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Some information from The Ozark Cave Diving Alliance

Roubidoux Spring is open to all properly certified cavern/cave divers. All divers are required by the city to present your cave/cavern certification card to officials in the 911 Emergency Center on top of the hill adjacent to the fire station prior to diving. There is no diving fee or permit required. Be sure to check out with the Emergency Center after your dive.
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Latitude: 37.82504
Longitude: -92.2026
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 264'
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
7/4/2019 brett glaess 10-15 Vis was 15' in the first 1000 feet and 10' after that.
10/19/2018 Kyle Nevins 15 foot 61 deg mod flow
9/22/2017 Jeff Rouse 3 - 20 Temps 63*F, vis was about 20' in the cavern and dropping further back, 10' in first 1000' dropping to 3' at p2500. Flow is down, quite easy swim.
9/19/2017 Richards Jason 30 Almost no flow, 30 foot in front 1500 feet, 15 foot beyond that
9/22/2014 Chris Spoo 15'-30' Low flow. 60F water temp. 15' and milky viz in upper tunnel. 30' viz in the lower tunnel.
2/4/2014 WJH (via CDF) 15-20 Water temp was unusually cold, at 46 F rather than the usual 55-60 F. Flow was very noticeable, but not a fight. Visibility was mostly 15-20 ft. and a little milky. Flow was a little stiffer in the lower tunnel, but still not hard to kick against.
1/27/2013 Dave Coleman 60 Feet Flow is very low. The cavern had great visibility.
11/3/2012 Captain Bob 30 Manageable flow, 40 ft viz in cavern 30ft back in the cave
8/4/2012 Jim Marshall 20-25 ft Flow is very low. Scooter trimix dive back to 2000'P (190'D) (just past 2nd Drop Off. Temp 59 deg.
9/16/2011 Rob Neto 15' 65F water temp. Flow down, not much of a boil. 20 minute penetration (deco limited)
9/3/2011 Bill 10-25 Flow low, visibility relatively good
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