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Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

Peacock Springs is located 2 miles east of Luraville in Peacock Springs State Park and is a popular place for cave diving. From the junction of SR 51 and Luraville Road in Luraville, drive east on Luraville Road approximately 2 miles to the Peacock Spring State Park entrance.

Description Peacock Springs has three vents in a pool that measures 150 ft long and 90 ft wide. Depth of the spring is variable, averaging 5 ft deep in much of the pool but reaching depths of 40 ft. The cave entrance, near the north end of the pool, is distinguished by wooden steps leading to a limestone shelf where the water is 20 ft deep. The spring water is clear and blue. The elongated pool gives way to a run 15 ft wide, 1 ft deep, and flows south approximately 1.5 miles into the Suwannee River. A steep 5 ft limestone ledge surrounds the pool, and levels out into a state-owned hardwood forest where a number of sinkholes can be found. Peacock Spring has an extensive cave network that connects to nearby sinkholes and springs.

Peacock Springs Survey Project 1990
Distance Measurements
Point A Point B Distance Type
Peacock I Pothole 458' One Way
Pothole Olsen 1,006' One Way
Olsen Challenge 1,434' One Way
Challenge Orange Grove 1,773' One Way
Peacock I Breakdown Room 539' One Way
Peacock I Peacock I 2,637' Circuit (via Crossover)
Peacock I Challenge 2,650' One Way (via Peanut)
Orange Grove Peacock I 4,423' Grand Tour (via Peanut)
Orange Grove Peacock I 4,671' Grand Tour (via Olsen)

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Latitude: 30.12297
Longitude: -83.13297
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 175'
 Cave Diving
 Cavern Diving
 Open Water Diving
Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
11/17/2022 buhlz 80 DPV training turned into a swim dive with Jay and Conrad (new friends I met along the way- Paul was sick).. Headed the Olsen line about 200 feet from the sink and tuned. Great dive thanks guys. Dove semi-dry on 21% Avg 47 feet 60 min dive
9/27/2021 Fred Stratton 20-30 Swam from Peacock I to Olson Sink and enjoyed good visibility again a moderate (for Peacock) flow. Then we jumped the gap to the line that runs to Cisteen Sink, turned right at the Nicholson Tunnel, returned to the gold line and retrieved our jump reels. The water at P1 was 5 steps from the top of the stairs. The extra water puts the Grim Reaper sign for the Olson Line at a depth of 72.
7/13/2021 Cory Bell 12in High flood level, under syphon. Peanut tunnel, maybe it 500ft never cleared.
4/6/2019 Dominick Gheesing Limited Swam Peanut Line to Waterhole. Peanut line is definitely green and there's still plenty of particulate in the water column. Sections of Waterhole Line definitely had better visibility than the Peanut Line.
2/23/2019 Richard Blackburn 20-30ft tanic and dusty, eats light
9/22/2018 Iowa Cave Diver 75' We'd been out of the water several months due to a relocation from Jacksonville to st. Augustine, so it was really nice to dust off the gear and see some familiar faces. First dive P1 up to the Olsen bypass. Didn't quite make the circuit so we turned and back tracked. Wed not been in this section before...very cool! Super clear water and conditions in that section were the best of the day. 90 min. Dive, max depth 69', 75' viz, low flow and the basin is high...up to the 3rd step at P1 and crystal clear to the bottom.
8/25/2018 Ja Darr Very Clear 80-100 The basin was beautiful. Gin clarity all the way over to P2 as well. Inside P1 line very clear. Very slight particulate near Olsen 60-80', but may have been temporary (possibly diver). The Well was similar to the area near Olsen. Again, maybe caused by an earlier diver. A little flow, but not enough to produce any noticeable boil. Very Good conditions; very good color. (Basin reminded me a blue sapphire Gin bottle)
6/21/2018 Dominick Gheesling A little Milky Rained heavy last night at Peacock which might have contributed to the milky cast to the water. Still really good visibility. All of the algae that was on the surface tuesday fell to the bottom of the basin during the rain. Saw an Eel in the ceiling crevices just past the reaper sign on the Peanut Line. Left a RED line arrow with initials JDG at the Jump to Waterhole.
6/19/2018 Dominick Clear Clear Clear The basin was full of algae and water lettuce on the surface but even that water is clear. Visibility was as far as I could see once in the Cavern/Cave. We went up Peanut Line to Crossover Tunnel, to the Olsen Bypass Tunnel. Fairly certain we were the first people down the Peanut Line side. Also, someone has REMOVED THE JUMP MARKERS FOR WATRHOLE AGAIN. Noticed the delicate little clay bank above the entrance to the Chute from the Breakdown room for the first time today.
12/16/2017 Dominick Like swimming in air Amazing! First Basic Cave dives beyond training today. Basin was kicked up from all of the traffic but the Beginning of the Olsen line was like swimming in air.
8/2/2017 Brett Floren 70-80 P1 basin is basically 1 foot viz and stinky. Once to the cavern opening it cleared up. Up Olson line to Olson was milky and there was a fair amount of particulate in the water. Crossover to peanut was a little better but still had lower than normal viz. Returning to P1 cavern down peanut line cleared up to near clear viz. Once we got back to the cavern we went back down the Olson line and jumped to The Well. The well had the best viz of the entire dive and was clear with basically nothing in the water.
7/2/2017 Elisha Gibson ? Checked out P1 after deciding not to try Anderson. Basin was really disgusting and while the gator looked friendly, I didn't want to get in the dark water with him. Plus, we probably avoided an ear infection. We headed to Little River for the best conditions I've seen there in a while.
6/10/2017 Peter Rowe 100 The entrance is a bit murky and green, once past, the water is as clear as can be. There is a new 3' alligator that suns himself on the rock across from the new steps.
