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Latitude: 30.1273
Longitude: -83.2353
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 100'
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
5/9/2022 Jessica B 10' Milky, dark, not an enjoyable dive.
6/13/2021 AndrewJ 15-30ft The sink is crystal clear, water's about 18" below the last step - but no issues getting in /out. Going upstream past Clark sink, initially there’s reasonable flow , 15-30 viz , sometimes better. Downstream there’s flow and a lot of algae.
4/19/2020 Johan Fritzson 10’-15’ Milky and absolutely no flow.
12/31/2016 via CDF 40' Summary: Good viz -- perhaps 40-ish feet. Low flow. This time of year, almost no mosquitoes. Great dive!

Details: We met in the woods by Kitty Sink. We planned to enter and exit at Trap Sink, BUT . . . The path to Trap was blocked by both a fallen rotten tree in once spot, and by some near-freshly cut logs and brush piled on the path at another spot. We couldn't park any closer to Trap. Since I didn't want to walk that far wearing heavy BM doubles, we elected to enter/exit at Kitty instead.

Kitty had clear water below duckweed cover. NOTE: The steps are in bad shape, so exercise caution. Water level is a couple of feet below the bottom step, so I had to kneel below the steps and crawl into and out of the water. Hard on the drysuit, but doable.

After descent down the line into the cave, we went downstream to Green Sink, back to Kitty, then upstream to Trap, and back to Kitty to exit. Interesting formations in the cave. Lots of fossils. Lots of critters. Plenty of places to get off the line for a closer look at the cave.

