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Cenote San Eduardo is located near the village of Tecoh, 41 km southeast of Merida. This cenote is entered through a dry cave and contains two different and unconnected underwater caves. A large tree stands beside the entrance, a 3 m deep hole descended using a metal ladder. The base of ladder stands atop a breakdown mound leading down to two pools on opposite sides of the cave. To the north, a winding path with stone steps leads to the main pool. From this 15 m wide by 5 m long pool, a breakdown slope extends straight ahead, reaching a maximum depth of 24 m and penetration of 57 m. Pieces of Mayan pottery and even human bones can be found in this section of the cave. On the right side of the pool, a small tunnel continues past several sharp turns to the 30 m diameter, circular Cathedral Room, containing a large air bell at the top. A big stalactite hangs from the center of the ceiling and penetrates into the water. A small, dry passage continues at water level, but is too tight to crawl through.

The second pool lies to the south of the entrance, down another breakdown slope. A small hole in the ceiling, providing access for a pipe to pump water from the cave, allows some light to illuminate the pool. The underwater passage on this side of the cenote is shallower. Underwater, a tight U-shaped tunnel begins from a crack in the wall and ends only 3 m away.
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