10/9/2016 buhlz 50 foot nice!! met up with Andy, Justin and Phil with Breeny! Also, Paul was there training today! Great dive up peanut line. Had some primary light issues but resolved! Nice little swim. I believe we made it to peanut retriction but not entirely sure as to exactly where we ended. It may have been but looked silty so we turned (was pretty much near my thirds anyway). Great day! Great bunch of young great divers and friends!max 67 ffws,37ft avr. 1 hour dive. no deco.. 21 %
8/13/2016 William Ruble 50ft Due to several classes and teams in the cavern and basin, vis was very milky and in some places on the Peanut line it was becoming rather tannic near the floor as the river rose with all the rain we've had recently. All in all, not bad dives. Viz was better on the Olsen line IMO
5/12/2016 Jack Hammer 30-40 Circuit Peacock to Olsen thru peanut restriction back to P1. Vis is murky on Olsen side with a lot of particulate in the water. Peanut tunnel vis was much better with some light flow,
4/7/2015 Larry Vrooman 50-60' Coz os consistently good throughout most of the system. Good flow for P1, noticeable flow in the water source tunnel, which is very clean to at least 400' past the hole in the floor. Some flow between challenge and Peanut restriction as well.
3/23/2015 Rob McGann 40-50 ft Went to the Crypt via the Cisteen line. Flow was high for Peacock, so it saved us 10 mins on the way out?? The Crypt was clean and clear, conditions were great. Although there were a lot of people diving we never saw any of them inside.
3/4/2015 Cmint 10-50 Went down the line to p2 via the well, vis was good at first but dropped a bit as our bubbles disturbed some spots. very silty back there. Vis in the cavern was a little low. Second dive down the peanut line was pristine. 50 ft vis.
2/15/2015 Cmint 40 Olsen line 30-40 foot vis, Peanut was 40 and better in some spots. Not as much particulate as last week, but still some. Nice diving conditions.
2/9/2015 Cmint 30 to 40 Vis varied, lots of particulate. Mostly around 30 ft, with some more and some less.
2/9/2015 FW 30 to 40' 30-40 feet vis, a bit of flow, a slight boil at P-1, basin clear. Some areas darker - upstream toward Challenge from the Peanut restriction dark water and low vis. per Mike Morgan
1/5/2015 FW < 2' The whole Peacock system is closed due to river intrusion.
9/6/2014 TS 25-50 Did not dive today, but basin seemed milky from the surface. It's supposed to clear up at about p.500
8/10/2014 Jason 50 Cave was dusty from traffic. Still fairly dark because of the flood. There was noticeable flow on both the Peanut and Olsen lines. The crossunder had no flow and was extremely silty, but the peanut side restriction was passable in side mounted 108s.
6/28/2014 Walter Pickel 30-60 It has been a while since I dove P1. Did a nice relaxing dive up the peanut line...no muss, no fuss. Viz was dusty until about 1500' then opened up (probably caused by traffic). Flow was slight but positive.
1/26/2014 Niko 20-35 @ P3 We dove P3. Very nice dive, visibility was about 30-35 feet on the way in, it's syphoning slightly. Looks like it's hardly visited nowadays since there was plenty of silt on the line and lot of beautiful thick black silt everywhere. The line was buried at a few places but we lifted it out. The sand hill has gotten tighter and its hard not to touch top or bottom when staying on the line (In sidemount), when contact is made even slightly expect zero vis for second person, I recommend staying right of the line on the way in for the first person (enough space). We made it to about the Hendleys Jump and turned the dive. On the way out vis was about 20-25 feet due to particulate falling off the ceiling. P3 really is a very nice cave, well worth the dive.
12/28/2013 MacLeod 30'-40' Made two mainline dives. One in the Olsen tunnel, one in the Peanut tunnel. Visibility in Olsen was about 30', fair amount of particulate in the water (lots of divers in the system--parking lot was nearly full at P1). Peanut line had better visibility running 40' past the breakdown room.
9/24/2013 Oliver 30-40' The cave has changed a lot since the last flood, in my opinion to the better. Quite a few walls have been darkened by the tannic river water and lots of fin, spg and hand/tank marks in the silt have been washed out. While the flow was noticeable in some areas, it did not bother us at all.
9/23/2013 Niko ~30 Did the P1 to Waterhole jump dive. Visibility is around 30 feet in most places up to the waterhole jump. Waterhole line itself is very silty, looks like hardly anyone dove it since the flood, lots of percolation and silt raining from the ceiling.
9/15/2013 Jean 30-40 There was quite a boil in the basin. Water is up to the 7th step. We decided to go up the PotHole Line , do the crossover and come back out Peanut. A VERY evident flow was in our faces going up towards Olson. It almost felt like a Ginnie dive (EEK). Past PotHole , the sand on the floor had been shaped into waves (like it does in Manatee) ... very pretty !!! Had trouble seeing Nicholson jump , but I saw the Cisteen line OK. Jumped onto Crossover...No dark water to been seen. Nice and clear looking into the Dark Water Tunnel. Jumped onto the Peanut line and checked the jump at WaterHole. It was looking pretty good. Now it was just park your feet up and just drift out. It really is a wierd feeling for Peacock. Had to use the brakes a couple of times in the Peanut Tunnel. Then back to the cavern. We had 30-40 foot vis and maybe close to 50 feet in spots. (It actually was pretty good).
8/13/2013 Mike Bartlett Tannic, 20 - 30' Peacock opened 8/10/2013 and we dove P1 that afternoon and the next day. 8/10 headed up Main Line, through Olsen and on to the Crypt. Max vis was about 30' and the cave is covered with fine dark silt from the flooding. There was a lot of percolation on the route to the Crypt but it is a beautifil dive right now if you are careful. All lines were good shape. 8/11 we headed back up Main Line and took the Nicholson Tunnel jump. Had the same vis as the day before except there was already quie a bit more particulate in the water column. Nicholson vis was less than Main Line and quite a bit more silty. Still a fun dive though. We went only to the first jump before turning around. We headed back down Main Line and jumped to the well. The Well was extremely silty with a lot of percolation, but a gorgeous dive with about 20' of vis.
