprised at how strong the flow was. We had to dial up the scooters quite a bit to make forward progress going in. Going out, it was on like donkey kong. Once the park opened to swimmers, it filled up pretty quickly. It was not bad at all, even crowded. Everyone was out to have fun, and did so.
6/14/2009 David Todd 100 Then on to Jackson Blue, WOW! vis was 100' a few teams were present, some flow but not bad, easy enough to swim through. We made two dives.
6/7/2009 Mathew Bull 80' Great conditions, didn't notice a difference in flow from the last time I was here.
5/16/2009 Mathew Bull 100' Visibility is back to normal and flow is down from two weeks ago. Still somewhat sporty, but definately more managable.
5/2/2009 Mathew Bull 40-50' Flow was same as my last visit. Great time to learn where to swim to stay out of the flow :)
4/26/2009 Mathew Bull 50-60' Flow was down from last couple weeks, slightly. Still strong, but still enjoyable once you get the hang of where to avoid the flow.
4/24/2009 Cantey 50-60 Highest flow that I have seen at JB, but I have only been diving it for 3 years FWIW. Did a couple of 1/6th's dives with some buddies that were intro, made it to 800ft.
4/23/2009 Bob Cree 20-40 Scootered back to 3200'. Vis never changed, so we decided to do a swim. Turned, parked around 3000' and swam to the vicinity of Crinoid Glory, vis unchanged, but less of an issue since it is smaller and swimming. Great dive, really enjoyed the beauty of this part of the cave. Flow in the main tunnel was up to about 150FPM. Scootered out on a 2-3.
4/20/2009 Jim Clark 40'-60', milky Flow is still up, temp 68*f, conditions listed are back to p750'.
4/10/2009 Mathew Bull 30-35' Flow is pumping, visibility may be improving slightly from Jim's dive on Wed. Bring a scooter, or plan for a pull-n-pull dive. Great time to explore the side passages in the first part of the cave.
4/8/2009 Jim Clark 25'-30' The listed viz is steady from p250' to p3100'. Flow is up considerably, highest I've experienced here in the past 3 1/2 years. Using a UV-18, backmount 104's and a single 80 stage, I averaged 106'/min upstream on prop setting 6, and 173'/min downstream on prop setting 5. Temp was the usual 68*F.
4/3/2009 Kirk 0 Wishful thinking on my part that it would clear up. Did just one dive today. The cave is in horrible shape. It's still pumping a lot of water out, a lot of muddy water. At first I thought someone stole my primary reel, as it turns out I just couldn't see it. Visibility never got better than about 10 feet, at places much much less. I was hoping to make it past the sinkhole with hopes of it getting better, but realized I was in a rather dangerous place, and called the dive early at the 3rd T (second line split), which I believe is at about 1900 feet. It might clear up in a day or two, or it might not. Too bad I'm going home tomorrow. I really like this cave, but except for the first dive yesterday past 2500 feet, all I saw was a piece of string. I hear Cow and Little River are now gone as well. Glad I got to those before they went on this trip.
4/2/2009 Kirk 5 Jackson Blue is kind of messed up right now, due to the rain. I made two dives. The first dive things were really, really cloudy and tannic to about 1000 feet. Kind of cloudy to about 2500 feet, and perfect from there on in. Second dive was actually much improved until about 1400 feet, but then turned bad really fast, visibility measured in inches (the line was my friend). Turned at about 2000 feet. I’m no hydrologist, but suspect the problem is directly caused by rainwater intrusion from the above land through an opening through the limestone at about 2500 feet (yeah, on the first dive I saw pound after pound of sand falling from the ceiling). I suspect this was the small sinkhole where the garbage room got its garbage. Bar a siphon (I witnessed the Mill Pond rise at least 4 inches this afternoon), I suspect if this rain ever stops (forecasted to stop by morning), Jackson Blue will clean itself out rather quickly. I think on my first dive today, the cave was doing just that, cleaning itself out, thus the mess in the front of the cave. Yet my second dive was just after an amazing thunderstorm, thus it was really messed up at the source, and not near the entrance. I guess I’ll see tomorrow. Left my primary reel in, and if the conditions are decent, I’ll do another dive or two.
3/29/2009 Mathew Bull 50' Slightly milky, likely due to the recent heavy rains. Pond was up a bit too, not much though.
