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Eagle's Nest is a deep sink with both upstream and downstream tunnels. There is a large debris cone in the center that slopes downward.

Eagle's Nest access is via Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area. Divers must check in at an iron ranger at the entrance and pay the $3.00 daily fee, or you can purchase a yearly Wildlife Management Area pass for $26.50 at most hunting supply stores, Wal-Mart or on-line at: www.wildlifelicense.com. Either the day pass stub or the Management area pass should be displayed on the dash so that law enforcement can see them while you are in the water.

The road to the sink is not improved and four-wheel drive is a must. Fish and Wildlife is not responsible for getting your vehicle out if it gets stuck. They intend to make improvements by the end of this year to allow two-wheel drive access, but until then, they ask that drivers stay on the existing road and not to wallow out the holes. This will just make repairs more extensive, more costly, and take more time. The roads will have to closed while the repairs are made.

This site is deep (310') and a very advanced dive. The NACD and NSS-CDS recommends that you have the following MINIMUM qualifications to dive:
  • Full Cave Certification
  • Trimix certification
  • Appropriate experience with deep cave dives
In addition it is highly recommended that first time divers go with someone familiar and experienced with the site. It took over a year to open Eagle's Nest, but accidents due to irresponsible divers could close it overnight. Lets all be safe and Eagle's Nest will be there, and open, when we are ready to dive it.
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Latitude: 28.55485
Longitude: -82.60918
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 315'
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
3/14/2024 stmonaco 15-40 Basin was actually really clear for the nest, entrance of cave was very partically and it improved once you got down to the top of the debris field but not by much.
7/22/2023 Brian Kelley <20' Brown to 170' around the mound. The water temp in the basin was 87 and 75 at depth.
3/26/2023 buhlz 40 foot -- 80 @140 Did a nice little dive with Andy- met some nice cave dwellers there.. Starting to look like Ginnie around here today-- People swimming and carrying on.. Basic nice dive- dry today not soaked drysuit... 21% 148 ffsw OCC-- 18 min deco 99%O2.. Checked out ceiling in ballroom
1/2/2023 Buhlz 40 foot Mike Warren and I set up met up with some lovely nice skin divers today practice scootering and running real depth 192 48 minute bottom time air 33% nitrox flooded dry suit other than that real nice dive pretty clear just practicing good way to start the new year
11/2/2022 buhlz OK Mike and I dived Eagles today-- Viz pretty good in basin- cleared about 140 ish.. Checked out around the walls from downstream to upstream.. very good conditions for cave as we did not cave it today.. 194' max 35 min deco- practiced DPV in basin during deco - dove dry
11/25/2021 macado 25-30ft 25ft in ballroom, ~30ft upstream to EOL
10/27/2021 Caveslut 25' Went downstream to EOL in Lockwood, vis outstanding in basin, 30' in ballroom and 25' in downstream/Lockwood.
10/18/2019 Don Six 15-30' Basin was clear and the water was up over the top step. Nice little trip to the EOL upstream. I could light up the mound from the bottom of the chimney so vis was at least 60' there. as soon as I started upstream from the mound the vis dropped very quickly to 15' maybe 20' in some spots and seemed to get worse the further I went. A lot of particulate was present in my lights glow. The road is beginning to get some serious pot holes again, so be careful on the drive.
9/8/2019 Chris 30-40 The basin was dark with about 2' of visibility. Once at the mound it wasn't bad with 30'-40' vis. Went along both the upstream and downstream line to about 210' of depth. It looked like vis was getting better the further in you went.
6/16/2019 Don six 4' in basin This ended up being a very short dive and I only made it to the mound. Vis at 130' was about 15-20' at best. water was tannic and the basin was a braille dive. I literally rode the log down until the rope at 30' showed improvement. It did not really clear up until 60'
1/31/2019 Andy Pitkin 30-40' downstream Basin water level very low, maybe the lowest I've ever seen it. Basin vis about 20', a little better in the downstream passage. Beyond the restriction at the end of the Room of Dreams it's noticeably warmer and the visibility dramatically better, 60-80 feet in Revelation Space.
12/11/2018 Teddy Garlock 50' downstream/upstream, 30' basin Made two dives over two days. End of Lockwood tunnel has great vis, likely 80 . Upstream to 1250' around 50'. Basin around 30'.
8/21/2018 Andy Pitkin 50' downstream About 50' downstream into the Abyss Room. First 10' of basin has typical summer algae bloom.
1/7/2018 buhlz 80 basin//20 ballroom met some good wholesome new dwelers out here today.. Dove buford first then here. Just did a quick dip in here to debvri cone and back up. showed them small portion of ballroom.. 143 ' 22 min no deco..21%
8/21/2017 Buhlz 15 basin. 30 below 75 Great night dive with jason and andy tonight! Headed out about 9 p.m. suited up got in about 10 set up staging went down the Lockwood tunnel about 450 feet in turned around enjoy the ballroom for a change Jason brought some badass strobe lights we can see the whole base and it was gorgeous in there what a great dive can never get tired of the nest! 63 min.. 14/40 he.. 32 and 50% staging! Great and thanks for the birthday dive!
7/3/2017 Buhlz 0-5 basin 30-40 ballroom Met up with diving bum on way decided to give a go just to get back to the grind so me and mr ward did a beautiful little dive around ballroom cavern max 185 few and deco total of 167 min.. It's not so clear till you hit around 25 or so.. Would have been nice to have four of us ion there lighting it up
7/3/2017 Divingbum 0 to5 Called it before we even hit the water. Snorkled the pond. Couldn't even see the bottom step from the top of the dock.Tannic as all hell. May wanna give it a few weeks to clear a bit.
5/28/2017 Don Six 0-20' Basin looked clear until about 5' of depth and then it became braille diving until about 35' where it cleared up slightly to around 20'. I went downstream and the vis never got much better.
1/2/2017 buhlz spanking in basin Didnt dive but showed a friend Buford and the nest.. Both look spectacular right now! Must Dive in!
11/18/2016 mike 30-40 Got a second tank and went down the hole, poked a round a bit and was fun. had some trouble finding the way out but only took an extra few minutes. very foggy head down there.
10/31/2016 mike 30-40 Went down the whole and looked around. Pretty cool cave, I may have to buy a second tank so I can poke around down there.
7/22/2016 Luke 5-100 Basin 5-10ft and tanic all the way into the ballroom. At 80ft it clear into blue 73 degree water with probably 80-100ft vis. Upstream to the end of the gold line is blue and clear. You can see wall to wall in the super & dome rooms if you have powerful lights.
3/26/2016 Jef 30-40 A little murkier and lower viz than in previous weeks. Viz improves a little with depth/further into the cave. A little better further into the lockwood tunnel. Basin 75 degrees, can't see the cave entrance in daylight through the murk from the deco log where 20 foot bottles are stashed. Heavy rains over the past few days, the first big rains we've had in weeks.
3/13/2016 muaddib 50 cool and clear to super, murky and colder to dome
12/2/2015 Luke 50-60 Basin clear. 40-50 vis in ballroom. 50-60 ft in upstream to past super room.
11/23/2015 buhlz 40 Met up with Heinerth, zimmerman and Kyle for a quick dive. They were finishing CCR trimix I was visiting hanging in the ball room. Not Much of a dive but was cool to hang out with the pros! 146' 22 min.. 40 min dec total. Beautiful day!
8/10/2015 Luke 10-15 Tannic in basin, ballroom and upstream tunnel. 10-15ft vis the entire time. Only went 150-200 upstream and turned. Swamp was still rising and pushing water into the basin.
3/21/2015 Teddy 40-50 Dove the 21st upstream to 270'. Decent visibility, 40-50 throughout the system. Dove the 22nd to 290' downstream, vis great.
3/11/2015 Teddy 40' Basin vis 20' or less, lots of scum on the top. 40' vis in the ballroom. Went downstream, jumped to lockwood briefly. 74 degrees, 40' vis.
3/2/2015 Peter 20' - 40' Ballroom 40'. Scootered 1000' upstream, 40' vis with some pockets of 20'
3/2/2015 Peter 20' - 40' Ballroom 40'. Scootered 1000' upstream, 40' vis with some pockets of 20'
1/18/2015 Jason 60-80 Did a quick run to Randy's room with some friends. Water was a little hazy throughout dive but still enjoyable. Surface pond was clear top to bottom until someone kicked it up a bit posing for a picture near the 30' Grim Reaper sign... Great dive.
11/28/2014 Peter 10' Very tannic. Could not see much of cave except the goldmine. Went downstream to 400'. Vis was so bad we could not even see the jump to Lockwood. Decided to turn dive wary due to bad conditions
11/2/2014 floridabob (via CDF) 40-60 Eagles nest was nice Sunday. Basin was clear. Ballroom was 50 feet or better. Upstream was never less than 40 feet and was usually 50-60. EOL was the same or a little better viz.
10/11/2014 Don Six 40' Although the basin gave the impression that the conditions might be good, but it was already a night dive by the time we reached 50'. We had a rather consistent 40' of visibility for the duration of 2 days of diving. Lockwood tunnel and Super Room. We could almost see the mound from 90' but not very good until 100'
8/29/2014 Jason Knepper 80 Basin was mirky with about 10 feet of vis. Vast improvement as soon as we hit the bottom of the solution tube. Vis was better than 80' in the ballroom.
6/29/2014 Dave Jones 10-50' The basin had 10-20' visibility, and it was not much better in the Ballroom until I got below the top of the Debris Mound. Upstream (at least the first 200') it improved to 40-50'. However, back in the Ballroom at 150' you could still see sunlight beaming in from the Solution Tube. The Basin was 80 deg F at my 10' deco stop.
6/19/2014 Gregg Stanton 10-20 in basin down to 90 ft, 40 - 60 to 276 ft Eagles Nest has limited visibility (hazy) above 80 feet (20 max) and 40 below 90 feet. In the cave, we could see both walls clearly from the middle of the passage going upstream to the first turn to the right.
6/19/2014 Gregg Stanton 10-20 in basin down to 90 ft, 40 - 60 to 276 ft Eagles Nest has limited visibility (hazy) above 80 feet (20 max) and 40 below 90 feet. In the cave, we could see both walls clearly from the middle of the passage going upstream to the first turn to the right.
6/15/2014 Dave Jones 40-60' Visibility in the basin was 20-30' with some patches of tannic water. In the Ballroom the visibility varied from 40-60', since it was hazy in the 70-80' depths but clearer near the debris mound and below. The basin was 76 F. No problem with bugs.
5/26/2014 Scuba Gypsy 40ish feet Dove in the upper areas between 200-240's in both upstream and downstream on 25 and 26 May 2014. Still some light tannic over cover in the outr basin with ~40' viz under the dome and into the tunnels. Hot, baking temps and lots of bugs at site!
3/24/2014 Jim Wyatt 40 Nominal 40 feet vis to the Super Room. Basin is darker .. temp in basin was 74 Sat, Sun and Monday.
3/12/2014 Andy Pitkin 50' upstream Basin water a little cooler than the cave. Despite recent rainfall visibility at least 50' upstream. Pot holes in the road have become a lot worse in the last 6 months or so.
2/23/2014 Don six 40-50 Roads are still in descent shape, but the pot holes are starting to show up. the Basin was clear a the steps but the vis was dramatically reduced by the time we reached 30' and I would say it was 30' at the best. Once inside the cave and at the mound the vis was improved to around 40' and at some places it may have been 50' on the downstream side. Andrews tunnel was definitely 50' of vis.
