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Latitude: 45.831631
Longitude: 11.701986
Coordinate System:
 Cave Diving
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 Open Water Diving
Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
2/19/2022 Knoll gŁnther Up to 15 metets Super
6/28/2020 Matjaz Repnik up to 5m First 100m up to 5m, after getting better ;) Little flow, great for back out.
10/30/2016 Michal Palkovic 4 Divable
6/7/2011 HZ, AP 10-20m entrance hall completely flooded, water more than 50 cm over entrance stone, impossible to enter, more rain at Monte Grappa these days
4/23/2010 AtomiK 30-60' great viz, scootering from Pozzo2000 to Pozzo Finale and back home, for all dive viz about 20mt, zero flow, line broken on more points under 60mt
4/18/2010 Brixio 30-60' the level of the water was rising..the flow was still ok, but due to the previous rainning days...the flow was slowing raising...
4/11/2010 AtomiK 20-30' good viz on main line, best near Pozzo Finale/2000, no rain on sat/sun
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Description Type Date Author Remarks
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System Depth Cave Cavern OW Last Report Distance (mi)
   Elefante Bianco True False False 6/29/2020 3.2
 Overview Information Available for Cogol Dei Siori  Cogol Dei Siori 250 True False False 2/8/2013 1.9
   Cogol Dei Veci True False False 3/19/2010 1.8