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Emergence du Russel is a large impressive cave that starts in the bed of the River Céle as a clean washed passage of about 150 metres in length and with a cross-section at least the size of a double garage door. It then splits into two passages: one tunnel stays shallower at about 10 m depth whilst the other runs broadly in the same direction dropping repeatedly until it reaches around 18m. The two passages rejoin (making a nice round-trip for those new to cave diving) and, 300 m from the entrance, the cave takes the first of two dramatic plunges, eventually descending in a spectacular cavernous rift to about 45 m. To swim this far takes a round-trip of getting-on for an hour but for the members of the church of scootering in our party, emblazoned with the words "Forgive me father for I have finned", this is a trifling undertaking. From this point the entrance is getting towards half a kilometre away and the dive is increasingly technical, descending first to about 50 odd metres fairly soon, then, after some time to as much as 77 m before beginning to ascend and eventually entering into another rift that towers to a dry section of cave nearly two kilometres from the start. The whole trip through is a serious expedition of several hours and has been made by only a handful of people ever. In the last year sumps beyond this, running to more than 4 km in total, have been pushed by British divers Rick Stanton and Jason Mallinson.
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Latitude: 44.56194
Longitude: 1.77167
Coordinate System:
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
6/17/2013 Richard Dinon 50-60 No flow very clear. Vis in the river about 2 feet.
9/6/2012 Ron Freijer >20m Great visibility.
8/3/2012 R.Roethe 30m no flow, perfect viz
8/17/2010 Anton Van Rosmalen 50' The new line is not very handy is you're doing deco but gives you a very nice impression of the dimensions of the first part of the cave up to the first T.
5/5/2010 Christine Grosart 100' Infinite vizibility. Line good as far as we went to 550m.
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System Depth Cave Cavern OW Last Report Distance (mi)
   Source De Landenouze False False False 9/4/2012 6.9
   Le Cunhac True False False 8/17/2010 8.7
 Overview Information Available for Dragonniére De Banne  Dragonniére De Banne False False False 8/17/2010 7
 Overview Information Available for Trou Madame  Trou Madame False False False 7.6
   Gouffre De Lantouy False False False 8.2