3/6/2009 Shawn Holmes 60' Clear Just to keep things up to date. Flow feels down just slightly from the date of the last report shown in January. Visibility is just fine. There is some backing of surface junk in the basin which makes gearing up in the water a little messy.
1/24/2009 Bil Lindstrom 60 Just to keep it current - flow is as it has been the past few months. Lots of teams in the system today. We did the gold line to Banana Room via scooter and swam to the terminal room after a little deco in the stratosphere. Clear and gorgeous all the way. Lots of good discipline in the system today - very little haze considering all the folks in here. Great dive as always.
1/4/2009 Mathew Bull 50-60' Flows moderate, especially if you're swimming :) Vis was plenty good, lots of teams onsite this past weekend.
12/23/2008 Jim Clark 60'-clear Flow is the same as reported on 12/12. Viz is generally 80', perhaps 60' from p2400'-p2800', and is clear in the Banana Room and the Stratosphere near p4200'. Temp the usual 68*F. With the new keypad entry to the park, it is still necessary to sign in at the Sheriff's Office. You can call in to sign out upon leaving, 850 482-9648.
12/15/2008 Bil Lindstrom 40-60 Cloudy in the cavern but clears up to about 40-60 once you're in. Stays that way to at least the Trashroom. Flow is still aboutr where Jim noted below.
12/12/2008 Jim Clark 15'-20' Due to the heavy rainfall Wednesday/Thursday, conditions have deteriorated. Flow is up, a 50 fpm difference between scootering upstream and downstream. In sunlit daytime, the entrance was visible from the beginning of the gold line. The above viz is present from p300'-p3300'.
12/6/2008 Mathew Bull 100' Flows down quite a bit, visibility is up. Go dive!
11/23/2008 Daren Gray 100' Flow was far less than when I dove in August and earlier this month. Made for a relaxing trip in and out.
10/18/2008 Mathew Bull 100' Visibility was excellent up to the 2nd T(~1250'p). You could see the first breakdown from the bottom of the chimney. Flow was noticable and made for a relaxing drift out.
10/14/2008 Mike Morgan 100' Visibility excellent, flow stronger than last dives here a year ago but still not up to normal JB flow.
9/19/2008 Admin Unknown Richard Mork expired in the system.
8/30/2008 Mika Hakkarainen 60-80' Milky back past 2500' Still great dive. 69 degrees temp
8/12/2008 Jim Clark Clear Main line to p4400' has excellent viz with very little flow. Temp is the usual 68*F.
5/19/2008 Mathew Bull 60-80' Flow is apparently 114mgd now and it feels noticably slacker than a month or two ago. Makes you wonder what it was pushing then... They added a step to the bottom of the far side, so when the park opens back up to swimmers, we won't all be busting ass getting into the water.
4/19/2008 Mathew Bull 80' Flow the same as on 4/7 as far as I could tell, conditions are great.
4/11/2008 Walter Pickel 80' So nice with the flow still down. We scootered out to the Banana Room and spent some time exploring the massive room. Great dive, great viz.
4/7/2008 Mathew Bull 80' Flow is same as 3-15, maybe slightly lower, visibility is up.
3/17/2008 Phil 80 Dove JB for the first time. It was amazing. Flow was OK. No scooter with twins and a stage 80 we did 1600' penetration. Vis was excellent. Loved the cave.
3/15/2008 Mathew Bull 40-50' Flow seemed to me to be the same as on 3-1-8, but visibility seemed to be up. Atleast in the beginning of the cave. Had a great pair of dives and still no crowds despite most of the other easy-access caves in FL being blown.
3/1/2008 Jim Clark 30'-50' Flow will move a stationary diver at a slow walk pace in cavern/large areas. Light silt layer has formed over many areas. Water level is 2' higher than one month ago. These conditions have been present for the past 5 days. Visibility in the basin is clear.
2/16/2008 Mathew Bull 100' There's even a slight boil at the headspring now :) Flow is up slightly more, but still by no means strong.
2/10/2008 Mathew Bull 100' Flows up a slight bit, enough to be noticable, but still not pumping by any means.
1/9/2008 Bil Lindstrom Clear Flow still non-existant for the most part. We had the place to ourselves the whole evening. Scootered to the stage rock just past the trash room and swam around up Crinoid Glory a bit. Good dive.
11/25/2007 Mathew Bull 100' Flow is still pretty much non-existant and visibility is excellent. Still not many teams onsite during the weekend.
