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Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

From the junction of SR 51 and Luraville Road in Luraville, drive east on Luraville Road and Orange Grove Spring is located about 3.0 miles in Peacock Springs State Park.

Description Orange Grove Spring is a karst window. Its spring pool measures about 44 ft wide and 80 ft long. Depth is approximately 45 ft. The spring water had relatively poor visibility of about 4 ft and the water was greenish colored. A slight boil was observed on the water surface in July 2003. Thin layers of algae are along the spring bottom and a sparse layer covers the spring pool. Orange Grove Spring apparently flows into a nearby sinkhole during times of higher water levels. Scalloped limestone crops out around the spring. The spring is within a forested area, and private land to the north rises gently to 15 ft above the water.

Peacock Springs Survey Project 1990
Distance Measurements
Point A Point B Distance Type
Peacock I Pothole 458' One Way
Pothole Olsen 1,006' One Way
Olsen Challenge 1,434' One Way
Challenge Orange Grove 1,773' One Way
Peacock I Breakdown Room 539' One Way
Peacock I Peacock I 2,637' Circuit (via Crossover)
Peacock I Challenge 2,650' One Way (via Peanut)
Orange Grove Peacock I 4,423' Grand Tour (via Peanut)
Orange Grove Peacock I 4,671' Grand Tour (via Olsen)

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Latitude: 30.12728
Longitude: -83.13068
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 175'
 Cave Diving
 Cavern Diving
 Open Water Diving
Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
3/30/2022 buhlz 40' been a while since I've been caving-- work stuff; but got to go with Andy and Justin. Great two recon dives-- sidemount 100's,,, and 85's with stage. Went several hunder back first dive and turned just past Martz-- second dive made to martz with stage going around 700' and turning back... Nice to get back into the swing of things! Great Day
2/13/2022 qlyoung 80ft Crystal clear throughout the upper cavern zone. No duckweed.
5/29/2020 CC Rider 30-40 Swam the Grand Traverse from Orange grove to P1. OW Bain in Orange Grove 15' vis to 20' Vis in the cave typical 30-40. Several localized Sulfide pockets in the ceilings of some rooms between Challenge and Olson.
7/16/2019 Brandon 15ft Visibility in the cavern was around 15ft.The duck weed was thick and algae is growing to around 15ft deep.
3/6/2019 Cody Excellent Great clear vis, low flow day, duck weed was minimal after first entry of the day
2/23/2019 Richard Blackburn 30-40ft Tanic and peculation beyond Distance Tunnel reduces visibility on exit.
2/17/2019 Lee Ann Fair Cow. Upstream. Clear but tannic. 25 vis Minimal flow tannic absorbs your light
2/17/2019 Lee Ann Waggener Fair Orange Grove to Challenge and back Clear but tannic. 20 visibility. tannnic absorbs your light
12/16/2017 Dominick Like Swimming in Air! Basin was really clear today despite a good bit of traffic. First 400 feet of cave incredibly clear.
10/14/2017 David Moore 80 The basin is tannic and covered in duck weed. Vis clears up just before the tie in log. Inside cave vis is great.
7/17/2017 Dominick Gheesling Plenty Dove both the lower and upper caverns today. Basin was very dark and green and definitely warmer that in the cavern. 70' Upper Cavern Depth. 90' Lower Cavern Depth. Water in caverns has visibility as far as my light will shine and has a blue tint. Love the tunnel of the Upper Cavern, feels really comfortable.
9/25/2016 William Ruble 100 ft The water in the basin was extremely tannic, less than 10 feet of vis for sure. Once we got within about 20-30 feet of the cavern opening, it cleared up and was perfect the remainder of the dive. Very cool cave, these two dives were the first time I'd been in here!
6/12/2015 alcornl 80 Duckweed on the surface. Top 10ft was cloudy but below that was spectacular vis. The bottom of the cavern was air clear, the best I've ever seen. Went to the mainline in lower orange grove and was just as clear down there.
4/7/2015 Larry Vrooman 40-50' Some flow from Challenge to Orange Grove, noticeable flow in the distance tunnel, particularly past the Y. Basin is duck weedy but viz in the basin is excellent.