7/7/2013 Joe Crystal Clear Great dives today. Dove Peanut to the restriction/end of line. Setup some jumps in the crossover tunnel on the way back. It was crystal clear the ENTIRE dive. We almost had the whole place to ourselves except for some tourists that were in the middle of the peanut line either having a malfunction or just digging holes with their stage bottles, which made for a silty exit. Dive 2 we had the ENTIRE place to ourselves, no other divers in the parking lot, just lots of swimmers in the spring and steps area. Went down Olsen line (mostly clear, just a tiny bit of particulate, but nothing to complain about) to crossover tunnel and exited out peanut. Checked out the waterhole jump for a few mins (crystal clear). The exit back out peanut was still a tad bit silty, but again, nothing to complain about (it was so minor I would still call it crystal clear). Great visibility the whole day, except around the area the guys were mucking it up in, but this was their fault and not the cave condition. On the Peanut line just past the cave sign, right under the restriction in the floor, you could see river water seeping in, it was mildly tannic and you could feel a temp difference at the very bottom. There was another spot at the top of the breakdown room that was the same way.
7/6/2013 Louis 30 P I - mainline to dark water to crossover to olson's by pass. Milky is a bit of an understatement - felt like a completely different cave!
6/8/2013 matt myers 50' second dive up the peanut line to 1500P... viz was good but varied in areas between 40-50. PI basin is clear and water is up to the third step... weather really hasn't effected this system in the past two weeks.
6/8/2013 Matt Myers 50' dove grand traverse from orange grove... surface covered in duck weed and the basin viz was poor (15') but cleared up at the cavern enterance 50' or better... clear water all the way to challenge, after challenge a section of milky water with 25' viz for about 200-300ft, then back to clear 50' viz from there to olsen and from olsen to PI we had around 40-50. much better than we expected with all the bad weather this past week.
5/31/2013 wleinen 40 P1 to Olsen still relatively good vis. Was on Peanut line on 5/30/13. Good vis (40-50') to Breakdown and 300' or so beyond.
5/28/2013 Niko 40-50' P1 to Olsen was good vis in the 40's. Peanut line looked good to the breakdown tunnel around 50'
4/24/2013 DecoHokie 30ft System was officially opened today. Diving the P1 entrance to Olsen Sink showed about 30ft of viz, but otherwise typical flow and conditions.
2/27/2013 Mer 30-60' Suwanne River gague at Luraville at ~25.5'. System is definitely starting to see flooding effects with vis down from 3 days ago, however is still springing. Pothole line: Milky with some colder, dilute tannic water at bottom of well. Clearer at top of cave passage. Nicholson is in most places clearer than Pothole line, but still places with stratified cooler, slightly tannic water at bottom of passage with warmer clearer at top. Places where depth greater than about 62' were more tannic/worse vis than slightly shallower. 40' vis on mainline Peanut line: Milky cavern, tannic water pooling below start of Peanut Tunnel. Clears up once in Peanut Tunnel. 60' vis. Crossover Tunnel clearer, esp in shallower parts. Milkyness returns on Pothole line downstream of Olsen. Olsen and first 100' of upstream Olsen are clear. Basin: Rather clear, duckweed, still springing from P2 to P3.
2/27/2013 Mer n/a Pothole: could see light coming from Pothole, but didn't look big enough for it to be an exit point.
2/23/2013 Mer 100' Basin level 6" below bottom of main steps, duckweed. Basin and Peanut side clear. Blue tint to water. Waterhole III clear, with some sections with cold tannic water on floor.
1/4/2013 bpcfire1 50ft Did a dive to about 2000ft. Vis remained around 50ft. It made for a great dive. There was some particles in the water but did not affect anything...
10/19/2012 Brian varied First dive was P1/Peanut to Waterhole. Vis was great the whole way. Second dive was P1/Olsen to Nicholson tunnel. Turned at the Cisteen line. Vis on the Olsen line was less than spectacular - around 20'-30''. Very hazy.
10/7/2012 Jason 60 Vis was better than I expected. There is some particulate in the water. The only tannic water we saw was past midway on the crossover to Olsen. The dome there is full of warm tannic intrusion. Vis was 3 feet at it's worst on the line. Very cool experience.
8/26/2012 Brandon 50 /40 First dive was in P1 down the Peanut line. Vis was about 50 ft or more. There was slite milky patches but nothing that hampered vis. In the large domes, there is tanic river water in the tops of them. Makes for a pretty cool surprise if you ascend up into them. Vis goes to 1ft. Second dive was P1 on the oppisite line. Vis was around 40ft sna d had some particles floating through out the dive. We went all the way to Olsen to the break in the line. Dive was good. Lots of lil baby fish swimming around. The temp ranged from 72-68. JUST REMEMBER THE POT HOLE EXIT IS CLOSED.
8/23/2012 NFSA N/A Please be aware that Pothole is clogged up with debris and is not now a viable exit point. NFSA member divers attempted to ascend today after other NFSA members discovered a lot of erosion and debris visible from topside in Pothole sink sometime after tropical storm Debbie. NFSA will be in touch with park management to devise a plan to survey the situation and come up with an agreeable way to remove the rubble to once again make Pothole an emergency exit point. We ask that no one take it upon themselves to attempt to clear the debris until a thorough survey is made from the top and from the cave side. We are fearful that large clumps of debris could fall onto divers and/or reduce visibility in the cave when other divers are in there.
