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Name is because Woody Jasper rescued a baby gator here.
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Latitude: 30.102211
Longitude: -83.166108
Coordinate System:
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
5/20/2022 GUY BRYANT 20-30 ft Flow strong, lots of particulates in the water. Went back about 1000 ft and turned at the restriction just before popping into the sinkhole. Strong current was nice coming out, just float with the current. Due to high current any silt disturbed was quickly blown out.
6/5/2021 Andrewj 30ft Small boil on the surface and light outflow. Around 30ft viz going in, turned around 800ft. Line occasionally buried or fouled with river detritus, cleaned it up a little. Really nice cave, neat domes and huge vertical fissures.
12/12/2019 diver2 20 ft Great dive today! Took out my kayak and found this easily as the river was down. There was a gentle flow going out of the cave. Visibility reminded me of P3 but smaller cave. Beautiful fissures and cave. Really shallow as well to only around 25 ft max depth! Got to a break down room and there was a large "air pocket" that I rose into (while keeping breathing from my regulator). Turned shortly after the breakdown room as this is a new cave for me and obviously not many people visit it. Line looks old but still sturdy.
10/23/2015 Ryan 40-50 ft The cavern was visible on the side of the bank with about 7 feet of clear water out into the river. The water level at the lauraville gate was 19.33. The cave was beautiful. It was good sized (for a side mount river cave) most of it was lots of twists and turns with some lower duckunders. There was a lot of fissure cracks. The line was in ok shape it was buried in a lot of places and required jump reels to bridge the gaps. At About 1000 ft in we ran into a large collapse that buried the line for at least 15 ft and it looked fresh. We went just a little further and we turned at another collapse. The cave was very soft and the walls would crumple in the back. The first 800 or so feet the cave was in a lot better shape. We had a low vis exit due to particulate but never had to get on the line. All and all a great dive. 30 minutes of penetration with a max depth of 27 ft with good flow.
8/15/2015 cavedivecamp.com 25 Barely found this as the river has come up. Immediately cleared up at cavern. Line is in great shape. Lots of particulate, typical of what comes out from Lafayette side. Flow very weak. Sandy bottom with layer of silt in main passage. Went in about 300 up main line. This is a big cave and the fissures go to surface where you can see soil up top of the cave in the beginning at least. Not deep but kept on going strong have to go back to this with bigger tanks and buddy or buddy bottle.
10/20/2013 Jason 0 Took a boat up the river to check it out. Still covered in river water, did not see a boil.
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System Depth Cave Cavern OW Last Report Distance (mi)
 Overview Information Available for Telford Spring  Telford Spring 80 True False False 8/17/2023 0.3
 Overview Information Available for Peacock Springs - Peacock III  Peacock Springs - Peacock III 214 True False False 3/12/2023 2.4
 Overview Information Available for Lafayette Blue Springs  Lafayette Blue Springs 100 True False False 11/26/2022 3.9
 Overview Information Available for Peacock Springs - Peacock I  Peacock Springs - Peacock I 175 True True False 11/17/2022 2.4
 Overview Information Available for Royal Spring  Royal Spring 50 True True True 11/15/2022 5.6
 Overview Information Available for Charles Spring  Charles Spring 80 True False False 7/30/2022 5.9
   Lafayette Blue - Kitty Sink 100 True False False 5/9/2022 4.5
 Overview Information Available for Peacock Springs - Orange Grove  Peacock Springs - Orange Grove 175 True True True 3/30/2022 2.7
 Overview Information Available for Cow Spring  Cow Spring 110 True False False 10/10/2021 3.2
 Overview Information Available for Owens Spring  Owens Spring 45 True False False 10/7/2019 8.4
 Overview Information Available for Allen Mill Pond  Allen Mill Pond True False False 10/11/2017 6.2
   Lafayette Blue - Trap Sink 100 True False False 11/21/2016 4.5
 Overview Information Available for Suwannee Blue Spring  Suwannee Blue Spring 40 True False False 6/28/2016 6
 Overview Information Available for Convict Spring  Convict Spring 30 True False False 11/23/2015 4.3
   Powerline Cave 60 True False False 9/17/2015 3.5
 Overview Information Available for Mearson Springs  Mearson Springs True False False 6/6/2015 9.4
 Overview Information Available for Peacock Springs - Peacock II  Peacock Springs - Peacock II True False False 4/8/2015 2.4
 Overview Information Available for Peacock Springs - Waterhole III  Peacock Springs - Waterhole III 55 True False False 9/26/2013 2.4
 Overview Information Available for Bathtub Spring  Bathtub Spring 20 True False False 2/5/2011 4.1
 Overview Information Available for Crazy Horse Sink  Crazy Horse Sink 60 True False False 1/30/2011 3.5
 Overview Information Available for Peacock Springs - Baptizing Spring  Peacock Springs - Baptizing Spring True False False 8/15/2010 2.7
 Overview Information Available for Bonnet Spring  Bonnet Spring 48 True False False 8/15/2009 2.2
 Overview Information Available for Hidden Spring  Hidden Spring True False False 6/1/2006 3.1
 Overview Information Available for Running Springs  Running Springs False False False 3
   Thomas Spring True False False 4.9