2/17/2014 Captain Bil (via CDF) 50' Pond is fairly clear. The pond was a little murky close to the hole, but reasonable. I dropped down to the debris cone and the viz was much better, maybe 50'. Headed downstream and set the jump to the Lockwood Tunnel. As I made my way back, the viz kept improving and when I passed p.600', it was wall to wall! The area between p.600 and p.900 is my favorite because of the massive breakdown all over the floor and the ceiling height.
1/25/2014 Bil Lindstrom 4-80 We went downstream today. Up to the pit was about 40' viz, through the pit and beyond it cleared up considerably to clear as far as the lights would shine. We were swimming and turned at p.1150. Basin nice and clear, steps could be seen from deco. The road is getting a little rutted, and at one point, someone went off the road into some very soft shoulder. Looks like they had a bad day - stay on the road!
1/23/2014 aaron vincent 75 Did our CCR Normoxic with WDT Dive. George said he has not seen the viz that good in a long time. Just before leaving the ball room on the down stream line you could clearly see the opening. Great dive. what a awsome place
1/5/2014 buhlz 40 -50 awesome dive with Wardy! Hung out in the ballroom for about 30 minutes. Been a while since I've been here and looked great! Bottom time of 35 minutes at 165 feet. 1 hr total.deco 18 mintues.
12/31/2013 MacLeod 40'-50' Beautiful day to dive. Surface pool was clear (w/no green tint). Light from the solution tubes was visible to 130'. Some particulate in the water, but very good visibility. Diving normoxic mix, so didn't travel real far into the cave. Other team on site reported even better visibility in the Lockwood tunnel.
12/13/2013 Dillon 70-80 Good dive but there was some muck vis was clear-green did the ball room again, 134' max left line and ran a reel around a little bit, found a little room and went through a tube that leads right back out pretty cool
11/10/2013 Divingbum 80 Great day of diving.green but clear
11/7/2013 Andreas 20-40 Basin fairly clear. Same temperature at 20' as the cavern and Lockwood tunnel. Could see light from the entrance "chimneys" from about 120'. Lockwood Tunnel green throughout. Not even one pocket of blue water.
10/20/2013 dillo 20-25' Great dive, no specs in the way. Way better than a few weeks ago and seen a lil bass fish at 120'. Hit 186' max , was able to see line pretty good. Worth the 30min drive for sure, AWESOME DAY,!!
8/6/2013 Gary Lemme 5 to10' Did not go below 140' but the basin and ballroom had 5 to 10' visibility at most.
8/5/2013 Don Six unknown the post via CDF is not accurate is was meant as a joke. I have no real condiotion report.
7/24/2013 Don Six (via CDF) Blown All of the local rain has caused the entire area to washout. Most of the run off has migrated towards the sink and as of yesterday it is no longer a viable cave. The basin is clear and you can tell where the sink was, but with the trash, tree branches algae, and the following mud this is nothing but a pond without cave access now. Better off to just find another location to dive for the next few years or bring a shovel and dynamite.
7/24/2013 Don Six unknown the post via CDF is not accurate is was meant as a joke. I have no real condiotion report.
7/9/2013 Stanley Fatmax 80 ft Vis 80 to 100 ft in ball room. Blue. Very nice dive
5/31/2013 Andy Pitkin Almost blue... About 60' in the downstream to the Pit, about 80-90 beyond, best in the Abyss. Andrew's Tunnel clearer than usual. Not quite that clear blue you occasionally see at the Nest, but close.
5/17/2013 Divingbum 100 100 ft plus viz in ballroom and ds tunnel to the pit. Awesome day of divin.Yellow flies bitin bring OFF!
4/24/2013 Jonathan Pitt 100 Vis was 50 - 100 feet to eol upstream. Excellent conditions.
4/6/2013 Bil Lindstrom 70' Upstream to EOL, same as DonSix report except a little better viz. We arrived just before sunrise and were head out by noon, saw no one else. Curious, such a nice day, we thought we'd see plenty of folks.
3/3/2013 Don Six 50' Scootered to the end of the upstream line. Vis was around 50' but with a significant haze to it. Basin vis was much less.
1/5/2013 jeff addis 3 to 5 FEET what a difference a few weeks make. scootered downstream to about the Lockwood tunnel jump with NO improvement in vis. basin and ballroom the just as bad.
12/21/2012 Andy Pitkin 40-70' downstream No change. Milky in the first part of the downstream and gets better past the Pit. Basin is murky (although much better than it often is) and you can see that dirty colder water sinking into the entrance.
12/9/2012 Don six 40' - 60' Scootered just past the pit. Vis varied from 40 to 60'. Basin was the same as yesterday. This place needed a traffic cop today.
12/8/2012 Don six 60' Swam to the end of Lockwood tunnel. vis was a bit hazy and about 60' at best. Basin was clear but not as sparkling as it can be.
12/6/2012 Barney 30' in basin; 60'-70' in the cave with a noticeable green tint Short dive downstream just past the Lockwood Tunnel...
12/3/2012 Divingbum 100 Dropped in at 10am. Viz is awesome. so clear in the pond you can see all the way across from the log. vis in the tunnel 80-100ft. went a little ways up the downstream tunnel. Great vis there too! An awesome day of diving!!!
11/3/2012 Bil Lindstrom 20-80 We arrived early, splashed just as the sun was coming up. Basin clear - we could see the steps from the deco log. Ballroom was not so great, maybe 20-30 at the debris cone. We went upstream and it cleared as we went. By the end of the Super Room, viz was about 50', still clearing. We went as far as King's Challenge and wall to wall viz there.
10/1/2012 Divingbum 10pond 50sink Dropped in early morn. Good vis in cavern . Went to 223ft and had an awesome dive. Ballroom is clear .pond tannic and 10 ft vis.
10/1/2012 Divingbum 10pond 50sink Dropped in early morn. Good vis in cavern . Went to 223ft and had an awesome dive. Ballroom is clear .pond tannic and 10 ft vis.
9/26/2012 Tyler ~5ft Popped in real quick just to check the site out, water levels were fairly high, almost level with the boardwalk out there. Waters were extremely dark with tannins. Didn't go deep enough to get into clear water but it was below 20 feet.
9/20/2012 Jim Wyatt 50-60 We dived 9/18, 19 & 20. The vis was minimally 50 feet and more likely 60 feet all three days. We went just past the upstream duckunder today and found the water just as clear. Eagles' Nest is as good right now as I have seen it in a long time. The basin was dirty on day one, but clear on day two and three. The road is in good shape too.
9/16/2012 Bob Schulte 15' Downstream, 20' Lockwood Tunnel Should have gone to Diepolder.
7/29/2012 bert 5-10 feet Almost know vis above twenty feet. 10-20 feet through the entire ballroom.
7/12/2012 dr z 10' storm yesterday made it a bit cloudy in the ballroom. worse than yesterday
7/12/2012 Jack 10-15 Went up stream & down 300-400 ft. Water is foggy and viz is poor. Ballroom was the same, could not see the opening from the top of the mound. Pond was very tannic.
6/9/2012 vince ferris 5-10 ft upstream 500 ft pen. 20 ft basin, 10 ft ballroom, 5-10 ft upstream......line drill
6/1/2012 Dave Jones 25-50' Friday night after work dive with Bert and Ken. Most of the steps were underwater. The visibility was 10-15' in the basin, 50' in the Ballroom, and 25' upstream in Randy's room (at least to p.400'). Don't remember seeing any mosquitoes or no-see-ums.
5/28/2012 Bil Lindstrom 60-80 Dove on the 26th and 27th. Viz was astounding both up and downstream, and of course in the Lockwood Tunnel. Basin was okay but getting a little murky. The no see'ums are still tolerable, but on the increase.
5/4/2012 swadiver 50 to70 ft Vis in the basin has dropped to 10 to 15 ft. dove at high tide with a full moon. Scootered to EOL upstream. vis 50 or so in the ballroom. 60 to 70 ft vis to EOL. great dive
4/26/2012 Bil Lindstrom 40-80' We dove US on Tues, Wed, and Thursday this week. Went to p.950', p.1000', and p.1050' respectively. Viz was good in Randy's Room, but cleared up to stunning in the Super Room! Wed. was the best day with crackling blue water. Basin is very clear and warmish. A little bit of no see 'em action but tolerable.
4/7/2012 Bert Wilcher 50 feet in the ballroom Ballroom dive to 200ffw. Full moon made illuminated deco.
3/20/2012 Andy Pitkin 40' downstream Around 40' in the Ballroom and all of the downstream including the Abyss. Basin about the same.
3/7/2012 Hunter Sutton 50' Swam up to Jim's room and viz was wonderful. There was a team there on deco from scootering while I was entering. Some unusual characters showed up to the dive site in an old van while the I was getting out of the water and the other team was almost finished packing up. The other team was nice enough to stick around still I finished packing up my gear because there was something "fishy" about the "locals" that showed up to chat and drink beer on the steps.
2/29/2012 Buhlz 30 to 50 Kevin and I dove downstream to lochwood and turned to test out his new strobe. 90 min dive 25 min deco..nice to be in the nest again! No one there and nice
2/28/2012 Hunter Sutton 60-80' Swam to randy's room upstream, basin was less than 10' viz, once down the solution tube viz was great and continued to be wonderful all the way to randy's room upstream.
2/26/2012 Bil Lindstrom 60 Swam to EOL Lockwood Tunnel yesterday and today. Basin clearish, ballroom maybe 30-40ft. Viz got better at the end of the tunnel, as usual.
2/19/2012 Don six 50 Scootered to the EOL downstream on Saturday. The vis was around 50'. did some exploration beyond EOL. Today we went upstream to the EOL and did the Super Room circuit on the way out. Vis was just a little better than 50'. It was a busy weekend here with a lot of divers.
2/18/2012 Cary Ernst 50 had a great dive. the vis was about 10 feet in the pond and cleared to 50 in the ball room. Max depth was 178 feet. there were 3 other teams of 2 divers each there. On the way down I had to work past two divers on deco in the tube. It was tight. All in all was a good day.
1/31/2012 Jim Wyatt 50 feet We did 2 dives in the ballroom. Vis was better upstream. Vis was about 50 feet max. Basin was clear/green.
1/22/2012 Don Six 30' Swadiver and myself scootered to the EOL downstream yesterday with vis about 30' the entire distance. Today we scootered to the EOL upstream and the vis was much the same, possibly just a bit better.
1/21/2012 Jim Wyatt 40-45 We were only in the ballroom - max depth 180 -- vis was 40-45 feet. Basin was clear.
12/11/2011 Don six 60' Swam to the EOL in the lockwood tunnel. Better than 60' of vis at the back of the tunnel.
12/11/2011 swadiver 60 ft Nice swim dive in the ballroom on saturday and up into the Superoom Sunday
11/7/2011 swadiver 20-40 ft Dove upstream on the 6th and downstream on the 7th. vis upstream around 30 to 40 ft, downstream 20 to 30. did the Super Room upstream and went to the entrance to the Pit down
11/4/2011 Paul V 20-25' Bassin clear, visibility around 30' water slightly green. Ballroom and Downstream 20-25'. Lockwood looks little better. We was also at site on November 3. It was rainy during the night, water rise 1-2 feet (3 steps). During the day the water level decrease around 6 inch.
10/23/2011 Gypsy Diver Basin - 40 System - 60 Dove the Nest on Sunday morning. Went down stream to Lockwood. Vis cleared considerably in tunnel, slight haze coming out from all the open water divers there. WTF All in all vis was the best I've seen it lately (Two Months)
10/2/2011 Andreas 6-20' Tannic basin. Could not see any sunlight at all at 70' (at noon). At about 100' depth, visibility improved to about 20'. Stayed the same until 1400' downstream where it suddenly got clear and blue. Noticeable flow.
