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Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

From the intersection of US 19 (Alt) and Oceanside Court in Wall Springs, drive north on US Alt 19 approximately 0.3 miles to the intersection with Brevard Street. Turn west (left) onto Brevard Street and Health Spring is located within Wall Springs County Park on the west side of US Alt 19.

Description - Health Spring is encircled by a 2 ft high concrete wall. The wall creates a spring pool 30 ft in diameter and has a 3 ft wide gap on the north side of the pool that lets out the spring flow. In addition to the retaining wall, the spring is surrounded by double chain-linked fences. The water is murky-green. The spring run travels north 60 ft into a tidal creek inlet, eventually flowing into Boggy Bayou. Land surrounding the spring is developed into Wall Springs County Park with a large picnic pavilion. The spring also is known as Wall Spring.
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Latitude: 28.106249
Longitude: -82.773281
Coordinate System:
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
10/22/2010 Jason n/a The county has made a very nice park out of this site. Someone even dug enough out of the hole to penetrate 100' or so. So there is a cave, but it doesn't go very far. See http://www.mejeme.com/dive/wall.htm
1/27/2007 Chris Krier 50 Stopped by today, the water is nicely clear with only a slight green tint to it. Can see into the vent until it turns. Was flowing nicely but you could tell from the marks on the walls it has been much higer at different times. The decking and elevated walkways are nice. Though it looks like it would be a lot nicer if we were able to dive it.
8/3/2006 Gibby Lane ??? Stop by twice in the past month and the spring has stopped flowing. This is odd because this area has seen a fair share of rain the past few months.
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