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Discovered by dry cavers in April 2001 and first dived in January 2002 when more than 300m of submerged conduit was discovered. In February 2002 the cave was further explored and surveyed to 1.3km of underwater passages. There are still leads and some surveying to be completed. The cave has been named after a nearby bluff on the Roe Plain escarpment.

Olwolgin Cave is a beautiful, fascinating cave dive. The water has very high salinity, similar to Nurina Cave and the haloclines produce some amazing visual distortions. The caveís structure is a combination of Nurinaís sculpted fissures and Tommy Grahamís main conduits. The overall structure seems to be one of a series of parallel fissures with many small side passages dropping down to low, flat, sculpted bedding plane passages. There is a massive lake, named Babylon (by Andy Nelson) for all the tree roots that matt the surface and drape down into the water. The air in the lake chamber is a noxious concoction that is suspected to have very high CO2 levels and possibly H2S, though no studies have yet been done. A healthy population of amphipod crustaceans inhabit the diminutive entrance lake.
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