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Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

Sanlando Springs is located on private property within “The Springs,” gated community 3 miles southwest of Longwood on SR 427. The spring run flows into the east side of the Little Wekiva River 0.4 miles downstream from the SR 427 bridge over the river.

Description - Sanlando Springs sits in a circular, bowl shaped depression that is submerged on the southeast side of a larger, man-made lake that is dammed for swimming. The spring pool is reported to be about 30 ft in diameter (Rosenau et al., 1977). The depth over the vent measures 14.8 ft. The spring-fed lake measures 200 ft north to south and 180 ft east to west. Limestone is exposed at the vent. The rest of the pool bottom is sand. Algae are abundant on the sandy lake bottom. There was a very slight boil over the vent in May 2002. The vent is surrounded on three sides by a concrete retaining wall, and there is a platform for swimmers use on the east side. The Little Wekiva River flows into the lake on the west side, then the combined flow of the spring and river discharges over a weir on the north side of the lake. The surrounding land rises to approximately 30 ft above the spring level. Palm trees, sandy beaches, and a concrete retaining wall surround the majority of the lake. The spring is surrounded by suburban development.

Utilization - The spring is developed into a private recreation area for residents and is not open to the general public.
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Latitude: 28.688594
Longitude: -81.395542
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 45'
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