9/3/2011 ADM Exploration Team 80 After not being able to dive at Twin Dees, the team headed over to the Nest for some time in the water. Viz in the Ballroom, and Downstream to the Lockwood Tunnel jump is consistent at 80'. Visibility in the basin was also very good to around 40'
8/15/2011 Robert Boozer 10' Plan was to a cavern dive to not to exceed 120'. Basin viz was poor and did not improve in the ballroom. There was no visible light from the solution tube in the ballroom. Spent a couple of minutes checking out the walls in the ballroom, then called the dive due to lack of viz. Poor dive, great adventure getting there.
8/12/2011 Andy Pitkin Bad everywhere Basin was tannic. 10-15 feet visibility in Ballroom, did not improve significantly anywhere upstream to the end of the gold line.
8/1/2011 Andy Pitkin 60' downstream Basin 10-15'. Most of cavern and downstream at least 60'.
7/3/2011 Stanley Fatmaxx 3 to 5 in pond vis in pond 3 to 5 ft. In cave, 100 . As pretty as I have ever seen it
6/25/2011 Dave Jones 70 - 80' Ballroom/Downstream We had the Nest all to ourselves today. The basin was about 85 degrees on the surface, but quickly cooled with depth. Visibility was about 10' in the basin, but started to clear up by 30 FFW. The Ballroom and downstream tunnel had 70-80' visibility, at least down to 200 FFW (where we turned). It had rained the night before so the water was over most of the steps, but the parking lot was more/less dry and we didn't notice any biting insects.A portion of the line that runs around the perimeter of the basin at 10 FFW seemed to have come loose, as it was floating up at about 5 FFW.
6/17/2011 Louis 50 Ballroom Basin is a swamp, ballroom goes to 50 foot vis below about 80 feet, upstream and downstream tunnels improve to 80 below 170 or so.
6/16/2011 Eric Deister 80 Basin was nasty but below 80 feet it clears up for a nice fun dive in the system
6/5/2011 buhlz basin 15- ballroom 70' Headed downstream to lochwood area and turned.. Had a great time in ballroom and took pics.. great dive not a long deco- 32 min.. 217 ffw. 13 min
5/30/2011 buhlz 15 basin---80 cavern Did an awesome dive with Kev and Alicia once again. Adjust some stuff on sidemount-- gettin much better now and made to 170 ffsw and ttok pics and hung out..66 min dive 12 min deco..Thanks again--------Walter!!! When ya gonna hook me up!!!!!hehe miss ya dude
5/7/2011 Claudia 80' Went to end of line upstream. Basin was dark but relatively clear, shaft a bit worse, below 100' ball room opened up quite a bit. Upstream was 80' vis (water dark-ish but no particles suspended), less for the last 100 feet. Minor siphoning, and in the back silt on line and deep undisturbed silt on floor. White shrimp in cave and school of basin fishies stared at us during deco. Pretty much perfect dive, nobody around, not even hunters. 5 wild turkeys and a baby gator sighted on dirt road which is still in good shape, few smaller potholes. It had rained a little the day before and so the dust on the vehicle was limited! Mosquitoes, horsefly types and dragonflies abound and persistent. Hoping visibility remains at least until we return in a few weeks :)
4/25/2011 Andy Pitkin 50-80' Visibility has improved. Basin 20-30 feet, Ballroom 70 , first part of downstream 50, then at least 80 in the Room of Dreams. Mosquitoes voracious.
4/10/2011 Vince Ferris Comment Walter Living 6 hours from the Nest it is an expensive trip down to find the conditions you report. Thank you for taking the time to make the dives and especially to report on the conditions which saves me a trip down to follow the line at 260. Vince
4/9/2011 Walter Pickel 20 Did basically the same dive as my last here. The basin was effectively zero vis. Upstream to the Super Room was 10' and Downstream to the Lockewood jump was 15. Viz in the Ballroom (below 90') was 20'.
3/30/2011 Walter Pickel 5-15 Looks like we had the visibility perfect storm. Dove after massive storms and tidal activity. I would assume that Little Gator was pumping the swamp into the Upstream tunnel. Vis in the basin was 5', Ballroom was 15', Upstream to the Super Room was 15' and Downstream to the Lockwood jump was 5-10'.
3/27/2011 Doc D 40-80 Temp in pond 73 with OK viz & was about 40' in the Ball Room. At about Randy's Room, the viz went up greatly on the Upstream side to 80 feet straight on back...
3/21/2011 Klein 30-70ft Nice DPV dive upstream around King's Challange. Visibility in the Ballroom max 30 ft but gets better with every minute upstream up to 70ft in Kings Chalange. Also checked approx 300 ft downstream with vis the same as in the
3/6/2011 swadiver 40 to 60 ft DPV dive upstream to to about 2500 ft. beautifully "smokey" and HUGE back through "King's Challenge. awesome dive
3/5/2011 swadiver 40 to 60 ft 2 days of diving at the "Nest" first day swam the to near the end of the Lockwood tunnel with 40 ft of vis unti about 700 ft back then vis went up "a lot" cool dive
2/12/2011 Bil Lindstrom 40 ish feet Scootered to the Super Room, swam slowly back. Dropped into the crevice cave. Temp consistent, viz decent at 40. Basin very clear. Tide way out.
2/1/2011 buhlz 30' basin - 40 in ballroom Dove with Kev, Kyle,Gary, and Mike Ward.. Dive was very interesting but made to upstream 200' and had some issues with my sidemount rig. 16 min 9 min deco... Other than that, nice dive. Vis could have been better
1/24/2011 Andy Pitkin 40-70 About the same. Downstream 40' up to the Pit, Room of Dreams 60', Abyss 70'. Basin clear. Dived on the ebb tide.
1/23/2011 Keith Gault 40-70 Basin vis same as yesterday; Ballroom visibility slightly improved (maybe 50 ft). Visibility upstream was 70 ft.
1/22/2011 Keith Gault 40-60 Basin visibility was good, could see the entrance from the surface. Dropping into the Ballroom the top of the debris cone did not become visible until 90 ft. Proceeded downstream visibility improved to 60 ft through the Pit. Lockwood Tunnel had 40 ft.
1/2/2011 Kurt 80 Basin had very little algae cover and was perhaps clearer than usual. Visibility at depth was perfect and only seemed limited by the power of your light. Went to 100 feet just diving the ball room. The road to Eagle's Nest is very well maintained. No-see-'ems were out in force so bring bug spray.
1/1/2011 Andy Pitkin 40-70 Basin still very clear. Ballroom and downstream about 40' as far as the Pit, then improves to about 60', maybe 70' in places.
12/31/2010 Ken Mejean 60' Went into the ballroom down to 138'. Worked my way back up. Viz was outstanding everywhere. Had 60' in the ballroom and a 40' in the basin. Temp was 68.
12/27/2010 buhlz 60' everywhere even basin Kev, Alicia and I did a nice recon dive today. Met a nice diver named Mark and hung around in the ballroom. Pretty much just gettin wet, Kev and Alicia haven't dove in a while and myself gettin used to sidemount.. BT 26 min 205 ffsw short deco 14 min w. Beautiful day. Thanks again!
12/26/2010 Phil 40 Still the same as past report. Went upstream on scooters. Vis was the same all along.
12/19/2010 Don Six 40' First a little rant: I had to pick up a couple of catheters today. they were no more than 5' drop the trash bins. This is completely stupid and needs to stop before it costs us the privlege of diving here. The vis was the same 40' all the way to the end of the line on the downstream side. We had the whole place to ourselves today.
12/18/2010 Don Six 40' The basin was clear and the no-se-ums were out in force. We scootered upstream about 16 minutes from the mound. Vis was 40' at the very most, but with my light it was more like 30'. The light rain prior to our arrival kept the dust down on the road. Hunters vehicles were all over.
12/9/2010 Jim Wyatt 40-50 Basin very clear. Scootered upstream to about 1000 feet. Vis was 40 feet or so all the way in.
11/27/2010 Walter Pickel 10-40 Dove late and after the previous condition report. Amazing how a little time makes a complete difference. Viz in the basin was a very cloudy 10. Viz in the Ballroom was cloudy and around 30. Upstream was no better and downstream was about 40 in Lockwood.
11/27/2010 Allen Beard 40-60 Basin very clear and murk in the cavern zone. We scootered the upstream on the mainline. Vis was 40-60. Some friends dived downstream the day before (11/26) and reported "vis not that great."
11/20/2010 Bil Lindstrom 60-80 Great dive downstream today, through the pit and past John's pocket. Viz got better the further we went and far side of the pit was best. Basin had plenty of surface algae but 40 feet of viz, made for a pleasant deco. The road is still in great shape and the no see ums are still plentiful and hungry, the little vampires.
11/19/2010 buhlz 60' and 80' ballroom Awesome little dive today w/ Jack Marut in the baLLroom!! Went to about 150' and really just checked out some cool structures in the walls. Really the first time for me beside Ward's with my sidemount config. Mainly hun around 110' and really checked out the cracks and crevices in the ceiling. Very cool stuff and never get tired of the nest.. Once I get a few more dives I'll dive deeper but for now I'm ok. Basin and Ballroom Reall y clear. Can easily see Jack from across the room no matter what depth. 60' 150' 22 minute deco. Thanks again Jack!
10/30/2010 Robert Boozer 30-60 Top of pond was completely covered with algae. Water was greenish, viz in basin was around 30'. Inside the ballroom the viz was around 60'. Water temp was 75 degrees. Due to lack of deep training my exploration was limited to 130'. On dive 1 we explored the ballroom perimeter at around 100'. On dive 2 I briefly explored the top of the debris cone. Did a short swim both upstream and downstream with a max depth of 134' From that point we ascended to around 80' and explored the perimenter. Checked out some of the side passages at 80' before turning the dive. Great set of dives. Very interesting place we have here.
10/13/2010 Andy Pitkin 30-50 Still murky. Basin clear but cold. Warmer in the Ballroom but viz about 30' there. Much the same downstream except a little better (50') beyond 1200' (i.e. Room of Dreams).
10/10/2010 swadiver 20 to 30 ft Went 1200 ft downstream through the "Pit". vis never got much better from the cavern vis all the way. still, a way cool dive as always at the "Nest"
10/9/2010 swadiver 20 t0 50 ft Dove upstream up the main line 18 minutes from the mound. Vis in the cavern about 25 ft. improved the further we got upstream to max of 50 ft. great dive.
10/8/2010 Walter Pickel 15 We dove downstream, did The Pit and EOL Lockwood. Viz is pretty crappy, down at the Pit the viz was about 40. End of Lockwood was cracklin (as always). Pretty amazed to see that the parking lot is effectively paved.
10/2/2010 Bil Lindstrom >60' Forgot to mention the road conditions: Excellent! The big holes toward the end are all filled in, and the road has been cleared off on either side considerably. Couple that with the dry conditions of lat, and I think you could get a Prius in there right now!
10/2/2010 Bil Lindstrom >60' Mark Sumner and dove Saturday and Sunday morning -EARLY-! Did the Lochwood Tunnel. Scootered to p900', swam out. Viz was crappy in the basin, and slowly cleared during the descent to 60 or better at the debris cone. Viz was good all the way to our turnaround with the exception of a slightly hazy area for the first 100 feet or so of the tunnel. We did not notice any of the conditions the previous diver described.
