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Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

McBride Slough Spring is located on private land 6 miles northwest of the town of St. Marks, north of the CR 267 (Bloxham Cutoff Road) bridge over McBride Slough.

Description - McBride Slough Spring discharges into a circular pool 50 ft in diameter. The pool has a maximum depth of 7 ft with a sand and limestone bottom. The milky blue spring pool has an abundance of exotic vegetation. The spring flows 100 ft southeast to McBride Slough, contributing a majority of the flow of this slough. McBride Slough flows south to pass under the CR 267 Bridge, continues approximately 1 mile, and enters the Wakulla River from the north. The run is approximately 3 ft deep. The spring is located on private property with an old wooden boardwalk and an openwalled hunterís shack on the northwest side. It appears to be situated along a karst subsidence corridor that is dotted with sinkholes along its upper reaches.
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Latitude: 30.239828
Longitude: -84.269355
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 90'
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
6/22/2017 Morgan ~25 Water has a greenish hue from all the rain, but still clear
8/28/2012 brian richardson probably amazing but this cave is not open to diving glad to know we have the damage pinned down to the wkpp and scooters and not the tons of locals who sneak dive it in backmount. it's easily backmountable. glad to see people are sneak diving it, bragging about it, then making up lies to stir shit up.
8/9/2012 Jordon 100 Tons of damage to the cave, all kinds of destruction to the clay floor and chunks missing from the ceiling from scooters and doubles when the WKPP did their push in it. The Fortress of Solitude and past looked almost untouched. This is a sidemount only dive, the cave is incredibly fragile. The line probably needs to be replaced. If you don't know what you are doing and don't have perfect buoyancy, do not go there.
4/10/2010 Mat Reptilian Gator sitting right at the bottom of the bridge today, not a good omen :)
3/1/1979 Dale Gross 200' (pristine) Did this with single backmount. Tied off to tree outside cave entrance and had friend keep an eye out. Another diver and I reached a depth of approximately 45' and were only about 50' back when I turned around and realized we had stirred up the limestone white silt at the bottom of the chimney entrance. Visibility went to ZERO, and we followed our line to safety. Upon exiting the water, a local explained how some fellows had died in the cave recently to that time.
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