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Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

Peacock Springs is located 2 miles east of Luraville in Peacock Springs State Park and is a popular place for cave diving. From the junction of SR 51 and Luraville Road in Luraville, drive east on Luraville Road approximately 2 miles to the Peacock Spring State Park entrance.

Description Peacock Springs has three vents in a pool that measures 150 ft long and 90 ft wide. Depth of the spring is variable, averaging 5 ft deep in much of the pool but reaching depths of 40 ft. The cave entrance, near the north end of the pool, is distinguished by wooden steps leading to a limestone shelf where the water is 20 ft deep. The spring water is clear and blue. The elongated pool gives way to a run 15 ft wide, 1 ft deep, and flows south approximately 1.5 miles into the Suwannee River. A steep 5 ft limestone ledge surrounds the pool, and levels out into a state-owned hardwood forest where a number of sinkholes can be found. Peacock Spring has an extensive cave network that connects to nearby sinkholes and springs.
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Latitude: 30.12236
Longitude: -83.13242
Coordinate System:
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
4/8/2015 Larry Vrooman 40' Good viz in the cavern and back to the balcony, but there is no flow and the floor is quite silty, like it was just before it reversed in January. There are loads of small catfish in the cavern.
12/25/2010 Don Six 100' or more Visibility seemed to be unlimited and there as no flow. We went up the Olsen line to the crossover tunnel and exited via the Peanut Line. Nice easy swim with just a little over an hour of bottom time.
11/6/2010 Larry Vrooman excellent Higher than average flow and the siphon is very noticeable at the last restriction when exiting from P3. Great viz, lots of plant material on the line (cleaned off but with the flow it will probably collect more in short order.) No catfish.
4/4/2009 Anthony Tedeschi 80' After my dive at PIII, I look the SM tunnel from PIII to PII. Nice passage, no flow, and huge school of catfish (50-100).
3/21/2009 Flyczek 50' Jumped across from PIII to PII as part of deco after Hendley's Castle. Neat little sidemount tunnel at average depth of 22' with today's water level. PII basin was very clear and the flow was not insignificant at the restriction.
2/22/2009 Mathew Bull clear Clear from the surface
10/6/2008 Bert Wilcher 40 Water remains a little murky. Flow very slight surface pool now clear again. Water level up over first step.
10/30/2007 Jim McMichael 30-40 Did Water hole & crossover to olsen , Great Dive 1:20 long- Dive Plan "swim around" was amazed at what not having a goal can do to improve RMV
7/15/2006 Walter Pickel 10'-0' Did the PII side to PIII...very interesting little tunnel. Definitively not dove often...Very clear but silts up in an instant.
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