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Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

The Spring Creek Springs Group is surrounded by private land but can be accessed from Apalachee Bay via boat. Spring Creek is 7 miles southeast of Crawfordville. From the intersection of US 319 and US 98 south of Crawfordville, cross US 98 to CR 375 and drive south then generally east approximately 3.8 miles to the intersection with CR 365. Turn south (right) on CR 365 (Spring Creek Road) and go 1.5 miles to a privately owned boat ramp at end of the road. Spring Creek #1 & #2 are north of the boat ramp.

Description - Spring Creek is in a tidal marsh typical of the northeastern Gulf of Mexico. The coast has extensive hardwood hammock and grass-covered sand areas underlain by limestone that is near and occasionally at the surface. There are 14 known springs in the Spring Creek Springs Group (Rosenau et al., 1977). Most, including Spring Creek No. 1 and Spring Creek No. 2, discharge into the widened mouth of Spring Creek as it reaches the Gulf of Mexico. All are tidally influenced. The small fishing community of Spring Creek is situated on the highest available ground on the east side of Spring Creek mouth adjacent to many of the springs. The FGS believes that there is a cave system developed in the Spring Creek Springs Group although it has not been explored. Divers have reported that the flow at some of these springs reverses at high tide. See Lane (2001) for more information on these springs.

SPRING CREEK NO. 1 (MAIN) - Spring Creek No. 1 has a voluminous boil that discharges from a 30 ft wide cavern in limestone against a seawall northwest of the old Spearís Seafood Warehouse and adjacent to the dock of the ice house. The spring pool measures 153 ft north to south and 150 ft east to west. The depth measured over the vent is 43 ft. Water had slight cloudiness and was somewhat tannic during the October 2001 visit. Algae and a thin layer of silt cover the limestone substrate. Bottom of pool and short spring run are sand and limestone. At low tide, the boil is tremendous, and the current leading into the estuary is swift. At high tide, a boil is often not present. There is a conspicuous drainage pipe discharging directly into the spring pool on the northeast side. High ground to northeast harbors Spring Creek community.

SPRING CREEK NO. 2 - Spring Creek No. 2 is located approximately halfway up a 1,000 ft long channel that empties into the east side of Spring Creek north of Rise No. 1. It also has a voluminous boil. Its pool measures 150 ft north to south and 120 ft east to west. The depth over the vertical opening in limestone from which water boils measures 75 ft deep. Its discharge flows southwest into Spring Creek. Current is greatest at low tide. The water had slight cloudiness and was somewhat tannic during the October 2001 visit. The spring run has a sand and clay-scoured bottom with abundant limestone boulders. Other spring runs enter into the spring pool from the northeast and east. The surrounding land is brackish marsh and coastal hardwood-palm hammock. Spring Creek community borders the south side of pool.

Utilization - Spring Creek and its springs are regularly used fishing sites. Land near the springs is part of the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, except for private lands associated with the village of Spring Creek.
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Latitude: 30.08011
Longitude: -84.32951
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