Recent Cave Exploration promotes the exploration of both known and unknown cave systems. Below is a list of caves that have been recently explored and conditions reported, click the cave system name or the picture for more information about that cave, maps, surveys, pictures, videos, other explorer's experiences or to just simply share your experiences with other explorers.

Little River
Suwannee, Florida, US

Cow Spring
Suwannee, Florida, US

Madison Blue Springs
Madison, Florida, US

Buford Spring
Hernando, Florida, US

Cypress Spring
Washington, Florida, US

Edward's Spring
Suwannee, Florida, US

Telford Spring
Suwannee, Florida, US

Nahoch Nah Chich
Quintana Roo, MX

Apopka Blue Sink
Orange, Florida, US

Eagle's Nest
Hernando, Florida, US