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Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 31.

Bonnet Spring is about 2 mi E. of Luraville. Drive 1.8 mi E. on paved road from State Hwy 51 near Luraville. Turn right onto the first dirt road past fence line and go about 0.2 mi to the spring.

Description Bonnet Spring is in the headwaters of Peacock Slough, in a densely forested area. The banks of the pool are moderately steep and there are occasional cypress trees at the edge of the water. The surface of the pool is patched with lily pads, water hyacinths, and other aquatic plants. The pool has a diameter of about 75 ft, an average depth of 4 ft, and a maximum depth of 20 to 30 ft at the vent opening. The bottom is soft sand with some limestone rock exposed around the vent. The run has an average depth of 2 ft and flows into a swamp several hundred feet downstream.
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Latitude: 30.12395
Longitude: -83.13812
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 48'
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
8/15/2009 Kelly Jessop 0 Basin is very muddy/tannic with not spring flow. Still have a resident gator who finds the poor basin visibility as an opportunity to submerge and hide
6/22/2009 Kelly Jessop na gator still finds the cave as his hiding place
8/8/2008 PSSP Unknown Bonnet is still closed. It is just a big mud puddle with a very big alligator in it that goes into the cave when she sees people.
3/31/2006 Walter Pickel 60' (Low Particulate) Did a nice dive up the mainline. Viz was very good. The water was a bit yellowish though.
2/18/2006 Lee Schoeppner 50 Basin is clear around the entrance, entrance leading up to the Z-Bend passage was somewhat milky; past that viz was nice and clear; went upstream past 3000ft. Swung by Amphipod room on way out, ceiling is tannic and cold. Headed downstream prior to exiting; contains good amount of river intrusion; colder, less viz, but had a sweet spot with clear spring water.
10/29/2005 Walter Pickel 50' Overall conditions were good. There was a nice flow throughout. We went straight at the 4-way split and ended up turning at the T to the Amphipod Party Room. Max depth was 44' with an average of 26'. The average temp was 70°F.
9/29/2005 Richard Blackburn Excellent 75-100' Easy flow, nice cave, max depth of dive 44'
8/30/2005 Jim Wyatt 50' Nice flow good visibility- Max depth 45 feet.
8/29/2005 Frank Lavallee 25-30' Outflow was moderate. Max depth reached was 43'. Travel time to 4-way split was 49 minutes, including 2 brief rest stops enroute.
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