9/25/2010 cmattfletcher below 80' great Made two dives with Jack, first 140' 60 minutes, second 129' 67 minutes. Water temp 70F. *Note Jack is on CCR and I'm on open-circuit. We both noticed a numbness/tingling lips upon entering the ballroom on the first dive which seemed more intense on the second dive when entering the ballroom. This felt similar to diving through a hydrogen sulfide layer but it was not as intense. Never experienced this at Eagle's Nest, anyone else?
9/11/2010 Cary Ernst 10 Viz was poor and had a crappy dive all around. Had a list of problems that finally made me abort the dive. 1. left my watch at work. 2 dive computer battery took a dump right when it was time to dive. 3 left my analog depth gauge and tables at home. AND 4. I tried to force a quick dive into the ball room planing on using my tank pressure as a timer. ( Take a quick peek and pull out after 1000 psi ), butt had a super squeeze in left ear and when it cleared I was dizzy. Thought I blew out my ear drum. That was enough, called it right as I reached the top of the cone in the ball room. i should have listened, I was being told not to do this dive. If I had of listened to that voice, I wouldn't have spent a week with a extreme ear ache. Listen to your God or Karma or whoever. Calling a dive is better than the Corner calling your family.
9/5/2010 Nathan 30ft max We dove the upstream line to 650ft with max vis of 30 feet. Water was milky in places with a large amount of particulate suspended. The basin vis was 10 feet at best. Water temp in the cave was 74, and 76 in the basin.
8/24/2010 Andy Pitkin 50-100 Still great. Ballroom is 50-60, downstream is 50ish to the Pit and beyond there it's gorgeous. Basin is 20-30 feet.
8/16/2010 buhlz looks tempting Well!!! I didn't dive it!!!DAMNIT! But i hung out there hoping for a diver to come rescue my lonelyness on my Bday- but I dont dive solo here!!! Just sat around enjoying and savoring the moments I have had and many more to come! Great day hanging in Chass by me self!!! Buford looked good BTW!!!
8/7/2010 Louis T 70-80 Ballroom looks great, even the basin starts improving after 5 feet. Only divers out here, last team was 3 days before. Water level is high, almost to top of steps.
7/21/2010 Andy Pitkin 50-100 Only 10 feet viz in the basin, about 60 in the Ballroom below about 90 feet. A little milky in the first part of the downstream, about 50' visibility, but cleared up beyond the Lockwood Tunnel and was crystal clear past the Pit. The old adage that if the cave is good the basin is crappy was certainly true today.
6/19/2010 Daren Gray 60' Dove upstream to the Super Room. Better visibility that a month ago. 104 minutes total run time, max depth 275'.
6/12/2010 Scott Pulliam 5-50' Great vis past 100', downstream about 50' Basin soup vis 5", warm at deco
6/6/2010 Buhlz 5' basin- ballroom 40 Spent the morning with Kev and Alicia.Hung around and took pics in the ballroom! Very cool little dive. Took some pics of the knooks and crannies. 184' BT 43 min 26min deco! Thanx again
5/31/2010 Walter Pickel 10-60 We spent a good bit of time in the system -- time on the breathers. Basin viz was 10ish and viz in the Ballroom, upstream and downstream were 60ish.
5/16/2010 Buhlz basin poor...cave 50 Hound Dog and I went DS for a visit towards lochwood but I didn't make it, Due to mild complications we turned and hund around the ballroom.. Nice little dive. 220ffs and 16 min BT- 32 min deco.. Nice litlle dive. good to be back @ the nest
5/16/2010 Keith Gault 80 Vis in the basin was lower (15ft), but looked good once past 80 ft. Upstream the vis was 50-80 ft in the super room. On returning to the mound we could see the downstream team on their return giving us a better chance to estimate visibility at over 80ft across the mound.
5/15/2010 Keith Gault 50 Basin Vis was 20ft. From bottom of disolution tube the top of the mound is visible - horizontal vis at this point is 25 ft. Downstream visibility remains above 50 ft to the Pit. During ascent, we could see the 2nd Team returning to the mound from upstream while we were 30 ft above the mound.
5/14/2010 Daren Gray 35' Visibility was 30 to 40 feet from the Lockwood Tunnel jump to the other side of the Pit. The dirt road back to the sink is in pretty good shape, as it doesn't appear to have rained in a while.
4/21/2010 Jon 30-40 I dove the downstream line on 19 April. Vis was 20' or less to the Lockwood jum then it improved a little. Lots of detritus in the pool. Today it was much better. Vis was 30' in the ballroom. Once you got past the mound it improved to 40' all the way to the end of the Lockwood tunnel.
4/12/2010 Forrest Wilson 20' Upstream was bad viz. most of the way. There were a few pockets of 30', but mostly 20 to about 800'. A lot of dead alge in the headpool, making it about 5' viz.
4/6/2010 Rich Crap to great.... :) Took my buddy Allen here for the first time today, I felt bad when we dropped in as vis was terrible, maybe 20ft at most. We did the Lockwood tunnel anyways and luckily just past the 350' marker, it literally went to unlimited vis! Unfortunately the extra time we spent admiring it cost us a bit of extra deco, but it was well worth it.... :)
4/3/2010 Jack Marut 20-30' Did two dives with Nick in the Ballroom. Visibility was 20-30'. The road is getting some very deep pot/mud holes. Overall a great day!
3/6/2010 Walter Pickel 25-35' Did a nice swim dive upstream beyond the Super Room. Viz never really got over 35'. However, we were diving on a high tide. Another team scooters downstream beyond the Pit and said that viz was bad there as well - 25. Viz in the basin is around 30' and in the Ballroom 35'.
2/21/2010 Bil Lindstrom 30-50' The below date is wrong, we dove on Saturday the 20th.
2/21/2010 Bil Lindstrom 30-50 We went downstream to the pit. Viz cleared up to about 50' past the Lochwood Tunnel. The road is in better shape now that it hasn't rained in a bit. The holes are getting big though, I inagine it would be tough in bad weather. Great dive.
2/12/2010 Becky Kagan 20-30' We dove upstream on Feb 6th to do a video dive. The vis was probably around 50-60 and the farther back we went the better the vis was. On 2/12 we went downstream and the vis seemed worse. The ballroom wasn't great either maybe due to all the rain. Just past the jump to the Lockwood tunnel the vis began to clear up. We went down just past the Pitt.
2/10/2010 Andy Pitkin 30-40' Basin good, about 50'. Ballroom about 40', upstream similar and down to 30' in some places up to the Super Room.
1/21/2010 Buhlz 40 A nice dive with Kevin and Kyle once again. Went down to lochwood,took some pics and did the same circle around the mound:check in for stuff. Vis in the Basin great and DS was around 45'. BT was 31 min and total was 63 min w/ 29 min deco total. Awesome dive once again!
1/17/2010 Bil Lindstrom 30-40 Basin clear, ballroom and upstream tunnel 3-40 ft viz to Randy's Room, as far as we went.
1/16/2010 Bert Wilcher 40 feet Surface pool excellent vis. Dropped to 40 feet in lower ballroom and upstream tunnel.
1/13/2010 Jeff Addis 30-50ft We dove upstream through the Superoom, turned at about 800 ft penetration. vis got better further into the system. colder surface water is felt at about 60ft depth.
1/10/2010 Jeff Addis 30 - 65 ft Dove the downstream tunnel through the Pit and turned at the 900 ft penetration arrow. Basin is pretty clear, vis in the Ballroom about 30 ft. About the same vis until past the Lockwood Tunnel jump, where vis improved to 60 - 70 ft.
12/31/2009 Jitka, Lubo, Michal 100ft Basin was clear; water level in the middle of the steps. Swam downstream a little over 600ft toward the pit and turned around just before the restriction. Water temps were 71F inside of the cave and 69F in the basin. Visibility as far as the light could reach. It's probably always kinda dark there due to the dark sediments on the bottom.
12/25/2009 Karine 20-50 Basin was very clear; about 50 ft vis. Dove downstream into Lockwood T. Vis was about 20 ft on the main line downstream, but imporving a bit to about 30-40 ft in the Lockwood tunnel. Water was warmer than usual; about 75 0F in the tunnel.
12/15/2009 Rickey Bell 50 The dive basin was around 50' vis. No tanic water noted. The ballroom had perfect vis down to the cave sign at 130'. Did not enter the cave; however, could easily see the surface glow from the bottom.
12/12/2009 Scott Pulliam 40' Water was mixing. Vis around 40' went in at high tide.
12/6/2009 Billy Fowler 30' - 05' Sink was 30ft viz, at about 220’ the viz went to about 5’ tannic water, Supper Room cleared to about 30’ but once out it fell back to 5’, turned at about 2k due to light failure, downstream drops to 5’ vis just off of the mound and gets worse.
11/12/2009 Tom Johnson (tj) 40 Vis in basin was excellent. VIS in the cave was less, but not too bad, 40 . You could still see the glow of the holes from over 100' feet away. The water was high in the pond. It was just barely covering the deck but very little on the parking area. The road to the site was wet, especially the last mile. I had to take off my shoes and walk two of them to make sure there were no ruts in them. There wasn't... We had a great dive.
11/3/2009 Admin Unknown 1 diver expired in the system.
10/24/2009 Shirley Kasser 50' - 100' Viz was nice, but not spanking clear like I've seen. It did improve deeper (headed downstream), but really wasn't bad. The water is really high in the basin, covering the stairs. The algae was extremely thick.
9/29/2009 Andy Pitkin 40-100 Basin very clear, about 50'. In the cavern it was about 80-100'. The first 700' of the downstream was rather milky at about 40', but cleared up past the Pit to better than 100' all the way to 1400'. I had a quick look at the upstream side, which seemed to be about the same as the first part of the downstream tunnel (i.e. about 40-50') at least as far as Randy's Room.
9/15/2009 Buhlz 55 Awesome dive w/ Kyle. Hung out in ballroom and screwed around. No one there and had about 28 min bottom tiime 18 min deco. Didnt go in DS or US
9/11/2009 Elisha Gibson 10-75 feet Conditions similar to the 9th (but viz was a little better). They have burned off a lot of the vegetation in Chassahowitzka, areas are still smoking. The large puddle in the road dried up almost completely. Viz was pretty crappy until some ways into the Lockwood Tunnel. Good dive, had fun reading on deco.
9/8/2009 Bob Schulte 5-20' Viz: 5' In the basin, 10' in the Ballroom, 20' At the Super Room. :(
8/28/2009 Tom Pearcy 20' The rain finally caught up the system and all of the nice vis being reported is gone. Went to the end of the upstream line and it was pretty much a line drill the whole way. At the very back the vis cleared to 50'. 60 min BT 2.5 hr deco
8/23/2009 Buhlz 50 Nice leisure dive back at the nest. Been a while and was a very nice day. Dove ballroom w/ Chris and played around a little just getting back into things. 200' 2min BT. 16 min deco
8/14/2009 Bert Wilcher 80ft dove the down stream tunnel, visibility some of the best I've seen in a long time.
8/3/2009 Keith Gault 30 - >80' Top of Mound was visible from the opening above at 70 ft. Vis was a little lower heading upstream, but remained at least 60. Downstream the visibility was just as good. Basin was a little Tanic, but visibility exceeded 30 ft.
7/23/2009 Hounded 10-50' The basin today was tannic with vis between 10-15'... the cavern didn't clear up at all until a depth of around 115'... downstream (to the Pit) was a little better, up to around 50' vis. All in all, not horrible, but not like the 8th, either.
