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Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

From the intersection of Harney Road and US 301 in Tampa, drive south on US 301 approximately 1.1 mile to the junction with a small access road on the east side of US 301. Turn east (left) onto this road and Lettuce Lake is approximately 500 ft north of the SWFWMD office complex along US 301 in Tampa. The spring is located on the bottom of the lake.

Description - Lettuce Lake Spring is within Lettuce Lake. Lettuce Lake is a shallow, clear water lake that has a dark detritus covered bottom. The lake has a diameter of 150 ft. The spring vent is located in the center of the lake, where depth measures 8.8 ft. At the time of visit in March 2003, the spring apparently was not flowing and no boil was observed on the spring surface. A 6 ft high berm runs along the south side of the lake. The natural spring run evidently used to run southward out of the lake prior to canal construction, but the berm now prevents the natural outflow. Instead, water exits the pool southwestward through a 200 ft canal that is 1 ft deep and 6 ft wide. This canal enters another slightly larger canal that runs an additional 650 ft south until entering the Tampa Bypass Canal.
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Latitude: 28.017911
Longitude: -82.350333
Coordinate System:
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