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The Chaudanne spring, or cave, is located in Switzerland, in the "Vaudoise" Alps, near the town of Rossinière. Its survey started in the 1960s.

Today, this cave has been explored to the depth of about 160 meters and a mximum penetration of 600 meters. It is the deepest cave in Switzerland. The first push dive was succesfully conducted by Cyrille Brandt in 1988. However, future exploration had to wait for almost 20 years. Michael Walz, with his home-made EDO 04 rebreather, made a push dive to about 160 meters on the 19th of February 2006.

The Chaudanne Spring Exploration Group is working on the survey and the exploration of the Chaudanne.

The cave entrance is on private property. Please respect that and ask for permission at the hotel Chaudanne! Don't park in front of the hotel. Use the parking near the train station.

The conditions should be well if 3 balls are out of the water at the "Chaundanne o metre". Reel is needed as the line starts after the first shaft at the bottom at around 12m depth.
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Latitude: 46.465054
Longitude: 7.097851
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 525'
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
8/14/2013 Sandy 3-5m There were some breaks in the line. However, there was very little sediment or percolation in the water.
10/17/2010 PFR, HIG 7-10m Very low flow. No sediment and no percolation.
10/6/2010 Ferkel, Basti & Scholz 3-5m Low flow...There was some sediment in the water and almost no percolation.
9/11/2010 PP 25-30' Flow as weak and a lot of percolation.
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