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Latitude: 28.535312
Longitude: -82.542023
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 165'
 Cave Diving
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 Open Water Diving
Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
7/15/2023 Matt Batson N/A did not dive Did not dive but the basin looks to be murky from the surface. Not too hard to access, but there are lots of broken bottles and trash along the trail.
11/5/2005 Mike Emanuel 25' - 50' Basin has started to invert and visibility is increasing. Cavern is gin clear after you wiggle past the jumble of lines and junk and drop down along the back wall. Agree with previous post regarding the current state of the lines. You'll have to run your own to get into the deeper section. Looks like things have shifted over the years and all the lines seem to be pinched off. The breakdown in Lost 40 doesn't really support line wrapping, so I'll bring some supplies and try to forge a new permanent line the next time I dive it.
10/26/2005 Jay Titen 10ft max Visibility in the basin was 5-10ft max. Entrance to cave was extremely silty and line in cave was in terrible shape and should NOT be trusted. Run your own line and be careful for line traps. This place is worth the dive once, but is all in all a nasty silty hole in the ground.
Click here if you would like to contribute any information or resources for this system.
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System Depth Cave Cavern OW Last Report Distance (mi)
 Overview Information Available for Buford Spring  Buford Spring 167 True True False 3/14/2024 7.4
 Overview Information Available for Eagles Nest  Eagle's Nest 315 True False False 3/14/2024 4.3
 Overview Information Available for Hospital Hole  Hospital Hole 143 False True True 4/30/2023 4.9
   Warm Springs 140 False True False 11/1/2022 7.7
 Overview Information Available for Wards Sink  Ward's Sink 198 True True True 9/30/2022 9.8
   Arch Sink 197 True True False 7/18/2021 7.9
   Bulldozer Sink 60 False True True 3/22/2020 5
 Overview Information Available for Diepolder III  Diepolder III 300 True False False 5/27/2017 1.2
   Little Gator Siphon 180 True False False 1/3/2015 7.5
 Overview Information Available for Twin Dees  Twin Dees 335 True False False 8/3/2013 2.8
   Isabella Spring 110 True False False 5/22/2013 12.4
 Overview Information Available for Weeki Wachee Spring  Weeki Wachee Spring 407 True False True 4/28/2012 2.3
 Overview Information Available for Diepolder II  Diepolder II 360 True False False 12/23/2010 1.4
   Gator Spring 192 True False False 12/6/2009 4.2
 Overview Information Available for Blind Spring  Blind Spring 180 True True False 11/29/2009 10.2
   Free Ride Cave 120 True False False 10/10/2009 12.8
   Double Keyhole 230 True False False 1/11/2009 11.6
 Overview Information Available for Horseshoe Spring  Horseshoe Spring True True False 1/10/2009 13
 Overview Information Available for Little Salt Spring  Little Salt Spring 240 True False False 9/23/2008 4.8
 Overview Information Available for Bobhill Springs  Bobhill Springs False False False 12/29/2007 9.2
   The Jewel 315 True True False 6/2/2006 11.8
 Overview Information Available for Mud Spring  Mud Spring 210 True True False 11/20/2005 5.1
   Nursery Sink 214 True False False 0.8
   Garden World Sink 250 True False False 11.1
   Willow Sink True False False 3.4
 Overview Information Available for Marys Sink  Mary's Sink 58 True False True 0.3
 Overview Information Available for Jenkins Creek  Jenkins Creek 50 True False False 5.7
 Overview Information Available for Joes Sink  Joe's Sink 60 True False True 0.3
   Snook Spring 120 True False False 12.8
   Star Sun Spring 120 True False False 12.8
   Snake Eyes False False False 4.2
   Wolf Sink False False False 2.6
 Overview Information Available for Hospital Spring  Hospital Spring 40 False True False 5.1
   Coffee Sink False False False 10.2