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Latitude: 30.3159
Longitude: -84.35146
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 250'
 Cave Diving
 Cavern Diving
 Open Water Diving
Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
1/18/2010 Mathew Bull Clear and Blue Observation from the surface - no diving allowed
3/2/2008 Mathew Bull ?? Most of the sinks in the park are tannic, Hammock being the exception(with perfect visibility in the basin), but Big Dismal is one heck of a sight to see from the surface. Well worth the $3 access for the view.
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Description Type Date Author Remarks
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System Depth Cave Cavern OW Last Report Distance (mi)
 Overview Information Available for Cherokee Sink  Cherokee Sink 80 True True True 6/18/2023 7.7
   Leon Sinks - Emerald Sink 180 True True False 8/9/2021 1.4
 Overview Information Available for Mcbrides Slough  Mcbride's Slough 90 True False False 6/22/2017 7.2
 Overview Information Available for Indian Springs  Indian Springs 110 True False False 10/20/2016 4.8
 Overview Information Available for Church Sink  Church Sink 67 True False False 8/17/2015 6.3
   Leon Sinks - Promise Sink True False False 6/15/2012 2.1
 Overview Information Available for Leon Sinks - Upper River Sink  Leon Sinks - Upper River Sink True False False 2/9/2012 2.6
   Leon Sinks - Whiskey Mill Sink 220 True False False 6/11/2011 2.9
   Leon Sinks - Go Between Sink True False False 1/19/2011 2.1
   Leon Sinks - Little Dismal 250 True False False 1/18/2010 0.3
   Leon Sinks - Gopher Hole True False False 1/18/2010 0.6
   Leon Sinks - Innisfree Sink True False False 12/5/2009 3
   Meeting House Sink True False False 3.5
   Leon Sinks - Cheryl Sink 110 True True False 1.2
 Overview Information Available for Leon Sinks - Wakulla Springs  Leon Sinks - Wakulla Springs 320 True True False 6.3
   Leon Sinks - Sullivan Sink 225 True False False 0.7
 Overview Information Available for Sally Ward Spring  Sally Ward Spring 350 True False False 5.7
   Ames Sink True False False 3.2
   Kelly Sink True False False 3.5
   Leon Sinks - Split Sink 45 True False False 1.3
   Leon Sinks - Turner Sink True False False 3.6
 Overview Information Available for Chips Hole  Chip's Hole 120 True False False 3