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Slot Cave is in the same vicinity as Olwolgin Cave on the Roe Plain south of Cocklebiddy. It was discovered by max Hall of Balladonia and first explored and dived in July 2003. The cave has pools of water at either end of the main chamber but only the East end pool is diveable.

The mud and debris choked pool was excavated and a large underwater room was seen. In a zero viz u/w excavation, Paul Hosie managed to slide down a rubble slope and explore this underwater room. A small tunnel was encountered at -6m which lead off to the NW. About 50m of passage was explored on this initial dive and the potential for more passages including two reasonable side leads was good.

The subsequent dive explored to the end of the main lead, 150m from the entrance and side leads were explored. The total pasage length is 200m of beautifully sculpted, fissure controlled conduit that terminates in a silty, narrow fissure.
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