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Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 31.

Silver Glen Springs is 9 mi NW. of Astor. Drive west on State Hwy 40 for 8.1 mi from the bridge over the St. Johns River at Astor, turn north onto State Hwy 19 and go 6 mi, turn east onto paved road and continue 0.3 mi to the spring pool.

Description - A semicircular pool, 200 ft in diameter, is bounded by semi-tropical forest at the base of the sand hills of the Ocala National Forest to the west. Water from the springs flows eastward to Lake George down a run 200 or more feet wide. Most of the flow of the springs emerges from two or three solution channels or cavern openings in rock in the bottom of the pool, although discharge from a vertical cavity called "Natural Well" adjacent to the southwest edge of the main pool is also an important contribution to the flow of the springs. The force of the flow from the openings causes a strong boil at the water surface in the north-central part of the pool. Other flow is from numerous sand boils, in the bottom of the spring run several hundred feet downstream from the head of the springs.

The "Natural Well' is a vertical hole about 12 ft in diameter that is reportedly about 39" ft. deep. Large snail shell mounds are common around the springs. These mounds are believed to have been built or accumulated by Indians that once lived in the area. Numerous Indian remains and artifacts have been found associated with the mounds near the springs.

Utilization - Privately owned recreational facility with swimming and snorkeling. A fee is charged for use. The "Natural Well" is reportedly used as a source of water supply for nearby houses and cabins.
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Latitude: 29.244648
Longitude: -81.64361
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 160'
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