4/7/2015 Larry Vrooman 40-50' Some flow from Challenge to Orange Grove, noticeable flow in the distance tunnel, particularly past the Y. Basin is duck weedy but viz in the basin is excellent.
2/8/2015 Cmint 30 Vis varied, some pockets of silt and lots of large particulate floating in the water. Mostly around 30 ft vis, some spots more, some spots less.
2/2/2015 Nathalie Lasselin 20' Did the traverse to peacock 1. The portion up to challenge has a better visibility. little flow. Great dive. About same condition in lower orange
9/7/2014 TS 5 in the basin Algae bloom down to approx. 30 ft. supposed to clear up after
12/30/2013 MacLeod 40'-50' Two dives to Lower Orange Grove on 12/30. Visibility in the basin was beautiful in the morning--disturbed only by a group of OW divers. Lower Orange Grove was beautiful. Very little particulate in the water, and was able to see as far as the cave's shape would allow. Lots of critters! Many crayfish and amphipods.
6/22/2013 Matt Myers 60' great dive.. basin sucks, but below 30' it clears up and is consistently clear up the mainline. Hot and buggy, but worth the misery!
4/27/2013 Kristi Draper 70ft Basin and cave approx. 70ft viz, excellent. Flow low, but noticeable on the exit. Silt on walls is easily dislodged so go slow and fin gently. Water temp is 68F.
2/24/2013 Mer 60-80' Water in basin to 1" below last step, duckweed. Mainline to Challenge is clear. Some warm tannic water high in side passages in Challenge area.
1/4/2013 bpcfire1 60ft Did a dive to about 1200ft. Vis remained around 60ft. OG is back to its normal crystal clear vis even in the cavern area. It made for a great dive.
10/7/2012 Jason 1-100 I have been told the visibility in the lower cavern is fantastic. The vis in the basin is still horrible, which makes the lower cavern a cave dive at this time.
8/10/2012 Kristi Draper 60 Made the traverse between Orange Grove and Challenge Sink. Viz was 5 feet in the basin and cavern zone at OG, very tanic. But cleared up as soon as we entered the cave zone. A little dusty along the way, but nothing to get excited about. Challenge Sink was crystal clear. Very low flow.
8/9/2012 Jesse Scott 50 Basin is very dark and poor viz. Descend down the wall and shoot a compass heading to the tree. Once inside the cave viz was fine. It was a little milky but seemed better than Peacock. A little bit of flow noticeable if you sit idle.
5/13/2012 Sandy Robinson 15/100 Made a cavern dive. Basin was 15 feet or so. Once you got into the main cavern, Lower OG, and peering into the cave, viz was unlimited.
5/5/2012 Brandon Cook 60-80' Nice dive Orange to Challenge and back.
3/7/2012 Riana Treanor 40' Viz (40')and conditions (no flow, no particulate) in Peacock were great did Orange Grove in the morning and the Grand Traverse in the afternoon. Duckweed seems to be twice as thick ;)
2/26/2012 Hunter Sutton unlimited Did two dives to lower orange 2/26-2/27. Viz is wonderful except for the entrance corkscrewing down and when we went through some tight spots.
11/11/2011 Justin 60-80 The basin is gorgeous once again, even with 10 divers in open water. We could easily see the trees above the sink from 60', but couldn't quite see their leaves yet. Perfectly clear in Lower OG, and the vis was fine in the 60' tunnel, even with three separate lines running to the gold line. Very low water. Good luck exiting in doubles.
10/22/2011 Jason 100 Basin is crystal clear top to bottom! Cave is clear and flowing a bit.
9/11/2011 Patrick 100 Great conditions in the upper system. VIZ is near perfect made it to the 900ft arrows. The basin is another story it is dark green with about 8ft VIZbut cleared up right at the lower trees. The water level is very low.
9/11/2011 Jason 100 in Lower OG, basin green down 30' . Green water in basin is getting deeper... Lower OG still clear. The water level in the basin is very low, considerably lower than 6 weeks ago. Ingress and egress is getting interesting. The rock below the platform is now a foot out of the water.
7/25/2011 KMejean 60-100 Surface pool was murky but opened up nicely inside the cave. Crystal clear all the way to challenge.