10/5/2007 Bob Overstreet Clear Dove JB three days in a row, 10/3 - 10/5. Flow is practically non-existent. Great time to do a swim dive and learn the system well before the karst recharges.
6/23/2007 Jim McMichael 100' Excellent dive for Bobbi & me (Jim) Flow was down. The cave was the “Whitest”Cave I have ever seen & the formations were awsome. Lines are in great condition too. In order to dive there you have 2 options, A) check in at the sheriff’s office (25.00 permit fees for the park) or B) See Edd at Cave Excursions in Marianna (850) 428-6016 & rent a pontoon from his shop for 60.00 all day and be able to dive J.B. , Hole in the Wall & The Twins (just 15 minn. Away) by water [ briefing & customer service was excellent
5/15/2007 Ryan D Clear Flow is still down, Scootered back to the Banana Room and visibility was great entire way. Middle grounds looked good as well. Great couple of days of diving.
12/30/2006 Walter Pickel 100' Did a nice swim dive up the mainline. Felt a lot like being at Ginnie as there were 5 lines running through the cavern. A few scooter teams and a couple of swim teams. Cave looks like it is continuing to look very beaten up. Flow is still down but is noticeable while swimming.
11/25/2006 Allen Wooten Clear The current was almost undiscernable. It's a perfect time to dive JB. I swam upstream for 50 minutes and it took 45 minutes to get out. So there was a little current, but not near as much as it had been a year or two ago. Visibility was as good as it will ever get.
10/22/2006 Ryan D clear Flow still down, vis was great to 3000'. Avalanche tunnel was a little milky.
9/8/2006 Gregg Stanton clear Traveled to the back of the cave (RB) with very little flow. Water level was up from the week before, but not flow. Milky in the back part of the cave, & Middle grounds.
8/6/2006 Jeff Schreiber Clear Flow is -way- down. Clear through the trash room, milky in middle grounds. 40' to first middle grounds T, 60-70' to 3400'
7/15/2006 Mark 100 The flow is WAY down. You can swim as father than ever on thirds.
7/3/2006 Tim 100' Did a couple of long swimming dives; visibility was beautiful, as was the cave. Flow was still negligible -- we made it to 1800' swimming, on back gas. There was practically nobody there... JB is open for diving all day on Mondays.
6/16/2006 Walter Pickel 100' Did a few good dives here and a great scooter dive. King Canyon was gorgeous (as well as the entire system). Flow is light.
5/8/2006 Jim Clark Clear Flow still down some, primary tie-ins from either side relatively easy. Temp 68*. Did the right side of first T to 1300'. Second dive took the left side at first T, right at the second T for the exit. Park attendant said park opens May 27 to the visitors/swimmers.
4/16/2006 Scott 100 Since Ben is a slacker and refused to write the report....here is a conditions report...flow way down...no stage swims beyond 1000 are very doable. great conditions. First time back the stop light, its a whole new cave back there. Love this place can't wait to see more.
4/8/2006 Tim unlimited Flow was barely noticeable (Yes, I just said the flow in Jackson Blue was barely noticeable) for the first 900' of the cave. We actually had use our fins to exit. Once you get to around 900' in, the flow picked up significantly, although it is still much less than usual. Visibility was endless, and it had that crackling blue tint to it customary of Jackson.
4/2/2006 Scott 100 flow is moderate still with great viz. can't imagine better conditions. did the horseshoe circuit and young siphon with a swim back to 700. easy with low flow. this cave is scooter heaven and on subsequent dives ran down the main line. there are crowds so be prepared for multiple teams.
3/25/2006 Scott Byars 100 went to kings bypass flow was moderate to low vis was spectacular.
3/4/2006 jviehe 100 Flow seems to be down a bit, making for an easier swim. We went to 900ft, vis was super clear as always.
2/16/2006 Ken Clizbe 100 Flow is down, vis is great
2/2/2006 Keith Gault 100 Flow was down, I did not need to swim Mako forward at 1st T... It is possible to swim against flow at this time. Flow is still moderate.
11/19/2005 Bob Overstreet Very Good Moderate flow, but nothing like what I'd been told to expect it could be. Temperature was about 68F also.
9/17/2005 jviehe 50 Flow seems to be ripping still, visibility was great, although sometime milky, which could have just been from us divers. This is in the first 1000ft.
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