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Latitude: 44.82444
Longitude: 1.55056
Coordinate System:
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
6/19/2016 ErikH 10-20m High water level - water on road. Easy access in D12 stage. Clear in S1 and S2. S3 started milky, but cleared soon. Repaired line half way S3.
6/17/2013 Richard Dinon 60-80 Very clear with no flow. Vis in the surface pool 2 feet. Entrance restriction easily entered in sm and no one on site in bm had problems. Dove to the second sump.
5/4/2012 Andrea goed poor flow, visibility: 7 m, sidemount was easy, backmount: you have to dig nice dive
11/26/2010 Steve 20m Water level was up, no flow and very clear.
11/2/2010 Stefan 10-20m No flow and pretty good visibility. Entrance area up to 35m but very milky.
10/6/2010 MOE & DME 10-20m Visibility was about 3-5m until 40m depth...water level is low
9/19/2010 Alex Angenent 10-20m Entrance is good. Visibility was excellent. Short dive, only to sump1 is possible due to low water level.
5/10/2010 Canis 60 Great dive, the entrance is a bit lower than last year but the viz is great with no flow.
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Description Type Date Author Remarks
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System Depth Cave Cavern OW Last Report Distance (mi)
   Gouffre De Cabouy False False False 10/29/2015 2.9
   Source De St Saveur False False False 9/2/2012 2.5
 Overview Information Available for Fontaine De Saint Georges  Fontaine De Saint Georges False False False 11/27/2010 5.6
   Oeil De La Doue False False False 9.9
   Gouffre De Poumayssen False False False 3.1
   Emergence De Meyraguet False False False 2