7/3/2011 Jason 60-100 Lower OG is sparkling as ever... OG line was clearer than a month ago, and flow seems to be up since then also.
6/16/2011 Kristi Draper very good Very murky from the surface down to about 30 feet, then the viz clears up and we could see easily to the limit of our lights. Viz in the passage to Challenge Sink was slightly dusty in places, but generally quite good.
6/11/2011 Jason 60 Vis on the OG line was good, but not perfect. Vis in lower OG was crackin'. Basin was crap to 30ft.
5/28/2011 Dan Sledge 100 feet Excellent conditions! Visibility is as far as your light will illuminate. No particulate in the water. Orange grove to challenge all clear.
5/13/2011 Don Six 70-80' We did the grand travese and exited via the peanut tunnel.
5/9/2011 Dan Sledge 30 feet Only did a cavern dive but the cavern area had a green tint to the water and visibility was a lot lower than other visits to this cavern. The upper entrance to the cave cleared up but we didn't go past the sign.
4/30/2011 John Giles 75 Basin completely covered in duckweed, visibility in basin is ~5', clears up nicely once you get to cave entrance and beyond
4/30/2011 John Giles 75 Basin completely covered in duckweed, visibility in basin is ~5', clears up nicely once you get to cave entrance and beyond
2/4/2011 Tim Thomas 50 Orange Grove to Challenge Sink. Viz 50 water temp 72 no flow awesome dive
12/11/2010 Louis 50 Algae bloom is finally gone and the basin is fantastic. Duckweed is still healthy though we're expecting a freeze tomorrow. Cave looks good back to challenge.
9/5/2010 stairman 40ft surface covered with duckweed [dah] the OW basin was pretty dark. Maybe 6ft vis? The tree become visible pretty quick and clears up from there. Cave was stellar, with excellent vis.
7/22/2010 Tony Flaris 50 Main Line to Distance Tunnel. Very pristine areas past 2nd jump. Looks like fresh fallen snow. Short look around in Lower Orange Grove. No other teams. Basin has a green tint and plenty of duckweed.
7/10/2010 Garrick 5'- 70' The basin is about 5 ft maybe 10 ft visibility with duck weed cover the whole thing. Cave is 70' ft plus looks great.
5/1/2010 Nathan 20-50 From Orange Grove to Challenge vis was 40-50feet (with 40 being more the norm) particulate hanging in water soaked up the LED lights. Orange Grove covered in Duck Weed. Challenge to Olsen vis was 20-30 feet and milky at times with particulate. Olsen to Peacock vis was 40 with the same particulate in the water soaking up the LED's. The basin at Peacock was as high as I have seen it (and remained clear) since I have been diving Peacock. It did feel like there was a light flow while in the dive. You could see a surface flow from Peacock down the run noticing surface debris flowing toward the river.
4/30/2010 Louis 40-50ft Not bad flow and visibility was relatively clear, though basin was a bit murky. Duckweed is very healthy!
4/28/2010 Zeev Glozman 50-60 feet crystal clear , silt is down, flow is just a little bit. Overall perfact conditions. oh the basin has kind of bad viz, but in the cave was perfect
4/4/2010 Larry Vrooman 40 plus Good viz under the duckweed, turns great once you get in the cave. Normal flow, a bit mungy. Water is up about 4 steps in the basin.
1/23/2010 Brian Richardson 3040 first time in lower orange grove. vis was decent. probably 30-40. little smokey on the way out. went into the carousel. the line in a jump to the left in there is limp and laying on the floor
1/2/2010 Larry Vrooman great We did the "Grand Reverse" from P1 to Orange Grove via the peanut tunnel. OG basin is very clear and with only about 50% duckweed coverage. Viz is great in the tunnel to challenge as well as in the distance tunnel past where the line splits. Viz starts to degrade slightly between Challenge and the Peanut restriction with a slight haze in the water, but is again great in the peanut tunnel..
12/13/2009 Jerry 80 ft Joel, Walter, and I did the Grand Traverse. OG was gorgeous; beautiful blue, vis was exceptional over to Challenge. Conditions diminished downstream of Challenge down to maybe 50 ft. There seemed to be a mild flow toward Peacock. Great dive!
