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Jenkins Spring is located inside Hernando Beach Park off Shoal Line Rd. in western Hernando County and forms the headwaters of Jenkins Creek. The spring pool is elliptical in shape; approximately 200 feet in length and 60 feet wide. and water depth at the vent is greater than 100 ft. Discharge information for the spring is lacking, however Rosenau et al. (1977) reported discharge information for Unnamed Spring No. 4 and Unnamed Spring No. 5 in the vicinity of the Jenkins Creek. It is unclear if either of these springs coincide with Jenkins Spring. The discharge for Unnamed Spring No. 4 was measured at 10 cfs on 22 May 1962 and discharge for Unnamed Spring No. 5 was 12 cfs on the same date (Rosenau et al. 1977). The spring has two runs, one flowing south and the other northwest to form Jenkins Creek. Jenkins Creek flows northwest approximately 0.5 miles where it joins with the Mud River and flows to the Gulf of Mexico.
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Latitude: 28.521934
Longitude: -82.634337
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 50'
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   Free Ride Cave 120 True False False 10/10/2009 8.8
 Overview Information Available for Cedar Island Springs  Cedar Island Springs False False False 9/19/2009 10.7
   Double Keyhole 230 True False False 1/11/2009 7.8
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 Overview Information Available for Little Salt Spring  Little Salt Spring 240 True False False 9/23/2008 1.9
 Overview Information Available for Bobhill Springs  Bobhill Springs False False False 12/29/2007 6
 Overview Information Available for Jewfish Sink  Jewfish Sink 200 True False False 9/2/2007 7.8
   The Jewel 315 True True False 6/2/2006 8.2
 Overview Information Available for Mud Spring  Mud Spring 210 True True False 11/20/2005 1.8
   Garden World Sink 250 True False False 8
   Nursery Sink 214 True False False 5.2
   Willow Sink True False False 5.9
 Overview Information Available for Marys Sink  Mary's Sink 58 True False True 5.6
 Overview Information Available for Joes Sink  Joe's Sink 60 True False True 5.5
   Snook Spring 120 True False False 8.8
   Star Sun Spring 120 True False False 8.8
   Snake Eyes False False False 3
   Wolf Sink False False False 5.3
 Overview Information Available for Hospital Spring  Hospital Spring 40 False True False 0.8
   Coffee Sink False False False 9.7