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Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

Baltzell Spring is located approximately 3.5 miles north of Marianna. From the intersection of US 90 and SR 166 (Jefferson Street) in Marianna, travel north for 2.6 miles on SR 166 to the Florida Caverns State park entrance. Turn west (left) into the Florida Caverns State Park and travel 1.7 miles to the boat landing on the north (right) side of the road. The spring and spring run are surrounded by private property but may be accessed by traveling 1 mile upstream from the Florida Caverns State Park boat ramp on the Chipola River. The spring run enters the river from the east.

Description Baltzell Spring is also referred to as Bosel or Bozel Spring. The spring pool measures 75 ft north to south and 54 ft east to west. The depth of the spring over the vent measures 14.0 ft. The water is light blue-green with a slight murkiness. Limestone is exposed near the vent and a slight boil is present on the pool surface. There is an old collapsed dock on the east shore of the spring. A small spring run enters the spring pool from the north, and the combined flow from both exits to the south. The spring and its run support rich native aquatic vegetation. Baltzell Spring run flows south, then east for a total distance of approximately 800 ft (Rosenau et al., 1977), before entering the Chipola River from the east. To the east, the ground rises to approximately 12 ft above the water surface. An old house and cleared pasture are visible a short distance to the east. Land west of the spring is comprised of the river and its floodplain swamp forest. There are at least three other springs in close proximity to Baltzell Spring that maybe collectively referred to as the Baltzell Springs Group.

Equipment Configuration and Notes - SM and BM entrances, depending on where you enter, cave is predominantly BM.
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Latitude: 30.830501
Longitude: -85.234453
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 110'
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Bozelle, Batzel, Private
Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
12/29/2021 Mark Koneda 70 ft Thanks to Edd & Team the river is clear from Florida Caverns State Park to the spring. It was a spirited one hour canoe trip to the spring, dodging fallen, submerged trees. In the cave, the flow was moderate, with about 70 vis. Beautiful system. We dived about 50 minutes in, 35 out, 25 minutes deco for about 110 minutes runtime. Heaps of tees. Say several jumps, but we stayed on the gold line as this was our first dive here.
9/3/2017 Elisha Gibson N/A Attempted to dive Bozel for the first time on Sunday. I tried calling the state park in the morning to make sure they were renting canoes, but no one picked up the three times I called. They had said they sometimes don't rent canoes due to weather. Since the forecast was fine, we headed up there. After waiting in the line with the cavern tour customers, I was told they were not renting canoes due to high water level. I'm not sure what the hazard is since I've never been there before, but just wanted to share this here so no one else makes the trip without calling first. According to Edd, the gauge was reading 8 feet and the cave was probably dive able.
10/5/2014 Captain Bil (via CDF) 100 The conditions in the cave were perfect. Visibility was as far as my lights would shine. It was completely clear, that crackling electric blue I so love. The flow was steady and strong. Not ripping, but enough to make you work at getting upstream. I turned it pretty early and took the jump to the left (outgoing) to return to the 4 way at the beginning of the cave proper. I dove about 40 minutes or so and incurred no deco obligation.
6/29/2014 Stu Weg 60' Since my last report in May, the tree across the spring run has been cleared. The Chipola was about 7.5'. At the first T vis was easily 50'. We took the left side to the Y split. Vis got to at least 60' at the Y junction and along both arms. This was only my second time in Bozell, so the best estimate I can give is that the flow was moderate.
5/26/2014 Stu Weg 40' A tree completely across the spring run where it meets the river, meant we swam and walked in the water to get to the cave. You might want to note the date of this report to inquire and plan accordingly. At the right side of the tree, you can pull a canoe onto the mud bottom and gear up in just a couple of feet of water. The river trip included only 2 logs that scraped the canoe bottom with the river at about 9.5'. We had about 40' viz to 2nd T where we turned. Flow was a bit less than the Gallery or the Lips at Ginnie, but would definitely push you back in the first part of the cave. This was my first dive here, so I have no historical comparison.
7/10/2012 Jonathan Pitt 100 plus Stunning clarity and absolute fun dive, side mount is a must, Large boulders and little cracks... saw albino salamanders.
4/28/2012 Riana 80' As always Bozel was a joy to dive. The river is up so getting there is easier than dragging the boats, which is what I have experienced the previous two dives here prior to my Australia trip. The sink has turned in to a mosquito breeding ground so bring the skin-so-soft. I donated at least a quarter of a pint. All the line is still looking good. We traveled through two different sections of the cave. Water temperature was 69-70 and visibility was 80' or as far as our light.
12/17/2011 Morgan Smith Crystal The run to the spring was down to a trickle. We had a very shallow draft canoe and had to pull it the whole run. River was generally well cleared. Cave was fantastic. Extremely clear and blue in all sections, including entrance. Very little flow.
9/23/2011 Steve Lewis Excellent inside cave Water level in the run very low. Virtually zero flow but cave conditions excellent. Gator hanging around the entrance.
9/28/2010 Brad Bremer 100' Entered from the spring run entrance (SM). Chipola river is very low. we had to pull the jonboat in a few places, and all the way up the spring run. Viz was outstanding, this is an amazing cave.
8/4/2010 Bruce Robertson 100' Vis was amazing. The run was a challenge to pull the boat up to the first spring. Beautiful blue water. System was a little hazy, but in general viz was exceptional.
5/29/2010 Mathew Bull 60-70' Couple trees down in the river that makes things interesting. Run is shallow. Cave looks great and vis is excellent.
10/17/2009 Mathew Bull 60' Vis is great and the flow is down with the water levels being up.
7/17/2009 Mathew Bull 50' There's a couple new trees down over the river that makes getting up to Bozell a bit interesting and with the water levels down a bit, running a motor boat is a bit more difficult as well. Only saw one small 3' gator, but I'm sure there are more out there. Flow seemed down and water was blue and ever so slightly milky.
6/15/2009 David Todd 50 We kayaked to Baltzell/Bozell, river was very tannic but the spring and run were clear, vis was only in the 50' range. About 2' of the pernament line is trapped under silt in the tunnel just prior to the big low room, we tried unsucessfully to clear it and in the process discovered a line end either from a previous repair or because the line is cut. We made two dives.
3/7/2009 Mathew Bull 15-20' Waterlevel was up a bit, gators are starting to make there presence known again, mosquito's are starting to suck the life out of you again. There was some tannic intrusion in the cave as far as we penetrated, 1000'p or so?(3rd navigational decision).
1/25/2009 Mathew Bull 20-30' and milky Visibility seemed a bit milkier than last weekend, but great dive regardless. Waters up enough to motor onsite without any issues.
1/18/2009 Mathew Bull 30', slightly milky Good flow, both basins clear enough, and visibility was easily 30' past the 4-way, and up to the 2nd T past.
1/10/2009 Mathew Bull 40-50 Water was up enough to motor to the first basin without any problems. Basins were milky but water in both caves were good and clear.
12/27/2005 Jordan 40-50 River was way up allowing us to motor in with a jon boat relatively easily. There were 2 guys in a canoe "fishing" with a shotgun VERY near the spring before our dive. We put the boat in at about 12:40 and were in the basin by 1:45. This is very good considering most people need to spend an entire half-day just to get to that point. The high river water made our trip nice and relaxing. Total dive time was 70 minutes, max depth 121 ffw, coldest temperature reported 68 deg. F I think it would be very nice to put all new 36 line in here as there are a lot of knots and repairs made....some are at bad spots (entanglement hazards)
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