7/20/2009 Andy Pitkin 30-50' Basin and cavern had 30' visibility, upstream about 50' in the Super Room and beyond.
7/8/2009 Hounded 90-100' On 7.8, vis in the basin was 15-20', but the cavern was un-freakin-believable! Our team of four could easily see each other across the cavern. The water was as close to crystal-clear as I've ever seen it. We went a little ways up and downstream, and none of us could completely believe it. On 7/9, we went back and went up the Lockwood Tunnel. Vis was still spectacular for the Nest, but a tad more "milky" than the day before. All of this is pretty impressive considering that it rained hard at the Nest every day that week leading up to the dives and continued raining afterward...
6/21/2009 Buhlz 60 Excellent dive with Kyle- 20' below surface it cleared sweetly like TJ said. We went downstream to lochwood and turned. Vis increased as we went further in. Ballroom is really nice- circled around the walls stopping to view the wonderful solution-lit debrimound. 39 min BT @ 213- 35 min deco.
6/21/2009 Tom Johnson (tj) 40' Basin has an algae bloom, maybe 10' vis... clears as you descend. Cave is great. We went upstream and out in 107 minutes. http://www.divetraining.net/pictures/2009_june_21/DSC03716x.jpg
6/6/2009 Buhlz 5' basin - 60 ballrm Nice little dive clears up real nice @20'! Really clear in ballroom. Galavanted around the ballroom @ 178' for bt of 26 min and 90' for 15 checking out the areas. Deco was short compared to most of only 22 min max 1/2 O2 deco. Hi Jill! Hope ya found the 2nd stage cause we did not.
6/5/2009 Andy Pitkin 10-60 Algae bloom & tannic water in first 10-15' depth in basin, then about 30' in rest of basin and Ballroom. Improves slightly in the upstream cave to 40'. Beyond 1200' upstream it's better, about 60'. Didn't go downstream.
5/31/2009 Don Currie 5' basin, 20' upstream Nice dive with Bert and Ed. The basin was really tannic, as reported previously. I was also waiting for a gator to sneak up on me. Headed upstream and viz was 20' all the way to the Super Room. Regardless of viz, it was a great dive.
5/30/2009 Buhlz 5' basin 40' D/S Awesome dive with Kev and Jean. Headed downstream to Lochwood and I turned it because of deco time. Was at 24 minutes before even going to LW. Turned and enjoyed the ride back up. Total 73 minutes. 40 minutes deco. O2 20 min w/ deco. Kev thought we made a wrong turn coming out of the tube and ended up in the Hudson Grotto just to tell ya how tannic it is. Thanks guys!Had a blast as usual.
5/28/2009 Buhlz 60 Did a nice leisurely dive after work with Ward once again. Went upstream a little than turned it and checked out the ballroom again. Vis wasn't as great as the other day but it was still good enough to play. As we were getting undressed I heard a nice little gator call in the darkness to the south of the pool. Oh BOY! Imagine deco'ing and have him next to ya starrin @ ya! BT 12 min, 222 FFSW deco 45min 12 min O2.
5/20/2009 Buhlz 100 Ward and I did a nice little dive today. The basin is tannic down to the debri mound. Once you pass the debri mound DWStrm my little 10watt almost brightened the entire nest!!Yes!!!That clear!!!! Good God if I only had a 35watt HID! Man! Went dwnstream and turned @ lockwood..BT 16 min. 47 min Deco 23' O2. _____________ After diving we decided to look for a new hole!!! We found one (of the many) right off bridge road.. Will post when we go back.!! Donno if this one is in KUR but I do believe Brett has dived it.
4/22/2009 Andy Pitkin 30-60 feet Did the Lockwood Tunnel also. 30' in the basin and the cavern, 40' in the main downstream passage, improving to 60' or better by the end of the Lockwood Tunnel.
4/22/2009 Buhlz 50 Went w/ Kev,Kyle,Nicole and had a little dvie. Kev had clearing prob's once again. Kyle and I waited at the mound for 20 min or so and took a little gander around the room. Went back up and had a small deco. Vis ok but been alot better worse. Probably clears better deeper. 75min 25min deco.O2
4/19/2009 Bert Wilcher 25 feet Swam the Lockwood tunnel, water a little murky about 25 feet of visibility until the back where it improved. Surface pool beginning to warm up and turn green.
4/18/2009 loquat149 40 Dove the Ballroom with Eandiver and some High School kid ;). The vis seemed better than the last time I was there about a month ago, though that was probably because we were the first team in. The dirt road thru the WMA is MUCH improved. I only passed 2 or 3 potholes and it was an effort to keep my speed below 25 mph. Dave
4/12/2009 Bob Cree 40-60 Dove the downstream more than once over a 2 week trip as things were going under further North. Vis was less than typical of the system from my past experience. Had a primary light failure (broken wire in my 21W HID battery - now fixed and I also now own a new 12W LED as a backup) and the cave sort of disappeared on me - two small backups and my buddy's 10 W HID don't really cut the dust. Fun diving, and you can count on EN even when the river is a ris'in.
3/29/2009 Buhlz 50 The roads out in chass are sweeeeeet! I think I counted 2 potholes. Anyway, kind of busy @ the nest. Kyle and I checked out the ballroom but planned for downstream. I felt narc'd @ 168 and called the deep excursion so we played around the ballroom. Great to get wet again at the nest. 43 min @ 168' 39 min deco. total 69 min. Beautiful day!!!!!!
2/23/2009 Sonny 60 my bad total 142 runtime
2/23/2009 Sonny 60 Great Dive upstream pass super-room. 35mim bottom time 142 of deco. It was a good day!!!
2/15/2009 Don Currie 40-50' in ballroom Dove with Alex on 2/15. We just dove the ballroom. The viz was not as good as the last few times we've been there. The basin wasn't bad, but the ballroom was murky. Also, it was heavy clouds so virtually no light from the solution tube. We still had a great dive!
2/6/2009 Buhlz 100 Unbelievable day w/ Kyle and Kev. Yeah, the basin really sucked. It was about 100' vis (really bad) We decided to check out the ball room over and not have to much deco. Well, that didn't happen. Found some really cool leads in there that don't go no where but never the less really cool. I ran my reel around the room and not really paying attention to it,i ran out of line and it stapped back on me. Kind of funny but 150' doesnt go real far in there. Place is just huge and awesome. Thanks guys for another awesome day. Deco was 38min and total dive time was 104 min. Wanted to check out the solution hole just north of eagles but didnt have enough sunlight. Next time.
2/1/2009 Buhlz 40' 70ish Good God we could have had an auction out there today. There was around 25 divers there and around 15 trucks. It was pretty funny. Rich was saying we'd all get stuck in the tube going down together. Funny visualization. Chris and Ward were in before us. We were getting ready while they were exiting. We went downstream once again and turned it at the pit area. We checked out alot of the cool little crayfish inside. At least there's some life down here. Deco was spent watching many people playing their MP3 players and me almost getting hit in the head w/ a scooter the size of me pretty much; so I clipped my O2 bottle and hoovered around. BOTTOM 38 min. Deco 36 min total: 88 min again. (funny) On the way in and out, roads are graveled and keep your eye's on the road because we almost ran into a hugh dirt pile. Dive safe
1/31/2009 barney 70-80 nice dive downstream. basin excellent and cave is pretty nice. fwiw, they are re-working the roads as there are lots of potholes. watch out for the fist-sized limestone "gravel" on the road.
1/29/2009 Buhlz same but 80' incave Had a beautiful leisurely dive w/ Kev & Kyle today downstream once again. Made it just past lockwood to around 450' in. There was a lot of breakdown in there just before the pit. Very cool and first time I've been this far. Usually O2'n or narcin or CO2'n (something) I felt great!Even though my PO2 was up around 1.5 we turned and ascented back. Kev had 1 50 watty halogoing and Kyle had his 24 watt HID going and it lit the place up nicely! Then there was my 10 watt'r. Hey it works I guess. Felt small. Took many pics once again and had a great dive once again. Bottom time 30 min w/ 50 min deco total. Can never get tired of the nest. Dive safe.
1/24/2009 Buhlz 60' basin 80' dwstrm Kev and I dove DS about 100' past lockwood. We turned it and asended to DECO. Another beautiful dive @ the nest. 45min BT 38 min DECO. Kev lit up the whole DS side w/ his 100 watter. Nice to have toys
1/11/2009 barney 60-70 Scooter dive downstream to the ROD; smokey 60-70 feet of vis...
1/9/2009 barney 70-100 Swim dive past the Super Room; 60-70 feet of vis until about 300 feet in and then the sweeeeet-ass visibility begins...
12/30/2008 Stacey Sandrey 100' It was a beautiful day to match the beautiful dive. We were the only divers there. Swam upstream beyond the Super Room. You could easily see the entire Super Room.
12/27/2008 Buhlz 50' - '80' Once again, beautiful dive. Went w/ Kev and Nicole. Once we arrived, there were two cavers decoing. When entering, kev had clearing issues so he remained at surface while Nicole and I took alook. We left our stages at the mound and headed upstream for a bit. Turned the dive about 400' and headed back checking out the wonderful ambiance of the ballroom (spookin Nicole because I cupped my light)hiding behind a large rock. Then we took a little trip to downstream side and turned. Bottom time at this moment was 34 minutes @ 238'ffsw so deco was a woppin 106 minutes so we called it and swam back up. While decoing another gentleman w/a scooter headed in (solo) schmegging the entrance pretty good for himself. Total dive 116 min and 63 min deco.
12/24/2008 Buhlz exactly like Phil said Beautiful somewhat long dive today with Mike Ward. Very adventurous and slow getting there but what a dive. As we got there Phil and wife were just leaving. They mentioned about Diepolder III and their lovly dive there. Can't wait to get there. Went upstream about to Randy's room; turned it and headed left towards downstream along debri fields base. Like I mention on almost every dive here, you'll never see everything in one dive. Especially not the cave system here. As we ascented, took a small tour around the top, leaving Mike thru the main shoot while I suprised him out the other. BT was 35 min and 35 min Deco w/ O2. Total dive time was 97 mnin waiting for Mike w/ him full time of 21% deco gas computer. After I finalized my deco and hung out w/ him to finish off his remaining and exited into the dark night of Chass. Spooky yes, but awesome. Never gets old.
12/24/2008 Phil 40' - 60' Verry nice dive on the downstream side. Bassin is clear, about 40 to 50' vis. Cave is nice, I would say 60'. A lot of hunter in this season...
12/7/2008 Buhlz same Stan, Chris and I loaded up and checked out alittle of downstream! Nice little dive- around 350' in and turned; checked out ball room. Deco was fun- watched the guys from a far above the solution entrance while they were at the tree deco'ing. Better viz in basin than cave but I can only travel so far.. BT 29 min- deco 15
12/6/2008 Buhlz GATOR P.S. Watch out for that gator!!!!Right Kev! HeHe! Kev was a little spooked today due to TJ letting him on a secret about a 6 footer hanging out there!!
12/6/2008 Buhlz 40'- 40' Excellant little dive w/ Kev today! We took it easy and headed downstream;leaving his camera at the debri field. We turned around 1/2 way to lochwood upon exiting downstream Kev showed me the Pinnacle rock. Like I always say, can never get tired of the Nest, you'll never see the Nets in its entirety. Took some pics coming back and deco. Bottom time was 27 min- deco 14- according to my Nitek3. Great dive and buddy as usual.
12/3/2008 Big G 40' It was a very hazy 40' from the basin to the pit where it cleared up slightly. The basin was pretty chilly with 2hr deco. conditions were a lot better a week ago.
