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The entrance to Taj Mahal is located on the west side of Highway 307, five and a half kilometers south of Puerto Adventuras. The cave itself is quite a drive back from the highway, with lots of ups and downs. Nevertheless, rental cars and other vehicles can make it without difficulty.

The main entrance to the system is a circular cenote, with stairs leading to an island in the center. Cave passageways radiate outward in all directions; the main passageway (denoted by a gold line) is directly opposite the parking area. It is possible to make numerous trips to Taj Mahal and never start out on the same line twice.

One of the longest possible dives is simply to take the main line to its conclusion at Cenote Vista Bonita. In the process, you will pass over breakdown piles consisting of huge boulders, and through one of the regionís single largest cave rooms. It is also possible to get to Vista Bonita by taking an offshoot tunnel that shortcuts much of this swim.

When you return to the main entrance from whatever direction you choose to go, you will want to recalculate thirds so that you can take the cavern tour. The figure-eight-shaped tour line begins to the far left of the stairs and passes through, or within sight of, three separate cavern openings. If possible, time this for mid-day so that you see the incredible light show that is the high point of the tour.

The first room you will enter is a football-field-size chamber called Points of Light. If you are the sort of person who likes to save the best until last, take the cavern line to the right, bypassing the breakdown pile at Points of Light (you can see it on your return). Continue straight ahead on the cavern tour line and you will leave Points of Light and enter the Sugar Bowl, a circular cenote that drops over 30 feet straight down from the jungle to the water below.

Taking the right-hand fork in the line at the top of the Sugar Bowl breakdown pile, you will descend into another large cavern. The line will take you below the halocline. As you come around the line and begin back towards Sugar Bowl, you will see yet another large cavern opening on your right. The line will now continue up the back side of the Sugar Bowl breakdown pile and across the top. You can pause momentarily at the top of the Sugar Bowl, surfacing to enjoy the view, before heading back to Points of Light.

As you re-enter the Points of Light chamber, take the right-hand fork in the line (easy way to remember how to make this dive: whenever the line forks, regardless of your direction of travel, go right). This will take you on a meandering course through the chamber, past large stalactites and other formations.

If you have timed things right, as you cross the top of the breakdown pile, you will see the phenomena for which the room is named. Piercing the celling of the chamber are three small holes. When the sun is directly overhead, it penetrates these holes, forming columns of light that illuminate the rocks and formations below. The effect is quite breathtaking.

Continuing on the line will take you back to the entrance ó and you will have gotten significant mileage out of a single set of doubles.
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Latitude: 20.48348
Longitude: -87.27696
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 60'
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
10/11/2013 Lynne Flaherty Good Mild green tint to fresh water; below the halocline, the water was crystal clear. Noticeable flow and the effect in the Waterfall room was really amazing.
11/16/2011 Lynne Flaherty unlimited Shakedown dive. We did the main cave line that you reach from the right-hand part of the entry, taking the jump left at the double arrows. Everything was in great condition, and the HUGE room at the T was just as I remembered it -- fun to play halocline games with the HID lights there.
2/11/2011 Sandy Robinson 100 My first dives on the mainland, and I was not disappointed. Our first dive was down the mainland to the Chinese Gardens but we missed the jump. Our second dive was in the opposite direction.
11/17/2010 Don Six 100' We did 2 dives in this system today. The water temp was 79 degrees and the vis seemed unlimited. Made it to the Chinese Garden, it was quite impressive.
11/12/2010 ScubaGypsy 100' First dives in Mexico and it was wonderful! My wife and I did two cave dives with guide Etienne Rousseau ( Air temps 77 F, water temps 78-79 F.
1/2/2010 JCDdiver 100' Dove the chinese garden...great dive!
12/3/2007 Walter Pickel 100 Had a couple of great dives with Steve Boegarts ( today. First dive was downstream to Cenote Vista Bonita and the second on upstream to the Chinese Flower Garden...Spectacular dives and a great guide!
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