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Angelfish Blue Hole is a strongly tidal marine cave. It is entered through a submerged sinkhole at 9 m depth in an enclosed bay. Most of the passages are lens based and situated in 28 to 30 m depths. These passages have a keyhole morphology indicating both phreatic and vadose history. Two deep pits are located at opposite ends of the cave and extend from 23 m depths to more than 60 m. These pits intersect with a fault line cave system running north to south beneath Stocking Island. Numerous lens based passages leading west contain a number of small grottos that are highly decorated with abundant stalactites, stalagmites, columns and rimstone dams.
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5/18/2022 Charlie Eubank 70 feet This blue hole is actually located on Stocking Island. Directly across from Dive Exuma in Georgetown. Go past Chat and Chill and make a left into the back bay. There are many boats tied into mooring balls. There is a mooring ball that is white and has a blue stripe across it. Tie into that one and drop down, you can't miss it. Took my family over to dive there and we had a blast. We hit it at low tide and there was a very strong flow coming out of the cave. Did not go inside the cave as I was with my family, but tons of sea life in the open water / cavern zone! Very cool blue hole dive!
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