7/1/2012 Kristi Draper unknown Cave diving at Peacock/Wes Skiles park is closed until further notice. I was there on 7/1 but could not dive. Water level is above the bottom few wooden stairs where divers usually giant stride in. There is copious amounts of duck week covering the entire open water area of P1 and more coming in every minute. We saw several small alligators cavorting in the basin. All of the usual rocks we've seen on past trips are covered with water. P1 and P3 form one large lake with no break between them.
4/29/2012 bert 60 feet Water levels extremely low. Cavern zone hazy tunnels clear.
4/6/2012 Julie Anderson Excellent Water lever was surprisingly low (4' from large steps). We had the place all to ourselves which was nice. Clear basin, no tannic water, very pretty. We swam up the peanut line to the restriction then back.
3/11/2012 Sandy Robinson 60 to 75 I was not sure what to expect especially since the parking lot was FULL! The cavern was a little cloudy but the cave conditions were nice. We dove to the Peanut restriction and then down the Olsen/Challenge line a little. On the return, we went about 150 feet into the Waterhole Tunnel. With all the cars, the only other teams we saw were in the cavern, so we had the cave to our selves - may have been good luck/timing
12/26/2011 Brandon Cook 80 Dove Pothole line to Olsen and back, vis was great. Water in basin very low, several feet below wooden steps.
10/21/2011 Iowa Cave Diver 75-80 swam the peanut line... great viz, no flow and the weather is perfect!
9/5/2011 KMejean 75' Did an intro dive to about 300' into the Peanut line as well as spent some time playing in the cavern with my student. The surface pool is terrible but it opens up as soon as you enter the cavern. The temp drops quite a bit as well. It was 69 degrees in there yesterday.
8/6/2011 Justin 5-100 Warm (high 70's/low 80's) water/very cloudy water above 15'. There were some dead fish too. Clear and cold water (69) around 20'. Unlimited visibility just inside the cavern and back about 300' on the left passage.
7/25/2011 KMejean 60-100 Came from Challenge down the Peanut line to Peacock. was a little murky just pat Challenge but opened up and stayed that way all the way down the Peanut line. The surface pool at Peacock was terrible with vis about 5 feet but inside the cavern and cave it was beautiful.
7/3/2011 Garrick 60 Basin is about 5' vis Olson line was great with 60' vis
7/2/2011 Jason 60 Vis in basin is crap. Beginning of Cavern is not great, 20 feet in is clear as ever. Both Peanut line and Peacock line to Pothole look great.
6/19/2011 Louis 60 Basin is pea soup, cave looks great!
6/12/2011 Jason excellent! Vis was great on the peanut line, basin looks like crap. Bring your ear drops.
5/10/2011 Don Six 70-80' Water is down in the basin, but the cave was clear.
4/22/2011 Louis 50 ish Overall just fine. Water in the basin is up enough to reconnect P1 to the slough. Basin is a bit pea soup like but the cave still looks good with a bit of reduced vis, and scattered patches of particulate and tannic water. Flow is still present so hopefully things will just get better.
4/17/2011 Dan Sledge 80 feet Low to no flow, like usual. Very good visibility past the cavern area. Our first dive we did Pothole to Olsen on a single tank. For our second dive we did Peanut to just past Crossover also on a single tank.
2/26/2011 Louis 50 did the run out to waterhole III and to the crypt - every thing looks good
2/3/2011 Louis 50 Bit of tannic intrusion in the Cisteen and the Nicholson tunnels, rest of the system seems clear. Wonderful diving.
1/30/2011 atedeschi 30-50' Swam from P1 to Cisteen taking the second jump on the right. On the way out we exited through Nicholas Tunnel.
12/11/2010 Louis 50 Everything looks good, just a bit of particulate in the water.
11/6/2010 Larry Vrooman 70 ft Excellent viz throughout the system. Some tannic water in last section to the Crypt, but Cisteen line is otherwise clear, Viz also very clear on Pothole-Olsen, Peanut, Crossover, Water source and Waterhole lines. Area in and around the well is also clear as are the Seven tunnel and the sm tunnel from Peanut to Pothole. Darkwater tunnel is quite tanic but not as cold as earlier in the year.
7/25/2010 Tony Flaris 50 Main Line to Cisteen Line to Crypt Line. Li had a Primary Light Failure so turned the dive. She surfaced and we continued on the P2 via The Well.
7/24/2010 Tony Flaris 50 Main Line to Olsen to Challenge. Came back through Crossover and Peanut Line. 50 Vis with some tannic between Olsen and Challenge.
7/7/2010 Admin Unknown Diver expired on the Peanut line around 800'
6/4/2010 Iowa Cave Diver 70' the basin is the best i've seen it in years... we dove peanut line to the water hole jump... viz was great, even clearer in the water hold tunnel, however we dusted it out going through... must not have seen much traffic since the floods. Great conditions and it wasn't busy!
5/30/2010 Buhlz 50 mostly Finally!Did the grand traverse from Orange to P I with Kev and Alicia! Awesome to say the least. Popped up @ challenge and Olsen for breathers and used my stage bottle to travel (didnt need though). Thanx Kev.. Pretty much two dives per logged computer but 93 min and no deco 32%. Came over P I to find a matrix of lines run..Wierd but cool. Thanks again!
5/1/2010 Louis 30ft Lot of rain last night and today the flow is almost undetectable. Vis isnt great but the cave is still very divable with the peanut line in better shape than the mainline. The storms seem to be gone and weather looks ok for the next few days so I would expect it to improve as opposed to getting worse.
4/23/2010 Scott Coupland 30-40' I dove P1 today. Mainline to Olsen sink, back to crossover and down the peanut line. The water temp was 68-69. The viz was 30' on the mainline and 40' on the peanut line. The peanut line seems to be clearing faster than the mainline.
