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Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

Allen Mill Pond Springs are located on SRWMD land approximately 8.5 miles northwest of Mayo. The springs are on the west side of the Suwannee River at the head of Allen Mill Pond. From the intersection of US 27 and SR 51 in Mayo, travel northwest on US 27 for approximately 4.8 miles. Turn north (right) on CR 251B and travel 3.7 miles to the SRWMD sign for Allen Mill Pond on the east (right). Follow road to a parking area near the lower section of the spring run. The spring vent is approximately 0.6 miles upstream from the mouth of the spring run. A footpath follows the west side of the run upstream to the spring.

Description - At least three spring vents occupy an elongated limestone fissure that spans 186 ft east to west. The vent is a 2.5 ft diameter hole in exposed limestone and has a maximum depth of 8.6 ft. The fissure reaches a maximum width of approximately 40 ft. The banks are exposed limestone. The bottom is dark due to organic debris. The entire elongated spring pool was covered with a thick layer of duckweed in July 2002. Water quality was sampled from the westernmost spring vent in the fissure system. The sampled spring pool is estimated to be 15 ft east to west and 8 ft north to south. The depth of the sampled vent is estimated at 8 ft. Allen Mill Pond Springs discharge southeastward from the east end of the fissure through a shallow run that averages about 1 ft deep and 40 ft wide. The spring run flows over scalloped limestone and rippled sand. There is an abundance of aquatic vegetation including exotic aquatic vegetation. Spring water is clear. There is a thick algal covering on limestone.

Several additional springs feed the upper part of Allen Mill Pond Springs Run. Approximately 100 ft downstream from the head springs, on the west side of the spring channel, a small spring discharges vertically near the bank. A small vent producing a slight boil also is present out in the middle of the shallow stream channel 20 ft to the east. Continuing downstream about 100 feet farther, another smaller spring run, that is approximately 80 ft long, feeds in from the east side. At its head is a small spring that has a pool measuring 15 ft in diameter. From this point, Allen Mill Pond Springs Run continues to flow southeast another 0.6 miles into the Suwannee River.

Utilization - The spring and spring run are within heavily forested SRWMD land. A public access area is located along the west side of the lower part of the spring run.
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Latitude: 30.16255
Longitude: -83.24229
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Single-Diver Cave
Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
10/11/2017 Morgan Smith - Allen Mill Pond is closed to diving, regardless of access method.
5/29/2017 Morgan Smith 40-50feet Great cave with neat passage. Very shallow, max ~35 feet deep
5/27/2017 Morgan Smith 40-50feet Penetrated ~500feet into very low, silty sidemount tunnel.Very mazey system with confusing lines in varying conditions. All in all though, very fun dive and neat cave!
2/14/2007 Admin Unknown Diver expired in the system. IUCRR Report
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