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The dry cave area of the Bue Marino system was opened to the public as a tourist attraction . In high summer, some boat operators travel here on a daily basis, to show the tourists the magnificent Stalactite formations. Right next to entrance, where the transport boats are moored, the dive starts. We descent to shallow water (1.50m), once inside we ascent to the surface in a large room. In this large hall you can still use the old stairs once used by tourists and explore the dry area of the cave safely. Our journey takes us underwater below a small bridge to the actual cave entrance of Bue Marino. Equipment check, safety drill, air planning and we are of into the cave system.

The entrance area is a bit milky, maximum depth here is 15m. Fresh water flows through the cave entrance in the open which off course enhances the effect of the Halocline strongly (fresh and salt water mixing). Many sumps present themselves in this cave system and it is always worth it to accent and view the unbelievable beauty of the formations. The cave seems to be endless. Massive rooms or chambers showing beautiful formations.

A part of this system goes up and down. There are many other tunnels in different connecting with the main tunnel. Some ending fairly soon in a dead end sump, others continue for several kilometres. There is a possibility to continue with a dry walk to the next sump and dive further. The dry passages on themselves are worth the dive. There is much to discover in this system!

Equipment configuration: Back mount and Sidemount for the Sumps.
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Latitude: 40.249361
Longitude: 9.623514
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 118'
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
4/20/2010 ProTec Sardinia 30-60 Flow was weak and line was good. There was no sediment in the water and no percolation. First 30 minutes the visibility is around 30
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 Video Vimeo 2009 Slawek Packo
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