4/9/2010 Larry Vrooman 30-40 ft 30-40 ft in peanut line, 30 or so in Crossover tunnel, Olsen Bypass and Pothole/Olsen line. Some tannic intrusion below the nicholson tunnels. Darkwater tunnel is severely tanic and temp is in the 64-65 range compared to about 70 everywhere else. Waterhole tunnel is nice, 30-40 ft viz and no tanic intrusion. Vizibility is in the 20-30 ft range in the Well and system in the direction of P2.
3/24/2010 JIll Hienerth 30 Peacock One, Peanut and Main line are a green 30 feet of visibility with decent flow flushing through the system. Hopefully it will improve quickly. Good enough for cave divers but not ready for cavern yet.
3/14/2010 Denise Byrne Johnson 20-30 feet Peacock was reopened to cave diving this weekend. Swam Orange Grove to Challenge, through the Peanut restriction and down Peanut Line. Lots of particulate in the water and the water was tea colored. Viz was better on the Peanut line than the rest of the system....nice dive
1/16/2010 Mathew Bull 50-60' Slight green tinge, but visibility was great. Lots of people in the water. OW was even clear.
1/10/2010 Bil Lindstrom Excellent We did an out and back via the main line Olsen. Great viz, albeit a slight greenish tinge to the water. New line markings are helpful for those of us who don't dive here often. Water warm, air BRRRRRRR!
1/3/2010 Louis & Liz Good We ran the main line and the peanut line from Peacock I - the place looks great. New line markers have been placed on the mainline that count down to pothole and an emergency only marker on pothole itself. We just want to say thank you to the line committee.
1/2/2010 Larry Vrooman good to very good Basin is clear but looking up from the bottom of the cavern highlights the slight milky nature of the water. Viz is similar in the Olsen tunnel and drops to 15-20 ft in the Cisteen tunnel. The basin at Cisteen is duckyweedy but, by Cisteen standards, pretty clear. Nicolson has some tannic intrusion. The peanut tunnel is quite clear all the way to the peanut restriction. Flow is noticeable in the last few hundered feet near the water source tunnel but low/normal everywhere else. Viz is again slightly milky between Peanut restriction to a couple hundred feet from Challenge but is very clear from Challenge to Orange Grove. There is very little flow from the peanut restriction past challenge to the distance tunnel jump where the flow is again noticeable to Orange grove. The orange grove basis is very clear. The water hole tunnel is very clear with 2 areas of very slight tannic intrusion.
12/22/2009 Michael 50 Basin was pretty clear, 15 feet of visibility easy, and it improved inside the cave, if Olson/Nicholson tunnel is to be trusted. Looks good to go and word from the locals is the river will have to go up another few feet before Peacock will get it.
11/16/2009 Shirley Kasser Quite nice We dove both the Peanut and Pothole lines this weekend. Both were only mildly dusty and very pleasant. The basin and cavern are gorgeous. You can clearly see the entrance while standing on the stairs, even with divers in the basin.
10/20/2009 Buhlz 40-60 depending Awesome day with Kyle. Trucked up Luraville today and had a blast @ P1 until Kyles 24 watter took a dump. O well. Still a great time. Amazing of the abundant of debri left in the system from the Suwanee rising. System pretty clear though and walls look like they're coming back. We almost made it to the wishbone by Olsen then turned. No flow. BT 59 min 2 min deco- 21%
10/17/2009 Scott Pulliam 70' Vis is much better than a few weeks ago. Surface pond looks like mud but clears nicely once you enter the cavern zone. Rain has helped vis. Getting back to normal vis for Peacock.
10/1/2009 Larry Vrooman 40-50' Viz equally good in both Peanut and Olsen tunnels -40-50'. Viz was also very good in the Waterhole tunnel and related side mount tunnels, Crossover and Olsen Bypass tunnels. The smaller tunnels all have a fair amount of mung that is very easily stirred, but vis is still very good. We were at P1, P3 or Orange Grove 3 days this week and never saw more than a couple other teams, so it is indeed a great time to dive Peacock.
9/26/2009 Kampftaucher 50' No Park Ranger at the site! Olson side 50' visibility. only about 10 divers on-site. Never seen this fantastic dive -site so empty. Hurry and get your dive in.
9/19/2009 Scott Pulliam 40-50 Peanut side and vis was around 40' Olsen side a little better with 50' vis.Still a little smokey but good dives. Not many people at the park. Good time to get a dive in at Peacock.
9/6/2009 Craig Gaffka 70 Peacock is clearing up nicely, even the basin was clear. Tunnels may have been slightly clearer in the peanut tunnel and up stream of olsen. Dove to the crypt and had to turn 50' before the crypt due to the line laying limp and out of place.
8/15/2009 Garrick 40' Went up main line and surfaced at Olsen vis was around 40'.
7/25/2009 karst.window 40 Dove round trip P1 to Orange Grove via Olsen. P1 basin clear with slight tannic tint. Vis up to Olsen about 30-40. Olsen basin clear. Vis 40 ish from Olsen to Peanut jump and vis deteriorates to 20-30 ish until you reach Challenge basin. Cavern zone at Challenge gorgeous. Vis to Orange Grove 40 ish. OG looked bad from the surface but vis in cavern was 40-50. OG is noticeably springing. Can see rays of light at P1 from the sign. Overall beautiful dive.
7/13/2009 Nathan S. 40 My buddy and I dove Peacock today. Went in at P1 up the Peanut line jumped over to the Gold Line after the Peanut Restriction and swam to Challenge. Vis from P1 to Peanut Restriction was 40ft plus. Vis approaching Challenge was 20-30 at best, the water ate up our lights and had a milky haze to it clearing about 100 feet from Challenge.
6/21/2009 Tom Johnson (tj) 30 We jumped all over the place. Dark Water Tunnel a mess... so we turned that, but everywhere else (within 1000' from P1) nice to dive . Bones at Pothole: http://www.divetraining.net/pictures/2009_jun_19/P1010018.jpg
6/14/2009 DogDiver 30 Lots of "puffy" stuff that just seems to hang there with almost no flow in the system. Generally cleaner than last weekend. Lots of side passages that haven't seen divers in a few months.
