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Location - From Limogne take the D24 north. About 1 kIn from Cenevieres is a distance marker post on the left side of the road marked "Limogne 8" and just past this sign is a track on the left. Go down the track and cross the bridge over a small riverbed - this is usually dry in the summer (this is the river that resurges from the Trou Madame). Follow the track for about 200 metres to a wider section of track where it is possible to park (pleaSe note that the track is narrow and cars may have problems turning). Opposite a small cliff face another track leads down to the river. Follow the river upstream to the large entrance the Trou Madame.

Description - From the large entrance there is a wide stooping height passage with a sandy floor which, after 50 metres, leads to a 1 metre drop down to a lake. Kitting up is done here. Depending on water levels you may have to crawl for 10 to 20 metres until the water becomes deep enough to swim and the lake can be up to 50 metres long before the passage sumps. Sump One is typically 5 metres high by 10 metres wide with very clear water. All the passages tend to meander with few straight sections. In places large banks of clay are passed.
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Latitude: 44.45333
Longitude: 1.75306
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