11/16/2009 Shirley Kasser Excellent from the surface We didn't dive it, but went by while some divers were decoing. Their bubbles parted the duckweed and gave us an excellent view of the bright white limestone through crystal clear water.
9/29/2009 Larry Vrooman 40-50' Great viz in the cavern, lower cavern and in the cave itself, but the viz is still very poor in the basin -5 ft in spots and very dark and tannic all the way to the opening of the cavern. Cavern diving is not an option as it is essentially dark at the entrance. Once in the cavern and cave the viz is great. The new floor looks great compared to what it was last spring. We penetrated to the distance tunnel and the viz looks good and the line looks clean. The dead armadilo has been removed.
9/23/2009 Tom Johnson (tj) 50 Duck weed coming back, and you can see the rocks down to about 15' from the steps, but hold your nose.. there is a dead and floating armadillo in the water... couldn't fish it out...
8/7/2009 Richard / Puttzer 5' We couldn't even find the entrance to the cave the black viz was so bad.. After what seemed like an eternity looking in black water, I called the dive and said lets do Peacock 1 instead.
7/11/2009 Jeff 60-80' Vis after the sign/start of the gold line was basically "normal" with minimal particulate matter (unlike P1) until the Distance Tunnel. Basin still very dark with limited light penetration down to 30'.
6/14/2009 DogDiver 30 Generally "cleaner" than Peacock. Algea bloom continues to about 25 feet. We tied off on the steps... Dove to challange, took 10 min surface interval and returned...nice dive....Bring lots of skeeter juice!!!
6/11/2009 Tom Johnson (tj) 30' Algae bloom (5') in basin down to 20' or so. Vis gets better deeper to about 30' in upper and lower sections. Cave in great condition.
6/3/2009 Kelly Jessop 20' Algae bloom first 15' Orange Grove basin,then 20' viz below the layer. The tree at the OG cavern has shifted. Viz in the cave is 20'
3/27/2009 Lori 100 ft Wonderful dive at Orange Grove. We had the place to ourselves! Duckweek covers the basin. Vis was great. Thunderstorm mid-afternoon precluded a second dive.
3/12/2009 Tom Hundley 100 foot Light duckweed cover. Clear water underneath in the cavern zone. Went with Guy Bryant who was on his second dive with his Cannon D40 housing, strobe WA and dome port. Did the cavern zone for awhile and just over lower cavern zone and then went up the main line into the distance tunnel for a few hundred feet. The distance tunnel was nice and had very little silt compared to normal. Guy took almost 450 shots on the dive. Very nice slow relaxed two hour dive. Wished I had not had to run and get to a 2PM meeting at work or would have done another dive. Peacock is nice right now. Water at OG was right below the last step.
1/18/2009 Ryan Battles 60 Good conditions up to 1000'. This was my first time in this system. Not sure how long this has been there but there is some bad damage on the floor betwee 400-500ft. Looks like someone was scopping up clay by the handful. Lots of folks out there today.
1/3/2009 Bert Wilcher 60-80 Dove the traverse from Orange Grove to Peacock II, Flow manageable with only short sections of murky water.
12/27/2008 scububa 60-80 Jump to the Distance Tunnel. Overall about 2000'. A few folks around, but not crowded. Second dive was the Traverse (Orange, Olsen, Challenge, P1). Vis varied a bit, but was never 'bad' maybe dropped to 40 in small sections.
12/21/2008 DaveS 60 Basin was crystal clear. Plenty of duckweed, but you could see a class down by the log. Particulate began to pickup after 400'.
12/6/2008 Walter Pickel 100' Did the Grand Tour (Orange Grove -> Challenge -> Olsen -> Peacock 1). The visibility in the basin at Orange Grove was perfect a as was the visibility from Orange Grove to Challenge. The cave from Orange Grove is pretty disgusting...I started counting hand prints but actually lost count because there were so many. It also looks like someone drug a cart all the way to Peacock 1. The best was at 180' where it looks like someone FISTED the cave right below the line. The hole is about 4" in diameter and 16" deep. Good job to the idiots that pulled that off.