6/11/2009 Tom Johnson (tj) 30' Still a bit tanic in the system, but overall much better than a week ago. Great day.
5/30/2009 Nathan S. 30 or Less Dove the Peanut line to the end of the line. Vis 30ft with heavy particulate matter that eats up your light. The walls & ceiling are covered with very loose silt / the gold line is covered with organic matter and was a more brown color than gold...meaning, it looks like it was actually growing. Numerous dead fish & dead white cave crawfish. All in all, it was a GREAT dive. We were the first ones in (and only today) since the powers that be opened it. Talking with the ranger after the dive they made it open to Full Cave only. (my bbuddy & are are full cave) Despite being dark and cruddy, it was pretty cool being inside, no hand prints, body prints, the scape marks on the ceiling / walls were not visable due to the sediment / silt on them.
4/11/2009 DogDiver 1 Flooded...closed :(
4/2/2009 Anthony Tedeschi 80' Went to Olsen vis Peanut tunnel. Great dive.
4/1/2009 Bob Cree 40 Great 3 hour dive burning gas planned for Madison, now gone under. Gotta go where the wall of water coming from the north dictates. Went from Peacock I to farl past Challenge on an offshoot tunnel and back via Olsen and to EOL at the well. A bit of distance covered on this one - man my legs hurt. First time I had a legit deco in the system - 20 minutes tables and computer...lol.
3/24/2009 Lori 80 ft Dive from P1 to Olson. Always love that dive. Working on some previous gear config issues, chose an easy dive to make sure things were worked out, they were. Not too crowded at all.
3/22/2009 Lori 80 P1 up the Peanut Tunnel. First shakedown dive of the trip. A few minor config issues, nothing major, just annoying. Turned the dive on boredom/annoyance. Otherwise a good dive.
3/21/2009 Shannon 0-80 P I to Pothole vis was up to 80 feet. Tied into Crossover tunnel and made it over to the Breakdown room. Line was in good condition. Squeeze through at the end of Crossover. Peanut and Cavern area were nice and clear.(side mount dive) Parking at Peacock was not bad until after 11am. Orange Grove parking was overflowing prior to that time. P I has duckweed in it as well. Enjoy!
3/15/2009 Buhlz 75 Started the dave w/ P1. O-ring issues again but still had a great dive to almost peanut restriction. Great times and glad that it was just the o-ring. 53min 57' no deco.32%
3/8/2009 Raphael Tremblay 80 Busy day at Peacock. Dove late in the day. A bit of particulate in the water but not much. Water about a foot below big step.
1/24/2009 Jean Nelson 50' Vis in Peacock is just awesome right now. Saw a shaft of sunlight coming down thru Olsen (on the Challenge side) that went down to the floor (right near the sharp left turn into the bedding plane). Lit up the whole passageway with gorgeous blue/white light. In some spots , we must have had over 50' of vis.
1/18/2009 Ryan Battles 60 Decent vis up Pothole to Olsen, and Peanut past the breakdown room. It was crowded all over the place at Peacock.
1/2/2009 scububa 60 Went to Olsen and about 450' past. Vis was good, but there was some particulate suspended. Water 71 deg. Divers in the water, but none on our route. Passed one jump spool.
12/20/2008 DaveS 60 Great conditions. Crowded though, the parking lot was at capacity and there were many teams in the system. Looking up Pothole it was the clearest I've ever seen it.
12/6/2008 Walter Pickel 60' Did the Grand Tour (Orange Grove -> Challenge -> Olsen -> Peacock 1). The visibility from Orange Grove to Challenge was 100'. After Challenge it degrades but is still amazing. I am still pretty amazed how much abuse the cave has taken, the hand prints and drag marks makes it you want to dive higher in the system as well. That way you don't have to stare at the scars.
11/23/2008 James 100' Easy Peanut line crossover tunnel to olsens nice lots of divers in the water. Upon exiting the cave was a little murked up on the mainline but the crossover tunnel and the peanut line still pristine.
11/18/2008 Elisha Gibson 30-80 Did a dive up the Pothole line to the Nicholsen tunnel planning to go up to Cisteen. The Nicholsen tunnel got milkier and milkier and colder and colder until I called the dive about 20 feet from the end of the line. We played in some other tunnels on the way out, had a 70 min run time. Pothole viz was not as good as Peanut viz the week before.
11/12/2008 Rick Palm 60 feet The fixed main line starts just inside the mouth of the cavern, so I jettisoned my primary reel, and we swam up the Pothole line to Olsen Sink (1400 feet) in 29 minutes, spending 51.3 cu. ft. of EAN 32%. After enjoying the scenery of topside Olsen, reminiscing about the old days walking down the treacherous path in double 104's and slippery wet suit booties, we swam back the same way. Conditions: A bit cold at 71 degrees F, especially on the return. Visibility was decent; estimated at 60 feet, with fine particulate matter in suspension noted in several areas, with negligent flow throughout the dive. The open water and cavern was clear and beautiful. We met only one other team en route. Very enjoyable, relaxing dive, with two fine friends. Nice to see conditions improving, although they are not quite back to normal yet.
11/2/2008 Andy Lamborn 60-70 We did the crossover tunnel circuit. Conditions were good!
10/13/2008 Steve 70-80 Water is up to the first step, the basis is a little green, but not too bad. Swam the Nicholson and Cisteen tunnels; mainline and Cisteen were crystal clear, but Nicholson had some river intrusion, which took things down to maybe 20' vis. Amphipods and isopods were thick (like a light snow) in the Nicholson tunnel.
