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A wonderful cave system, the inner walls of the entrance are covered with oysters and small mussels. Large rocks lay in front of the entrance, one dives over them and right after you recognise the large entrée with a diameter of approximately 4 meters. Some 20 minutes after placing the primary reel in open water we reach the main line on the right side of the cave and we just follow it further inside the system. The water is a bit milky in the beginning, sea grass grows on the bottom and eroded lime stones complete the picture to a somewhat mystic environment.

Soon you will see fresh water flows out of the cave and after a short while so called haloclines start to form, a blurry mix of fresh and salt water. After 25 minutes we dive over a small rock formation and glide in a tunnel leading to a depth of 4 to 5 meters. One is now in fresh water only, the view is magnificent and the visibility is crystal clear. From this point the actual cave starts to appear, Enormous halls caught in the glow of your primary light and the cave shows its full shape. One can recognise how old these systems actually are by the different shapes of stone and stalactites and they tell you a bit of the evolution this system has gone through. After some 40 minutes the cave continues to go deeper, up to about 21 meters and continues to go further and further.

Equipment configuration: Back mount and Sidemount for the Sumps.
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
6/5/2010 Max Mencarelli >20m In the Bone passage, good Visibility, some sediments very tight passage.Super!!!
4/20/2010 ProTec Sardinia 10-15 Flow was weak and line was good. There was little sediment in the water and no percolation.
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