11/23/2008 Big G 50'-100' Had a great dive upstream with 50' vis to the super room. 100' in the basin and most of ballroom you could see the debris mound from the entrance. The water is real clear theres no green tint.
11/9/2008 Buhlz 50' - 50' Same as before- got to go to the Randy's room and took a peaek! Nice dive- little deco and enjoyed how the sun looked underwater through the schmeggy-mossy stuff. Pretty wild and once again----Never TIRED of the nest! Love it!
11/1/2008 Buhlz 30' 60' Beautiful day in Chass w/ Kyle, Chris, Stan and I! Started the day @ the Nest - going downstream a little. Really wanted to get at least to the Lockwood tunnel but didn't quite make it. Turned around @ 250' in. Problems w/ gear led to the problem (Right Stan)hehe. Anyway, on the way back was awesome watching the guys ascend infront and below me in the ball room was like being an astronaut. Good dive- short deco. 32 min bottom- 20 min deco. Once surfaced; Buford was next!
10/28/2008 Signal 20 50-100ft Basin is crystal clear. Vis once inside the ballroom is alittle hazy, but still clear. Can see the debris cone from the top of the shaft. Vis was around 50-70ft in the downstream side and alittle better in the upstream side to the lockwood tunnel. Awesome dive!!!!
10/25/2008 Buhlz 80 - 40 Awesome dive once again- Basin really clear- cavern - cave nice. Roads to the nest ok- but may not want to bring a car or newer vehicle. Went upstream to check her out to about 300' penetration and turned lack of 'not too long deco'. 27 min bottom time, 15 min deco. Nice little morning dive.
10/18/2008 Stacey Sandrey 40'-60' Swam upstream to 1100'. Nice dive.
10/18/2008 Big G 40'-70' Swam to the breakdown in lockwood where the vis was around 70'. From the mound up was around 40'. I enjoyed the Nest today with a new 35w salvo light from Tampa Adventure Sports.
10/5/2008 Big G 40-50 The basin was crystal clear, but the rest was a dark and hazy 40 ft vis from the ballroom the the pit. We had a great dive to the pit, a sweet part of the nest. the 1 1/2 hour deco was nice in the basin good and clear for some pictures.
10/1/2008 Buhlz 15 -50 Another beautiful dive w/ Kyle though his LP 103's were not topped off all the way. Made for a short dive, but still awesome as usual.
10/1/2008 Walter Pickel 40'-100' We dove at night with no moon. Viz in the basin was around 10', the ballroom was around 40. Went upstream past the Super Room. Viz beyond the Super Room was CRACKLIN!
9/27/2008 CBM 40-80 Water level: stairs submerged, landing dry Basin: brownish but relatively clear, algae not too nasty, no truly perceivable thermocline Breakdown room: dark, visibility about 40 Downstream: 40 / dark / milky through top of pit, then clearer up to about 80 (mostly dark tint, not milky) throughout Lockwood tunnel: first 40 and milky, then up to 60 and just dark Lines have good integrity Bass trying to attack scooter - man have they grown Due to Saturday hunters everywhere Went in when a bunch of folks (RB/trimix classes) were coming out, then had place to ourselves Good dive :)
9/26/2008 Buhlz 10' basin - 40 cave Went w/ Kyle! Excellant little night dive. Checked out down and upstream sides. 25 min bottom time lead to a wonderful small deco of 17 min in the ice tea. I still never get tired of the nest and can't wait to check out more. Esp in Chass! L8R
9/19/2008 Agnes Milowka 60 ft plus The basin was clear on 09/14 but the vis was much lower on 09-18 but still ok. The entrance room has about 60ft vis, it is a little milky in there. Lockwood tunnel is dirty up to 600ft, after that it clears up. Downstream is clear all the way through.
9/13/2008 Buhlz 100 Water is up to road way! Though we saw our bubbles retruding through gravel road. Awesome little dive! Went downstream to 211 turn and checked out upstream alittle. Nice and clear and the feeding ring at 155 is still there. Deco was watching Chris falling around the entrance.
9/8/2008 Denise Byrne Johnson 80 There was patches of some decomposing matter in the cavern from 140' down to 180 feet around the mound. There were swarms of shrimp feeding on it....... Roads to and from EN in good condition even after the heavy recent rains. Upstream tunnel looked clear too
9/1/2008 Big G 20-60 Did a dive to the end of the lockwood tunnel.the vis was 20ft from the basin to restriction then steadily cleared up to around 60ft. The water level was up to the bottom of the deck.
7/30/2008 Andy Pitkin 60-100' Went upstream 2 days ago; visibility around 50-60' up to the 1500' marker. Went downstream today. Again it improved noticeably at the Pit and continued at 80-100' all the way to the end of the gold line. The basin was around 40' visibility. It looks like they are starting to repair some of the potholes in the road, which will be good.
7/24/2008 Andy Pitkin 60-100' Basin not bad, 20-30'. Ballroom around 60', improving to 100' past the Pit. Road is in good condition.
7/13/2008 Buhlz 100 Keeps gettin' better! Chris and I dove upstream a ways but upon entering the basin, a halocline cut off the beautifulness of the nest @ 8 feet. After passing that, wow! Even the basin was clear. probably 60 . We reached the 245 mark and turned but we had extra gas left over and had to dip again! Just a beautiful dive. I can never get tired of the Nest. The second dive we just hung around the ball room checking it out- esp w/ no HID, hangin near the walls at 90 feet watching the glow of light shining down to the debri mound. Amazing clarity!
7/4/2008 Corey WOW Dove the upstream section and it was stunning... the basin is about as horrible to deco out in p-water and zero vis, but the cave is ultra pretty...
6/28/2008 Walter Pickel 100' Echoing what everyone else has said. The basin wasn't that bad though (20-30). We swam upstream past the Super Room towards the Dome Room and viz was getting better the farther the penetration.
6/21/2008 Buhlz 100 Hey guys! Mr. Page. Thank you and wow. Eagles is awesome once again. Vis was outstanding!!!!!! Dove around the ballroom and checked out the edges for a change. Had a great man w/ us today and let me tell ya. Just made me wanna stay inside the nest for days. It was clearer than I have ever seen it in there. I could only fathom further in the system how much clearer it could be. Once day, after Trimix and more training, I'll be there. Nice dive. Good God.
6/21/2008 Gene Page 100 Although the basin viz was only about 10 feet or so the ballroom was a fantastic 100 plus feet. Absolutely beautiful...!
6/15/2008 Robert Brooks 100 Pond sucked but the cave was blue.
6/5/2008 Rick Hartman 100 Basin is quite murky but the vis in the ballroom is 100' plus.
5/31/2008 Ben Wilcher 100 The Basin has about 10 feet of visibility. The upstream side has some of the best visibility I have ever seen with up to 100 feet passed the super room.
5/24/2008 Ben Wilcher 40-50 Made a dive to the Lockwoood Tunnel Saturday morning. The vis is the ballroom was about 60 - 70 ft. The vis in the downstream side was about 40 - 50 ft and increased in the back of the Lockwood Tunnel to about 60 ft.
5/10/2008 Scott Pulliam 50 Went to lockwood good vis. 50' Basin not bad 30' went at low tide. Went last weekend and was unable to dive because of fire.
5/4/2008 barney CLOSED Today (Sunday, 5.4.2008) the access roads to Eagle's Nest are closed due to fires in the Chaz WMA.
4/26/2008 Vince Ferris 60-70feey Basin Viz: 15 feet at best Ballroom Viz: 40 feet Upstream to SR Viz: 50feet Beyond SR Viz: 70 feet Downstream Viz: No Idea
4/16/2008 Denise Byrne Johnson 50-60 feet Basin and cavern clear, visibility 50-60 feet in and and downstream sections
4/13/2008 Buhlz 10'- 30' Basin was schmegged- only being 15 feet or so- travelled upstream a little bit- cleared very nicely. Got about the 250' masrker and turned it- just to get wet. Always a good dive diving the nest.
3/22/2008 Walter Pickel 15' - 80' We dove the Lockwood Tunnel and were pleased with the ending viz. Basin and Ballroom are both about 15' - 20'. The Lockwood Tunnel to the 600' marker was about 20'. After the 600' marker to EOL the viz was perfectly clear and wall to wall.
3/21/2008 SRS 10-25ft. Basin is SOUP (10-15 ft. & green), clears a bit @ the tubes to about 25 - 30 f, particulate with some tanic in it in the Ballroom and downstream to 500 ft. Lockwood Tunnel also crappy....and was told by a group diving upstream conditions are the same there. All the rain is filtering in from Gator syphon, is my guess.
3/20/2008 Phil 40 Sorry I am late to post that one but, if it can help... Basin is verry bad. The night of 19 to the 20 we had a lot of rain so that can explain... Balroom was worst that on the 19. We dove downstream with about 30 f vis. We did lockwood tunel and the vis was the same. Except when we arrived at 600 ft marker. At that moment the vis became to about 75 ft. It was verry nice. We had to turn around at that point so I dont know if it is like that until the end of Lockwood.
3/19/2008 Phil 40-50 We dove upstream. Vis in the basin was less than 10 feet, improving near the solution tube. The vis in the cave was 40 to 50 feet maximum. Verry little green glow comming out from the solution tube when we came back to the entrance room. The glow was visible from about 150' deepth on the upstream line.
3/1/2008 Dave 50 Went to the "T" on the down stream side. Vis was great all the way in and out. Water level is up. Last week The railings on the ends of the steps were a foot out of the water, today they were 3 inches under water
2/17/2008 Kurt 100 ft Above the solution tubes (top 40') there is lots of algae growth but clear, non-tannic water with maybe 50-60 ft of vis and lots of fish. We maxed our depth at 80 ft (had 37% nitrox). This being a first time there, I was pleasantly surprised and in awe of how much beauty there is still to be seen at this depth. Visibility was so good it seemed to be limited only by your light. Saw some catfish and many beautiful crags and tubes, some with light splashing down from the surface. An other-worldly experience if you douse your light and just hover for a couple minutes (safety tip: don't turn it off, just put it flat against your chest). You don't have to go deep to see a lot, in my humble view.I'm ready to go back and do it again, even at the same depth.
2/2/2008 Nick Mislak 30-40 Had a good early morning solo down in the downstream section. Visibility wasn't bad, and the basin is pretty clear. Anyone looking for a dive buddy, send me an email. I recently moved to Florida and my dive buddies are still up in MD. CCR cave/trimix or whatever.
1/20/2008 Walter Pickel 30' - 60' Did a dive around the debris cone with Stanley Fatmax. Poked uor heads upstream and downstream. Downstream is probably 60' and upstream more like 40'. Ballroom was 30'.
1/13/2008 Buhlz 30 Busy Busy Busy!!!!!!! Great dive w/ Kev & Alicia- went downstream opening took many pics! There were rebreather guys there and they ran into some issues and watched them assend from the depths of the nest at the debri mound! Even though they had probs, still looked cool as hell! Hung around debri for deco and another set of divers came in and schmegged everything! Very busy but still, a nice dive!!!Thanks guys!
1/4/2008 Stanley Fatmax 60'-70' Did a dive around the debris cone. Vis in the pond is excellent. Vis in the caved is well above average.
1/2/2008 Tadpole 45-50 Road conditions great. hard packed. Make sure to stay on the main road (Stay Left) Dive Flag on third gate. There are two picnic tables near parking and two benches near entrance of spring. Easy excess into spring. (Steps) Lots of hunters.. One riding a bicyle with a rifle on the handlebars. T-Bone, Dago Diver and Tadpole at least that's the name that was given to me. The free fall into the hole was just phenomenal. Make sure to keep your fins up (Silt) Dove 160 ft. What a great way to start the New Year!