9/27/2008 ocoiligh 50-70 Water was a little high and up to the first step on the platform. The entry pool was pretty clear and the main line was good for a good 50 vis. Got a little cloudy around olsen however, most likely due to a class that was running. Went to 1500 down peanut and the vis was a good 70 pass the peanut tunnel.
9/20/2008 Jean Nelson 50' Did a foray up the main-line Saturday morning at Peacock. Skeeters were quite nasty (as usual). The vis in the basin is excellent , as was the cavern. I notice that the tannic water around Nicholson has mostly vanished now. Probably close to 50ft of vis. Went up to between the window and the jump to Crossover and turned there.
9/14/2008 Flyczek 40-60 Did the crossover circuit and some other jumps in that area. Vis down the pothole line was around 40 ft or so, the cave is still very dark in this area. The peanut side was slightly better, with the peanut tunnel having the best vis we saw all day- around 60 ft. The basin is higher, but clear. The bottom two steps are underwater. No crowds at all today, but enough mosquitoes to make up for it.
9/5/2008 PSSP 30' I had two OG dive teams they both gave me the same report, the first 6' or so in the OG basin clear, the next 30' no viz the bottom crystal clear, the cavern and cave are crystal clear, it sounds to me like OG is about to roll. From P1 the report is 30' in the basin & cavern and Peanut Tunnel, the water is green (due to river intrusion via underground fissures), after the Crossover Tunnel they say it is crystal clear to Olsen, they are diving the Pothole line next
8/31/2008 Jean Nelson 40'-60' Did a dive up the Peanut Tunnel Sunday Afternoon. Vis was a little milky from the Breakdown Room up to about 1400 feet or so. Once we passed the water source tunnels up there , it cleared up VERY NICELY !!! Jumped onto the Challenge-Olsen mainline. Depth in Olsen was about 12 feet at the top of the rocks. The vis from Olsen to P1 was actually QUITE GOOD (I was surprised). I would say 40-60 feet (I could see the double 700 arrows on the Mainline even before the jump for Cisteen. I really didn't notice much river intrusion water on the PotHole mainline. But of course , we didn't do any jumps into Cisteen or Nicholson to check that out. Peanut had a nice little flow in it too , and we could feel a nice back-push once we started towards Olsen.
8/25/2008 Mike McAuliffe 20 I was in Peacock 1 today, river intrusion up th mainline. P1 is not siphoning (yet) but it's looking pretty bad.
8/11/2008 willardj 50'-70' P-1 to Olson 200. The basin 5' maybe. The Cavern 20' Once inside the system opened up nice. Olson was very nice.
6/28/2008 Mathew Bull 20-50' Peanut line had 40-50' of visibility, looked great. Pothole had a bit more particulate that dropped visibility to 20-30' or so, plenty enough to enjoy the cave.
6/9/2008 Dave 30 Also did the P1 to Olsen run. Vis was about the same with about as much Debris along the way.
6/9/2008 Dave 30 P1 line vis all the way to Peacock restriction was about 30 feet with spots of 20 feet. water is about 68 degrees. some debris throughout the cave. Water is up to the last step of the main stairs. Basin is green and vis is about 4 feet until you get into the cavern where it opens right up.
2/26/2008 Mike Morgan 70 - 100 feet The water level in the basin is up a little with the recent rain, but still about three feet below the bottom step of the main stair, and clear. Yesterday did P-1 to Nicholson tunnel up to Cisteen tunnel intersection. Pothole line a little hazy, maybe 70 feet of vis, probably due to heavy traffic the day before. Nicholson tunnel perfectly clear. Today did P-1 to Crossover to Olsen Bypass, back through Olsen to P-1. Pothole line still a little hazy but better than yesterday, Crossover, Olsen Bypass, and Challenge - Olsen line back to Olsen perfectly clear.
12/31/2007 Steve Straatsma 20-80' Did the P-I to Nicholson route, past the Cisteen exit (lots of stagnant water in the deeper areas back there...green, hazy, and cooler), very silty with 20' viz. or so around the Cisteen exit area (btw, that area has a bunch of clothespins on the line that would tend to confuse the uninitiated..??).....continued past the Crypt jump, viz. very good in this area, jumped across to the Olsen/Challenge line, then up to Challenge. Breathed a little 1 ATM psi. air for a few minutes, then swam back down to P-I via the Peanut. Used approx. 900 psi O2 (Optima rebreather), approx. 6K ft. swim, 1:26 BT. As stated in an earlier post, the basin is EXTREMELY low...no water flowing to P-II/III, the rocks you normally kneel on are at least four feet ABOVE the water level!Never seen Peacock this low in over 30 years of diving there!
12/10/2007 Joe Park 60-80 Made multiple dives over the course of 3 days. Did peanut restiction to Olsen bypass through to crossover and back out main tunnel. Water is very low. Visibility in the cave was quite good, except for Sunday when there were too many people and lots of students in the water. The basin and cavern area became totally trashed. One problem is that the basin and cavern have more silt and stuff in it than normal due to exceptionally low flow. Bad technique really kicks it up. Once you get back into the system it's not bad at all. Had one bad experience when a group followed us, apparently following our reel, into Waterhole passage and destroyed the visbility behind us. Had to come out on line for a part of the way. Great cave, but attracts too many strokes.
8/6/2007 Narcosis 70-80 dove here Monday and Tuesday doing Basic training dives. went back through the peanut tunnel, and also did the run to Pot hole sink. Vis was probably 70 - 80 feet, water was clear. not much flow.
7/29/2007 Jim McMichael 40-50 (2) Dives 1st and only ones in that a.m./ Basin is low (3' from last step) Vis was 6" -yes inches there. This was the 1st time I have ever tied off in open "Air". Pot hole clearead up @ the chiminey went down Nick. / Dive 2 peanut- water was cloudy- Conditions were worsened by Sat Night 4' rain fall. Note after our dive we went to orange grove: A 6 person team ??? took 30 minn to find the main line
6/6/2007 Waters 50' Visibility in the basin cleared up at about 20'. Swam to olsen sink. It was a very enjoyable dive and didn't see any other divers in the water except for the guys I was diving with.
