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Grotta Utopia is an amazing cave system, one can describe it briefly as “Door to the inner side of earth”. After an approximately 30 minutes boat ride we reach an enormous rock formation where the cliffs reach heights of over 400 meters high. Right in front of such a cliff, we lower the anchor. The dive leads to 13 meters deep. The triangular entry, shaped out of solid rock glides down to a depth of 33 meters. The actual entry to the enormous cave system is located on the bottom of this shaft. Impressive halls appear out of nowhere and the first tunnel leads parallel with the cliffs on the coast until the cave finally leads in to the inner side of the mountain. The system gets larger as you continue as well as the depth (33 m slowly going down to 40m).

The shape of the cave is almost cross round and the beam of the primary light hardly illuminates the inner walls of the system. After approximately 25 minutes we reach an impressively large hall in shaped as a bowling ball. The system goes deeper and the bottom reaches a depth of approximately 50 meters where the cave continues its path. This cave system is not suitable for just any cave diver and should only be visited by the experienced cave diver. The dive should be executed with several different gasses as the limits are reached fairly soon on compressed air resulting in long decompression.

Equipment configuration: Back mount and Stage.
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4/20/2010 ProTec Sardinia 30-60' 1 week ago conditions are like mentioned. Deeper passages are clear. There was weak flow and the line was in good condition. There was no sediment in the water and no percolation.
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