11/23/2008 James 80-100' Basin crystal clear cave really nice inside dive was cut short due to a light failure but very nice dive overall.
11/17/2008 Fed 60-70 Basin was very clear. We arrived late around 3:30 p.m. no other dives in the basin. Cavern was silt free. Dove down to 100 feet some particulate at the bottom but not too bad. Good dive.
10/13/2008 Garrick Revels 40'-50' The water is over the 1st step. The basin is about 2' vis. The cavern zone was clear 40'-50'.
9/5/2008 PSSP 30' I had two OG dive teams they both gave me the same report, the first 6' or so in the OG basin clear, the next 30' no viz the bottom crystal clear, the cavern and cave are crystal clear, it sounds to me like OG is about to roll. From P1 the report is 30' in the basin & cavern and Peanut Tunnel, the water is green (due to river intrusion via underground fissures), after the Crossover Tunnel they say it is crystal clear to Olsen, they are diving the Pothole line next
9/1/2008 Shirley Kasser 40'-50' The water is over the second step. The basin is extremely murky and dark. It's closed to OW divers with good reason. Once inside the cave, it looks great. We made two trips to Challenge. Only a couple of cloudy spots.
8/11/2008 willardj 10'-70' The basin was about 10' maybe once in the cavern opened up really well. The cave was great 70' we only made it back about 600' but there looked to be no change as far as I could see.
7/5/2008 Buhlz 30 Went orange to challenge w/ Chris and Kev. Some other teams, including Jean, went in before us and accomplished the grand traverse. Amazing that must be. We truned about 800 feet from challenge and toyed around the basin for a little. Basin was nasty green but cave nice as long as people didn't doggy paddle. L8R
6/22/2008 Dave Shuman 30-40 Peacock I to Pothole. Basin was up a bit, still dark. Clear in the cavern, slight particulate to Pothole. Viz to 40.
5/26/2008 Walter Pickel 30-50 Did a nice swim up to Challenge. From Orange to the source tunnel the viz isn't bad but does have particulates. From the source tunnel to Challenge viz degrades to 25-20'. Flow was negligible.
5/21/2008 Ken Anderson 50 Orange Grove is open to diving today...the rest of Peacock is still closed for road construction.
2/29/2008 Jean Nelson 10-60 feet With the Suwannee doing a RAPID RISE this week , and with P1 , P2 and a syphoning P3 , we decided to try OG this morning. The viz in the basin was just fine (usual duck-weed cover). Once inside the cavern entrance , the viz dropped to around 5-10 feet. That continued past the gold line to about the 400-500 foot mark. After that the visibility got MUCH BETTER. We turned at the Distance tunnel with pristine visibility. Again on the way out , the viz started getting worse at about the 400-500 foot mark and was still quite dark in the cavern until we emerged towards the sunken trees. At that point the water cleared up to normal OG basin conditions.
12/20/2007 Bil Lindstrom 75' We did the grand traverse from Orange Grove to Peacock I. Total dive time of 104 minutes, no deco obligation. I used almost exactly 2/3 of my gas for the whole thing (E8-130's). We went past challenge sink and made the jump to the Peanut Line and went that way. Viz was stunning. Flow was negligible, close to non-existant. Basin viz at both ends was perfectly clear. The basin water level appears to be up just a little, according to one of our group. Next time, we'll do the traverse, but down the Olsen line I think.
6/6/2007 Waters 50' Visibility in the basin was nonexistant the first 15'. After that it was pretty good. Only ran into two other divers. Attempted to swim to challenge sink but ended up hitting thirds a couple hundred feet short of it. Maybe next time.
5/12/2007 Raphael Tremblay 40 Basin water clear. Water level about 2' below last step. Vis in cave 40 up to Challenge.
4/29/2007 Walter Pickel 80' We thought it was time for a nice long swim so we decided to do the Grand Traverse from Orange Grove to Peacock I via Olsen. It was a great swim and completely uneventful. Viz is great until you pass through Olsen. The water was clear and cloud-free prior to Olsen, after the viz was halved and became significantly cloudy.
1/29/2007 Perrone Ford 40-50ft Did two dives, first in just the basin, second down to about 97ft. Visibility was nice, and only a couple of other divers in the spring.