12/27/2007 Vince Ferris 60up 40down Road in very good shape. Hard packed stone all the way in with no sugar sand. Lots of hunters. At least 20 vehicles parked along the road winding back to the sink. Two of hunters we spoke to said they WERE NOT shooting divers that day. Upstream cleared as you entered Super Room. Downstream entrance room past restriction was 40 feet. Unsure of Pit or Lockwood conditions since we were just peeking in downstream. Ballroom about 50 feet, basin around 75 feet before deco.
11/20/2007 Walter Pickel 20-40 We dove around 7PM. Viz in the basin and Ballroom weren't bad. Viz went to around 20' leaving the Ballroom upstream and didn't clear up until just before the Super Room where it was around 40'. Reminds me of the old adage that if the basin is good the system is crap and vice versa.
11/20/2007 Denise Byrne Johnson 80 feet Visibility is excellent in the cavern, and the basin has recently cleared also.
11/19/2007 George Watson 60 Excellent conditions, basin very clear and good viz on the upstream side to the Super Room.
11/13/2007 Jim Wyatt 60-70 Basin very clear - 60 -70 feet vis upstream to Super Room.
11/13/2007 Nicolas Alvarado 100' Viz was phenomenal, sunny day, perfect way to end a dive trip!
10/28/2007 Irene Odell 80 Basin has cleared up.
9/22/2007 Stacey Sandrey 30-40 Surface pool is high, tannic with quite a bit of algae but good viz. Made it into the Super Room. Viz was about 30-40'.
9/8/2007 Scott Pulliam 30-40 Went to back of Lockwood tunnel vis was only about 30-40' all the way back.
8/31/2007 Scott Byars 50 Went back to Lockwood looking for some decent viz. About 40' in the ballroom and 50' in Lockwood. Way down from earlier this month.
8/5/2007 Walter Pickel 60 The WMAhas done a great job filling in a lot of the holes that were in the road. As for the cave, viz in the basin is 15' or so. Ballroom to Super Room is 80' and beyond the Super Room it is about 5' - 10'. Tanic intrusion from Gator has really negatively affected upstream visability. King's Challenge is 3' - 5'.
8/3/2007 Scott Byars 100 Rained all day but the road was good. Surface pool very high and viz low 6'. The cave viz was fantastic. Could see the mound dropping in from 40'. Swam Lockwood and could see wall to wall. Could see the sidemount line at the end of Lockwood (900') plain as day from 800'. Best viz I have ever had in there by far.
8/1/2007 Tom Johnson (tj) Perfect! Near perfect vis in the lower basin and cave. The surface is very tanic and algae, probably only 5' vis... nasty... clears around 15' in the basin.
5/22/2007 Bert Wilcher 80 surface pool summer time lousy, upstream to super room was very clear. Some of the best upstream conditions in a long while.
5/18/2007 Mike Huff 70-80 Surface pool viz wasn't great, but the ballroom was good, and into the Super Room the viz was likely approaching 80 feet.
4/5/2007 Jim Wyatt 40 feet Visibility in the basin and the ballroom diminished overnight. It was remarkably less clear over a 20 hour period. The rangers were adding gravel and doing some general work around the parking area and brought in a new metal picnic table.
4/4/2007 Jim Wyatt 50-60 feet Ballroom vis was 50-60 feet
3/24/2007 Bert Wilcher 50 Swam the lockwood tunnel last evening, surface pool vis to 40', ballroom vis 60' new line placement to lockwood tunnel an improvement over previous placement, small gap at 375' downstream. Lockwood tunnel murkey with 20' of vis until 800' then improved to amost 80'.
3/18/2007 barney 50 Please be advised when diving in the downstream section of Eagle's Nest that the lines have been changed. As noted in another post, a continuous goldline runs to the approximate end of the Room of Dreams at 1,350 feet.

The Lockwood Tunnel line has now also been changed.

The line to the Lockwood Tunnel has been moved slightly further into the cave to avoid the heavy sediment area in the cave where it was previously located. The end of the Lockwood line is secured approximately one foot off the goldline, and is tied to a large rock that sits atop a boulder at a penetration distance of about 350 feet. The jump is marked on the goldline. This location carries the line along the immediate right wall of the Lockwood Tunnel (as one swims into the cave).

All redundant and broken segments of line have been removed up to and just past the Pit. Several lines still need to be removed in the back of the cave. Please be advised that work is ongoing.

A "Grim Reaper" warning sign was also deployed on the top of the hill in the ballroom. We were a bit task loaded today, so the sign might need some additional attention to stabilize the concrete base if anyone wants to lend a hand.

More information on the ongoing work and a loosely revised map of the cave can be viewed here: http://uwex.us/ENproject.htm
3/14/2007 Walter Pickel 50' Last night we cleaned up the Lockwood side a bit. The original objective was to tie the Lockwood line off to the wall or in the over head. The only really good places on the wall were too tight so we opted to make this a classic jump. Mike and Joe did a great job with setting this up. We staked the Lockwood jump about 10' away from the new goldline. Goldline double arrows are adjacent to the jump and some of the old line heading down to John's Pocket was also removed. The jump could be better staked if we had a 6' piece of PVC but we made due with what we had. The silt in that area is at least 4' deep. All, please be aware that this area is still in transition. Please be aware and cautious when on these lines.
3/12/2007 Joe Citelli 40 -50' Downstream Eagles Nest Lines A continuous gold line has been installed in downstream Eagles Nest to 1350 feet. Currently there are new distance markers every 100'. These were measure with a tape and correspond with the location of the original markers. These will ultimately be will be replaced with the original historic markers. This is a work in process so use caution when venturing downstream and especially beyond "The Pit" where much of the old line has not yet been removed. Presently, the Lockwood Tunnel line is marked by two double arrows and is a jump. The line has been temporarilly secured by 2 PVC stakes which are not ideally situated. It is our intention to correct this by Wednesday evening but no later than this coming weekend. The process is slow because we want to enhance the safety of diving downstream but preserve the integrity of any work previously done there. Respectfully. Joe Citelli
3/11/2007 John Young 70 Ballroom visabilty is everybit of 80'. Lockwood Tunnel vis was slightly less maybe 60 '. Bert, Thank you for guiding me on a fantastic dive. Let's go again soon.
2/24/2007 Bert Wilcher 50 feet Dove the ballroom this morning, basin clear with little surface mung, ballroom clear to top of mound from 70 ffw.
2/23/2007 Eric Deister 50 Maestro and I worked on putting in the new distance markers in the downstream side, measureing as we went, we got to 700' ( middle of the pitt ) and turned. Did about a 50min BT. crawled out around midnight.
2/19/2007 Vince Ferris 40 feet Basin is clear, ballroom 70ft, upstream 40ft to 1300ft. Nice shaft of light from entrance coming up from 180 or so.
2/11/2007 Jim Wyatt 50 feet Same conditions as yesterday into the Super Room.
2/10/2007 Jim Wyatt 50 feet 50 feet vis upstream to 250 feet deep - same vis downstream to 180 feet. Basin very clear. Road is in good shape.
2/2/2007 Doug Marcinek 40'-50' Did an extended cavern dive, poking into the upstream tunnel. Had about 20-30' in the basin and ~50' in the cavern.
1/18/2007 David Schott 50-60 ft. Basic was clear, Decent viz - Approx. 50 ft upstream.
1/13/2007 Eric Deister 60 Wanted to check out my video camera setup I did a quick trip to EN late Saturday afternoon. Viz in the basin was about 60 feet, 3 RB guys were hanging out doing deco while we played in the cone area. Viz was about 70 feet in there. Not too exciting of a dive.
12/29/2006 Chip Wuerz 20'- 40' I did a dive at the Nest on Friday 12/29/06. The roads were dry with the exception of a couple of large puddles of water within a mile from the Nest. The sand dunes on the road were smoothed out. Lots of hunters were out and about. The water level is higher than normal, so the path to the dock had some water in places. The basin had about 20’ of visibility with lots of algae mats. The cavern had about 20’ of visibility and cave varied 20’ – 40’ with downstream being clearer. I saw lots of Catfish in the cavern when I entered. They were swimming up in the water column.
12/4/2006 Irene Odell 80 Thank you to whoever left the games on the tree!
11/30/2006 Bert Wilcher 30' Swam the Lockwood tunnel. First 600' about 30' visibility, tannic water in lower ballroom and down stream to the second turn of the lw tunnel. Near the back of the tunnel water vis. improved to over 80'
11/26/2006 Jim Wyatt 50 feet We went upstream to 200 feet & downstream down to about the restriction -- Vis was 50 feet or so. The basin was very clear & the road in to the Nest is in excellent shape right now.
11/13/2006 Walter Pickel 40ish Viz in the basin was about 30' or so. We did an extended ballroom dive. Viz was about 30-40 depending on what side of the ballroom. The upstream was a bit clearer as the downstream side was cloudy.
10/30/2006 Jim Wyatt 40-59 Basin clear - vis in the ballroom about 40 feet. We never left the ballroom. The road in is still in good shape. Headed back tomorrow,
10/26/2006 Mike Huff 40ish Basin still clear, and viz around 40ish feet in the ballroom and the Lockwood tunnel.
10/23/2006 Vince Ferris 20 Basin is relatively clear. Upstream 20-30 ft at best even past the Super Room. Unable to see walls clearly from line position. Downstream maybe 30ft into Lockwood Tunnel. A line following drill.
10/15/2006 DanMitsu 60-80- upstream was even better on vis. ALOT of mung at surface. Very good dive- (hunting season is open)
10/10/2006 Jim Wyatt 50-70 We went to the Super Room where vis was around 50 feet. Maybe 60 feet, but in any case it seemed less clear than yesterday. The basin is still beautifully clear & lots of green MUNG all over the surface. Going again tomorrow....
10/9/2006 Jim Wyatt 70 feet The basin was very clear--visibility in the ballroom was 70 feet. We went to 200 feet upstream and the vis was still great. Going back again for the next 2 days as long as it stays nice.
10/1/2006 Bert Wilcher 50' Surface pool clear and cool, spring water pushing into the pond. Murky water near the top of the ballroom, clear to 80' on the top of the mound. Ballroom clear for this time of the year. Left new sign-in sheet for all to use.
9/25/2006 Irene Odell 80-100' The 2 sugar-sand spots on the road have been covered with limestone. It hasn't been completely smoothed out yet, so it makes for a slower ride, but getting stuck in the mud is no longer a concern, even during a heavy thunderstorm. Visibility in the basin was about 50'. Yes, 50. Viz in the cave 100'. We didn't notice any tannic water. The sign-in sheets were missing, so please take some if you are planning a trip out there.
9/11/2006 Vince Ferris 3 Basin vis was so poor (3 feet or less) that we decided to abort dive. Eventually located deco log but the down line was going straight into near zero vis tannic water. With DPV's in hand we decided conditions deeper were not going to be conducive to a good dive. Turns out this was during seismic event off Tampa. No correlation suspected.
9/9/2006 Gregg Stanton 15 ft Visibility in basin down to 5 feet. We turned the dive at 210 feet upstream with tannins and turbidity permitting 15 ft visibility.
9/8/2006 Bert Wilcher 35' Scootered around the super room visibility in surface pool summer crappy, Ballroom vis to 50' visibility dropped on the way upstream with tannic conditions throughout the super room.
