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Latitude: 29.409433
Longitude: -82.475131
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 60'
 Cave Diving
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 Open Water Diving
Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
3/2/2021 Joseph Firkaly-Paciera 60 pretty good vis
8/25/2011 Brandon Carmack 45ft Had a great dive. Only divers there. Water was very clear with vis around 45ft. Water was 72 degrees. Very nice experience.
6/5/2011 Jason 80 Best vis I have ever seen at the Den... Lowest water level too. You can now snorkel one of the "caves". Rather than always looking out and down, take a trip around looking in and up, amazing views.
10/9/2010 Jason 60 early, 30 late Vis was much better this time. Was as bad as I have ever seen at Devil's Den about a month ago, but has already cleared up. This dive is best during the week, when you have the Den to yourself.
5/3/2009 Dee 100% Vis was excellent. Did 3 dives today. First one there was a bunch of OW students doing dives, was a bit crowded and saw a few fish. went to lunch, came back and did 2 more dives. We had the place to ourselves, all the students and other divers had left. It was so peaceful, and we did see the huge catfish, later learned to be named Jon Elle. Saw 3 skulls by the do not enter cave signs, many other types of fish, and had a blast! Cant wait to come back.
11/9/2008 Fed 30-40ft Dove DD after a cold front came in. Vis was not that great maybe 30 feet with lots of silt in the water. The deeper parts of the den were clearer. The huge catfish made an appearance as well. Only found one of the "skulls" this time. Fun dive, done it many times and will do it again!
1/21/2008 Scott M 10-15ft Very milky.
10/27/2007 Jim 20ft Devil's Den is popular open water training site. Often used when FL east coast is too rough. Took OW students there Sat morning and found 5 other groups totaling 50 divers. Have often found 100 divers doing OW thru Nitrox training. DD does not allow Cavern training - no doubles or reels allowed. So while is a great collapsed sink hole, with swim throughs and big blocks of fallen limestone, it should not be listed as a Cavern dive. Wonderful OW training platforms and consistent, safe conditions makes it perfect OW site and great weekend dive site. This week water was low which led to bad visibility. By second dive vis was half what it was early on. Two years ago, water was at least 10 ft deeper (chest deep on main platform), and stayed clearer during dives. Now second level of stair platforms were only 2 ft under. Large number of catfish and other fish plus large diver stirring causes vis to fall off quickly. DD rebuilt the main staircase (ladder) down to the top of the debris cone, so it feels much more secure. Still only one person at a time allowed on the stairs. Jim NACD Full Cave PADI MSDT Instructor.
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 Overview Information Available for Blue Grotto  Blue Grotto 105 True True True 3/8/2021 1.6
   Forty Fathom Grotto 240 True True True 1/15/2012 13
   Peanut Cave True False False 5.3
   Matthew's Sink True False False 3.9