What Does the NACD Have to Hide?

Recently, there have been some pretty shady things coming out of the National Association for Cave Diving (NACD) and I am worried that the organization is heading for insolvency. It is worth noting that the NACD is the oldest US cave diving organization.

By the current BoD, there has been rampant and blatant violation of By-Laws to protect the ability for a criminal to remain a cave instructor, there was a seating of a board of director (BOD) member (Rob Neto) that was in direct violation of the By-Laws and they terminated two BoD members (Bert Wilcher and Curt Bowen) on false charges or simply because they didn't agree with the rest of the NACD BoD.

However, the worst offense in my opinion, is my receipt of a GAG ORDER by Rick Murcar, the NACD vice president. It appears as though my telling the truth about thier actions and posting facts to support my posts has really gotten under the skin of the current BoD. To me it seems as though they feel I (nor any other member) should not have the ability to post facts and truths about their actions and decisions on forums such as the Cave Divers Forum or The Deco Stop.

Sunday, 9.9.2012, I received the following email from Rick Murcar (rickofgdi@aol.com), vice president of the NACD. The email was copied to all other NACD BoD members (Tracy Grubbs - DIVEHYPE@aol.com, Rob Neto - chipoladivers@gmail.com, Don Syme - underh20@comcast.net and Larry Green - lgreen@atlantic.net) and the subject was CAUTION.


You are very busy on the chat boards these days.

The NACD Bylaws will be applied fairly and to the best ability without prejudice. You may read the current Bylaws of the NACD at http://www.safecavediving.com/bylaws.htm Of particular interest are the articles 3.09 through to 3.11 as these paragraphs surmise the standards and administrative procedures of membership termination and will govern the BoDs in the application of the Bylaws. "

Of specific interest to you Walter is that I will be consistent in applying the by-laws and point out the by-law article 3.09 (6) as a caution towards membership termination. You asked the other day if you were still a NACD member? I answered "yes" because you are still a member.

Other NACD members are complaining regarding your posts on the chat board. I caution you as I will take the required administrative action deemed necessary to protect the NACD and its membership.

Walter I am all about the membership.

Rick Murcar

If you disagree with the direction the current BoD is taking the NACD as well as their rampant disregard for the NACD's corporate By-Laws, I strongly encourage you to make your voice heard at Cave Alliance. If you would like to contact me directly please feel free. I would also recommend reading the posts on the Cave Diver's Forum or The Deco Stop as well.