8/14/2006 Bert Wilcher varied Surface pool 5-10' vis to 25'. Ballroom the visibility on the upstream side was 80' down to 200'.
8/8/2006 Irene Odell 60-80' What a difference a week makes! Though the basin is still a bit tannic, viz in the basin was about 15-20'. There was a cloudy layer at about 10' but clear below that. Viz in the ballroom was about 80'...with clear water throughout. It's amazing how different from last week.
8/1/2006 Irene Odell Cave - 80' Basin is very tannic, about 5' viz. Natural light completely lost at 35'. Visibility improved at 70' and continued to get better...to about 80' viz in the downstream tunnel.
7/25/2006 Johnny Richards 40' Basin very tannic, but ok for deco; Cavern approx. 50'; and Upstream approx. 40'- we could not see one line arrow from the previous, but still not bad.
7/15/2006 MikeH 20'-30' Vis in the basin 5-10ft, very tannic. Starting at the bottom of the tube, vis about 20-30ft. From the mound to about p550 upstream the vis varied from 20-40ft. 40 was in the Super Room.
7/7/2006 Dave Ernest 60 -70 We did the Lockwood tunnel. The basin was about 10' increasing up to about 70' at 900'.
6/17/2006 Stacey Sandrey Cave - 80' First time in system. I was a little apprehensive since the water at the steps was tannic. There is quite a bit of mung on the surface. After we dropped down, the viz improved. Went into the cave and the viz was fabulous (as was the room).
5/18/2006 Sean Denney 80-100' Went for a beautiful dive to the Super room today. The pond was covered in a thick layer of mung. We dropped in and headed upstream. Vis in the entrance room was 60-80' and as we headed into the system, the vis improved. We reached the Super room and I headed for the top. Looking down, the vis is easily 100' . I spiraled down around the perimeter of the room and we both headed out. No gators today, but as we were decoing, we noticed something... the giant lift bag (deco habitat) is gone. I gather (hope) that Walter took it out (and not some drunk hunter).
5/13/2006 Walter Pickel 80' Had some work to do at the Nest today. We got in after a normoxic TRIMIX class and the basin was a bit chummy. We did a nice long tour of the ballroom. Viz in the ballroom was top to bottom. Nice day. There is a small gator living on the west side of the surface pool. We saw another 4' gator on the way out hanging out in the road. Be careful as it is mating season for them and the drought has them looking for food everywhere they can.
4/29/2006 Matshark 60 During the relative long dry period access was easy and the road was dry. We went past the super room and viz was about 60 feet. The surface pool was thickly covered with mung.
4/14/2006 Eric Deister 70 Took a old timer and his wife there along with my dad who came down for the wedding, Vis in the basin was 40 feet, the cone was about 60-70. I dropped down and check out the up and down stream ( was diving with my friends who didn’t want to dive deep ) they looked very clear, I guess there is one good thing about not having rain for weeks..good vis.
4/12/2006 Dave Ernest 40 -50' Went to the Super Room. Basin was clear but a lot of growth at surface. Ballroom clear. Super room was a little murkier. Generally good viz.
4/10/2006 Rich Varied Basin was maybe 20', Ballroom about the same, Randy's room was quite a bit better and the Super Room was outstanding :)
4/7/2006 Sean Denney 80' We went to the Super Room the previous day and again today. The visibility improved even more since then. The mung on the surface of the pond stayed to the far side, which made the water clearer and allowed more sunlight to penetrate the entrance room. We were able to make it farther into the Super Room than the previous day as well, ascending higher into the dome. The three of us were staggered at various depths which was illuminated the room quite beautifully. I can't wait to go back :D
4/6/2006 Jim Wyatt 70 feet Went to the Super Room - vis was 70 feet at least all the way. Lots of green algae/mung on the surface--basin is VERY clear. Road in/out is VERY dusty.
3/16/2006 Bert Wilcher 50 Made an evening dive in the ballroom and had better than average viz. From the line leading down to the top of the mound, you could illuminate the walls in every direction. Water was a little murkier on the downstream side of the mound, but overall viz very much improved over my last dive.
3/7/2006 Michael McDonald 60 Vis was the best I've seen in a long time. Looking up from the mound you could see light in the chimney. Vis was 60 going up stream to the super room.
3/4/2006 Scott Byars 30-40 Basin very clear. Viz down the Lockwood was about 30-40 till bout 900' then opened up a bit more. Nice dive.
2/22/2006 Dave Ernest 20 - 30' We did Lockwood. Conditions stayed about the same throughout except the entrance had slightly less vis.
2/22/2006 Walter Pickel 60 We did the Super Room (viz is about 60' in the Super Room) and the entrance to the Pit (viz was about 40'. Viz in the ballroom was about 30'
2/5/2006 TJ 10 Visibility in the basin at was about 20' and much worse in the cave, 10' to 15'. Lots of tannic water, especially in the cave. Clears up only a bit upstream. Give it a week to clear. BTW, the old cross at 35' is missing. Probably stolen by the Al Qaeda (or someone of that statue...). It was there Thursday, gone by Sunday afternoon.
1/26/2006 Johnny Richards Upstream/Downstream- 30' Basin clear, cavern decent, 500' both upstream and downstream around 30'.
12/22/2005 Walter Pickel Downstream 20' Dove the downstream side to The Pit. Viz was between 20'-30' until The Pit where it opened up to > 40'. A guy that had just dove there said that the upstream side was not much better than 30'.
12/14/2005 Walter Pickel 30' Viz was good in the basin. Ballroom was around 30' and Lockwood was around 30' Started getting better around 600' back in Lockwood and stayed around 40'.
12/3/2005 Jason Brauhn 20' to 30' Swam around the main ballroom. Max depth of 185' Vis had gotten significantly worse. Possibly due to the rains last week (just a guess). My guess is the ballroom was no better than 30' of viz. Didn't go into any of the tunnels so I don't know if viz improved below 185.
11/30/2005 Jason Brauhn 40'-50' Swam the Downstream tunnel to John's pocket. Viz was consistent 40'-50'. Water temp in the cave approx 75 deg. Surface pool is at 72 deg.
11/25/2005 Rich 40-70' Dove the Kingsland circuit with Ryan and Jeff, vis improved quite a bit past the Super Room and was decent at the Dome Room but seems to be dropping from a few days ago. .
11/12/2005 Eric Reintsema 75 ft. Did a push downstream to 1050' & viz was rather good after "The Pit". Maybe 70-80' or so. A little silty around the break off to Lockwood Tunnel, but the Pond & Ball Room were fine as well. Water temp. in basin was 73 deg.
10/14/2005 Steve Straatsma 30-40 Went downstream to below the Pit and upstream approx. 300 ft...viz is poor, slightly tannic. Basin is tannic/green, 20 ft. viz. Just in case you don't want to waste the gas for poor conditions.
10/7/2005 Brian Roberts Very Good Water clarity was very good for entire dive ... dive was on the upstream side to 200 ft of depth just under the overhang. Dive goal was to tour the ball room for some folks new to diving the site.
9/28/2005 Scott Byars Upstream 60 So this was my first time to the Nest and I was duly impressed. Obviously I don't have any previous dives to compare it to, but I thought the conditions were fantastic. Clear, deep water with majestic tunnels and rooms on the upstream side. This cave was made for diving. Looking forward to my next trip.
9/23/2005 Brian Roberts Very Good Very good conditions throughout the entire system...Pond 30'-40', Cavern Wall-to-Wall, Lockwood 30'-40' for the first 600' and 100' from 600' to the end of the line. It is hard to stay out of the nest when such good conditions exist. Certainly a safer time for divers who are not familiar with site to learn what it looks like.
9/16/2005 Walter Pickel SPANKING! So I was tagging along on a TRIMIX class. Basin is incredible…Ballroom is wall-to-wall viz and upstream to the Super Room is wall-to-wall.

9/11/2005 Eric Deister Great! Entered the pond around 10ish and the water was nice and clear about 50' of vis. Dropped down into a nice dark room but the water was pretty clear maybe about 60'. We then went downstream to the Pit. Hit the top of it and turned the dive. Nice dive.
9/4/2005 Chip Wuerz Improving The roads for the first 4 miles, from highway 19, were improved. We noticed a small bulldozer, on a flatbed trailer, around where the improvements stopped. We didn't see that many potholes filled with water, although the last 6 miles had lots of potholes. Here's a dry path across the parking lot to the dock. The pond level is high and the surface water is very warm.

Visibility: Basin 20' - 30', Cavern 40' - 50' and Upstream 40' - 60'

Lots of algae columns in the basin and some algae was present on the bottom of the cavern to about 160’.

Visibility was clear, but became hazy at a distance, and varied throughout the cave. Mike could see me at the top of the silt mound (130’) when he cleared the chimney at 70’. I could see both sides of the Super Room from the permanent line.

Conditions reported by Mike Hawkins and Chip Wuerz.
8/10/2005 Walter Pickel 50' upstream It was reported to me that the basin is almost zero viz. The upstream side had gradually increasing viz that ended at about 50' at the entrance to the Super Room.
6/12/2004 Admin Unknown 2 divers expired in the system. IUCRR Report
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 Video MOV HD 2007 Slawek Packo Downstream
 Video YouTube 2007 Becky Kagen
 Video WMV 2005 AUE Upstream
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System Depth Cave Cavern OW Last Report Distance (mi)
 Overview Information Available for Buford Spring  Buford Spring 167 True True False 3/14/2024 5.5
   Lost 40 165 True False False 7/15/2023 4.3
 Overview Information Available for Hospital Hole  Hospital Hole 143 False True True 4/30/2023 1.9
   Warm Springs 140 False True False 11/1/2022 5.6
   Arch Sink 197 True True False 7/18/2021 9.1
   Bulldozer Sink 60 False True True 3/22/2020 1.8
 Overview Information Available for Diepolder III  Diepolder III 300 True False False 5/27/2017 5.4
   Little Gator Siphon 180 True False False 1/3/2015 5.6
 Overview Information Available for Twin Dees  Twin Dees 335 True False False 8/3/2013 3.3
 Overview Information Available for Weeki Wachee Spring  Weeki Wachee Spring 407 True False True 4/28/2012 3.4
 Overview Information Available for Diepolder II  Diepolder II 360 True False False 12/23/2010 5.5
   Gator Spring 192 True False False 12/6/2009 0.4
 Overview Information Available for Blind Spring  Blind Spring 180 True True False 11/29/2009 7.3
   Double Keyhole 230 True False False 1/11/2009 10.4
 Overview Information Available for Little Salt Spring  Little Salt Spring 240 True False False 9/23/2008 0.9
 Overview Information Available for Bobhill Springs  Bobhill Springs False False False 12/29/2007 8.5
 Overview Information Available for Jewfish Sink  Jewfish Sink 200 True False False 9/2/2007 10.6
 Overview Information Available for Mud Spring  Mud Spring 210 True True False 11/20/2005 1.1
 Overview Information Available for Joes Sink  Joe's Sink 60 True False True 4.3
   Nursery Sink 214 True False False 4.3
 Overview Information Available for Marys Sink  Mary's Sink 58 True False True 4.3
   Willow Sink True False False 6.1
 Overview Information Available for Ryles Spring  Ryles Spring False False False 9.1
   Snake Eyes False False False 0.3
   Wolf Sink False False False 5.2
 Overview Information Available for Hospital Spring  Hospital Spring 40 False True False 2
 Overview Information Available for Jenkins Creek  Jenkins Creek 50 True False False 2.7