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Latitude: 28.09084
Longitude: -82.34796
Coordinate System:
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
4/1/2024 Sands D NA Didnít do any diving but checked it out and it was pretty murky. Pungent smell of sulfur and lots of big spiders, misquotes, and gators. There was a boil noticeable in the left middle side of the creek, and a large dark hole which I assume to be a sink.
5/1/2012 bill H 30 at surface Left side of creek, large cypress on bank grows on edge of limestone outcrop. Clear, 75 degree water slight sulfide smell. Boil noticeable, duckweed pushed away. Creek is tannic, area around spring easy 25 vis, clearer down the sink. LARGE alligators, more than one. Unique plants and sulfide algae from surface down on limerock and roots. I freedove it from my canoe just to see if anything worth looking at. Will go back with gear, including my old bang stick. Curious gator almost as big as 17 foot canoe swam right up on us.
8/10/2009 mike hall na took a kayak to where my gps told me the spring was located never found any sighs of the spring only dark tanic water
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System Depth Cave Cavern OW Last Report Distance (mi)
 Overview Information Available for Last Spring  Last Spring 35 True False False 6/16/2012 3.8
   Little Blue Sink 280 True True False 8/18/2009 1.4
   Chicken Farm Sink 200 True True False 8/18/2009 1.3
 Overview Information Available for Double Spring  Double Spring True False False 7/4/2008 3.9
   I-75 Sink False False False 1/2/2006 1.4
   Spider's Web 75 True False False 2
   Sand Boils 18 True True True 7.9
   Pipe Spring True False False 3.9
 Overview Information Available for Lettuce Lake Spring  Lettuce Lake Spring False False False 5
 Overview Information Available for Sulphur Springs  Sulphur Springs 120 True False False 8