12/29/2006 eric Excellent Swam from OG - waterhole, viz was great the whole way even with all the divers and the rain
9/4/2006 Bob Overstreet 50-60 Went up close to Challenge, past Distance Tunnel. Viz consistent throughout. Duckweed on the surface has helped improve the viz (from a month ago) from the soupy pea green to something in the 10-15ft range. Viz opens up considerably by the logs/branches above the tunnel.
8/20/2006 Frank Lavallee 35'-40' Made a sidemount dive in the Distance Tunnel (which is about p950' from Orange Grove Sink) because we had not been there in a long time and we had never gone far enough to reach the "T" to the double north tunnels.

Visibility in the basin was a little green and hazy, but once we descended to 35' - 40', visibility was very good for the entire swim to The Distance Tunnel. After we had swam a few hundred feet into The Distance Tunnel, we noticed the gray silty floor was in a smooth pristine condition, which indicated that no other divers had been there for a long time. We finally reached the "T" and took the left tunnel. We proceeded for several hundred feet before we turned the dive.

We were surprised to see a lot of ceiling percolation on the way back out, which slowed down our exit. Visibility did not vastly improve until we reached a point 200' - 300' east of the Martz Offshoot Tunnel.

(Note: This dive is very doable in backmounted doubles, but sidemounts are recommended if you plan to swim to the far reaches of The Distance Tunnel because of the gray silty floors and the low floor-to-ceiling height in some areas)
8/13/2006 Mike Huff 70 Outside of the duckweed, Orange Grove was good. Viz was steady up through Challenge...
4/23/2006 Adam Gonzales 80 The basin was covered with duckweed (as usual), but the water was opaque right up until the entrance. After that, it was nice and clear.
4/20/2006 Sean Denney 100' The pond was covered with duckweed, which could only mean one thing... crystal clear water. The flow was nominal and the vis was great.
4/10/2006 Tim 80 Swam the grand traverse today... vis throughout the cave was incredible, the best I've seen it since before the hurricanes. And the walls are finally nearly back to their typical white. OG was covered in duckweed.
4/8/2006 John Young 80 **EDIT**Bones were on second dive in Peacock Pot Hole. Sorry.
4/8/2006 John Young 80 Completed my first swim from OG to Challenge and back with 200 psi to spare before turn. Woopie! Visibility varied from 50-80ft. Flow was low, duckweed covered entire pool at OG. There was a fair number of hairy stringy algae blobs found through out the entire distance. Saw a pile of bones on ledge below window and an animal skull that appeared to be a fox or maybe deer.
3/16/2006 TJ 80 Dive from OG towards Challenge, vis was great !!! The water in the basin was approx 60-70 ft. with some duckweed on the surface.
2/15/2006 Jim Wyatt 70 feet OG to Challenge - good vis.
2/11/2006 Kathleen 40-50' Visibility alright on main line, esp. given the traffic in cave. Traveled about 500' down Distance Tunnel, where viz markedly dropped off.
2/5/2006 Scott Byars 50 Conditions good in cave. Basin a little murky due to some classes.
1/10/2006 Jim Wyatt 70' Swam from OG to Challenge & back today. Vis was great, at least 70 feet I'd guess.
11/5/2005 Andy Lamborn 60-70 We swam to Challenge and back. The vis was great and the cave was full of life.
10/30/2005 Kathleen 100 Crystal clear; all surface algae has disappeared due to colder weather. Excellent viz in upper tunnel all the way to Challenge.
8/26/2005 Rich 60' The sinkhole is clear with no duck weed, water is up to about the 5th or 6th step. Both upper and lower caverns are clear as a bell. The cave tunnel is clear with vis dropping the closer you get to Challenge, the Distance Tunnel and Martz offshoot have a little particulate in the water but vis is 30 . Remember you'll have a lot of ceiling percolation on the way into those two tunnels, lowering vis considerably upon exit.
8/21/201 Justin 10-100' Very poor (10') visibility in the open water basin. Lots of divers, but this looked like algae/organics, not silt. We were sure to drop our ears with vinegar/alcohol after the dive. The lower caverns were perfect; unlimited visibility.
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