Conditions were unusually good due to recent dry months. That may change if we get lots of rain in the metropolitan Mayo/Luraville area.
12/31/2012 Xenia 5-10 ft Dove upstream up to 500 ft. Viz did not get more than 10 ft. Turned and went downstream for another 300 ft. Siphon is pumping pretty well! Did a jump downstream at the spring tunnel. Viz was up to 50 ft. iN there. Lots of large crayfish. Plenty of percolation off the ceiling as I was heading back from the spring tunnel.
10/21/2012 Stefan 5' Dark and Tannic.
3/2/2012 Hunter Sutton 5-15' I did a few dives here, kitty to trap, trap and up the nostrils. Then I turned around and swam back towards sweet sink. Viz was 5-10' up towards trap and beyond, maybe a little better 10-15' towards sweet sink
12/28/2011 Steve 10' First time diving the system. We expected visibility to be milky after the recent rain and got what we expected. At points you could get 15' but it was cloudy throughout. It improved slightly past Trap Sink for a short bit but returned to the same. We saw very little life and I turned the dive at about 38' due to bad visibility. Total Dive Time: 70 minutes Maximum Depth: 58' Average Depth: 35'. Average Depth: 58
9/3/2011 Xenia 3-5 ft Dove upstream for about 500 feet. Visibility was hazy, no more than 3 ft. Turned up to sink and dove downstream hoping viz would get better but no luck. No more than 5 ft. Beautiful cave anyway, lots of worms on the floor, I think there's more life since I dove it on Christmas 2010.
7/31/2011 Shirley Kasser Unsure A new rope is across the road, and there are signs of hunters (tree stands, feeders). The sink is covered in duckweed, but a brief monkey dive underneath ensured that I'll be back there soon. Looks like a promising dive!
1/28/2011 Atedeschi 30-40' First time in the system, very large. The line is old and real dark. Full report can be seen at http://narceddiving.blogspot.com/2011/01/hello-kitty.html
11/6/2010 Larry Vrooman 35-40 Dove from Kitty to Green Sink - enough viz to see the entire tunnel in the big spots, flow is low. Also dove upstream approx 2000' with similar viz and low flow. First tunnel in the floor down from Kitty is still very clear with noticeable flow, line heavily silted with a couple of repaired breaks evident. Tunnel is clear to the spider web left of the T but 2 of the 4 offshoot lines narrow down quickly due to sand drifting in the tunnels and a 3rd narrows farther in.
10/1/2010 Martin R 35ft - 15ft Dived upstream and downstream from Kitty. Viz was not too bad (35ft) up to the Nostrils but it dropped quickly from there down to 15 ft at it's worst. (We spotted the line repair) Downstream was slightly better, flow was more noticeable than upstream. Did the jump (first jump to the left downstream from Kitty) into the deeper small tunnel - I'm sure someone can tell me if the tunnel has a name - which surprised us all with very noticeable flow and sparkling clear water - brilliant!
9/10/2010 wepiv 35 ft. We did a dive upstream from Kitty and it was my first time there. I thought the vis was pretty good (35ish) from what I've heard through the years as this seems to be a good time to dive LB. The lines here seem to be pretty fragile at times. At one point the line broke a couple hundred feet or so up from Trapp and we had to repair it. Keep an eye on it when you go in more than usual.
7/25/2010 Tegg 30-40ft with some spots of 50ft. This is the best visibility I have seen downstream of Kitty, ever. Upstream past Trap turned the "normal" milky and lower vis, but it was still slightly clearer then I remember. Downstream of Kitty the vis really starts to improve and I could see wall to wall for a lot of the dive. Great vis in there now.
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 Video YouTube 2011 Mat Bloedorn
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System Depth Cave Cavern OW Last Report Distance (mi)
 Overview Information Available for Cow Spring  Cow Spring 110 True False False 1/20/2024 7.5
 Overview Information Available for Telford Spring  Telford Spring 80 True False False 8/17/2023 4.4
 Overview Information Available for Peacock Springs - Peacock III  Peacock Springs - Peacock III 214 True False False 3/12/2023 6.2
 Overview Information Available for Lafayette Blue Springs  Lafayette Blue Springs 100 True False False 11/26/2022 0.5
 Overview Information Available for Peacock Springs - Peacock I  Peacock Springs - Peacock I 175 True True False 11/17/2022 6.1
 Overview Information Available for Royal Spring  Royal Spring 50 True True True 11/15/2022 10.1
 Overview Information Available for Charles Spring  Charles Spring 80 True False False 7/30/2022 2.8
 Overview Information Available for Alligator Rescue Spring  Alligator Rescue Spring True False False 5/20/2022 4.5
 Overview Information Available for Peacock Springs - Orange Grove  Peacock Springs - Orange Grove 175 True True True 3/30/2022 6.3
 Overview Information Available for Allen Mill Pond  Allen Mill Pond True False False 10/11/2017 2.5
   Lafayette Blue - Trap Sink 100 True False False 11/21/2016 0
 Overview Information Available for Suwannee Blue Spring  Suwannee Blue Spring 40 True False False 6/28/2016 10.4
 Overview Information Available for Convict Spring  Convict Spring 30 True False False 11/23/2015 8.7
   Powerline Cave 60 True False False 9/17/2015 1
 Overview Information Available for Peacock Springs - Peacock II  Peacock Springs - Peacock II True False False 4/8/2015 6.2
 Overview Information Available for Peacock Springs - Waterhole III  Peacock Springs - Waterhole III 55 True False False 9/26/2013 6.1
 Overview Information Available for Bathtub Spring  Bathtub Spring 20 True False False 2/5/2011 8.5
 Overview Information Available for Crazy Horse Sink  Crazy Horse Sink 60 True False False 1/30/2011 1
 Overview Information Available for Peacock Springs - Baptizing Spring  Peacock Springs - Baptizing Spring True False False 8/15/2010 5.8
 Overview Information Available for Bonnet Spring  Bonnet Spring 48 True False False 8/15/2009 5.8
 Overview Information Available for Hidden Spring  Hidden Spring True False False 6/1/2006 7.4
 Overview Information Available for Running Springs  Running Springs False False False 7.3
   Thomas Spring True False False 1.3