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Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

Double Spring is located on the bottom of the Tampa Bypass Canal approximately 100 ft south of the Harney Road bridge over the canal or approximately 600 ft northwest of Canal Spring.

Description - Double Spring creates a circular boil approximately 10 ft in diameter on the surface of the Tampa Bypass Canal. In the vicinity of the spring, the canal averages 15 ft deep. Clear spring water mixes with the darker waters of the canal. The bottom cannot be seen. The spring boil appears as a round slick spot on the surface of the canal waters and was easily observed during March 2003 from the grassy banks of the canal at a distance of nearly 300 ft to the southwest. A boat can approach the spring from the south; however, there is no boat access past a cable barrier that is a few hundred feet south of Double Spring. The Tampa Bypass Canal was constructed to divert flood waters of the Hillsborough River around Tampa. Canal construction appears to have broken into underground conduits and tapped into the Floridan Aquifer System. At least three new springs were created during canal building - Canal Spring, Double Spring, and Last Spring. Each of these springs is visible as slick circular boils on the surface of the dark waters of the canal.
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Latitude: 28.0345
Longitude: -82.34235
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Harvey Road Spring
Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
7/4/2008 John "skippy" Adams high-med. this isent the most amazing dive but a good one for any one new to the game ( like me) the only hazard i saw was a alligator, and it for the most part was more scared of me than i was of it.. also be carfull on the rocky outskirts of the canal, water mocasans like to hide in the crevesase and bask in the sun ontop of them...
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