5/12/2007 Raphael Tremblay 60 Bassin has 2 foot vis down to 10' or so. Clear in cavern and elsewhere in system. No water intrusion in Cisteen tunnel up to Cisteen.
4/29/2007 Walter Pickel 50' We thought it was time for a nice long swim so we decided to do the Grand Traverse from Orange Grove to Peacock I via Olsen. It was a great swim and completely uneventful. Viz was noticeably reduced as we passed into the Peacock side off Olsen. The water was clear and cloud-free prior to Olsen, after the viz was halved and became significantly cloudy.
4/23/2007 Patrick Waters 60 plus This was my first time at Peacock and has to be my favorite cave system so far. The first dive was down the peanut line to olsen sink. The second dive was down what I think is called the main peacock line. Both were beautiful dives until the last one when returning to the cavern area to find that someone had completely screwed up the visibility.
2/27/2007 Tracy Grubbs 60 Last week I was traversing from Peacock to Cisteen, too find Cisteen has a tree that has partially fallen in. But to make it worse, it was loaded with vines from hell. I never knew I needed a machete underwater to bushwack my way thru. You had to make sure the vines didn't tangle manifolds as you were pushing thru. Even better making the Decision to return or walk out.
9/30/2006 Jean Nelson 50-70 feet. Did a nice dive from P1 Sink down the Peanut line to the Peanut restriction and back. Noticed a very slight flow in the system again. Basin outside the cavern is starting to clear slowly. We were the 1st ones down the line in the morning and the viz was excellent!
8/26/2006 Walter Pickel 60 Did a nice dive to the end of the Peanut line and another down the Peacock side. It was towards the end of the day so there was a bit of particulate. The cavern zone was probably only 20' of viz and the basin was < 5'.
7/22/2006 Bob Overstreet 60 Viz is great down Peanut Line and Pothole Line to Olsen. Waterhole passage is great. Nicholson tunnel is good. There is some tannic intrusion (smokey wisps) and it is pooling in low lying dips in Wishbone tunnel . Low flow throughout system that I was in.
7/19/2006 Walter Pickel 60 Flow moderate as always. The cavern zone was a bit milky. Viz in Peacock was better than the Peanut Tunnel.
4/26/2006 Jim Wyatt 70 feet We were the only ones there today. Vis was at least 70 feet, maybe better. Swam from P1 to Olsen via the crossover tunnel & back. Lots of amphipods swimming around today.
4/23/2006 Adam Gonzales 80 We swam up the peanut line to the restriction. A beautiful dive. There was about a 7ft alligator on the bank down the spring run today. Nice photo op!
4/15/2006 Jim Wyatt 70 feet Excellent vis in the morning. The vis deteriorated as the day went by due to classes & drills as well as a few divers dragging their fins through the silt.
4/1/2006 Joe Tegg 80ft plus Vis is great all through system. Did traverse from OG to P1 and vis was perfect all the way. Also did a dive to the Crypt, it was sparkling clean there also. Good time to dive Peacock system.
2/21/2006 Jim Wyatt 60-70 We were in the cavern most of the day, vis was 60-70 feet, with slight flow. Water temp was 71F.
2/20/2006 Scott MacLean 60 Peanut tunnel had great vis all the way to the restriction. Flow is low even for peacock and the surface ponds are spankin clear. Waterhole pond was clear, but didn't dive it.
2/19/2006 Andre Basso 50-80 Did the main tunnel at Peacock 1 going towards the Pothole Junction. Continued up another 500' halfway to the Olsen Sink. Peacock entrance to Pothole is about 40-55' viz. Viz clears up dramatically to about 80' once you dive past the Pothole Junction towards Olsen Sink. Impressive large rooms from Pothole to Olsen.
2/12/2006 Jim Wyatt 70 feet Lots of divers at P1 and Orange Grove today. It was sure cold out of the water though.
2/11/2006 Kathleen 75' Dove Cisteen to Olsen, visiting the Crypt on the return back to Cisteen. Conditions were very good and the Cisteen entrance is a fun little entry into Peacock. Entry and exit were murky - covered with duckweed, however it easily washed away after a post-dive dip in Orange. Nice short route to visit the Crypt.
2/5/2006 Scott Byars 50 Even with all the rain the conditions are good. Viz nice and not many people on super bowl Sunday.
1/16/2006 Jim Wyatt 70 Excellent vis today.
12/31/2005 SLIM 40 Swam to the Crypt bye way of Nicholson tunnel. Once near Cistine the water had a bunch of particulate in it. Crypt was clear, could see all the way to the bottom but noticed it to be very silty and unstable.
11/1/2005 Andy Lamborn 50-60 We swam to the end of the peanut line. Conditions were good and believe the floods have helped repair some of the hand prints on the cave floor.
10/23/2005 John Viehe 40ft Some particles in the water, basin a little green but very clear. Went 1000ft on peanut line, 300ft on pothole. Minimal flow.
9/7/2005 Jim Wyatt 40-50 Vis was good in the AM down the Peanut line -- we made 2 dives & the vis decreased as the day went on due to so many divers. Flow is down from last week. 6 steps are still covered with water.
8/26/2005 Rich 30' Vis is 30ft max, and doesn't clear up even further into the system on the Cisteen line or Nicholson tunnel area, flow is strong for Peacock with visible boil on the surface.
8/23/2005 Jim Wyatt 30'-40' Made 2 dives at Peacock I on Aug 23, 2005. One dive down the Pothole line .. second dive down the peanut line. Vis was 30-40 feet. The system is definitely flowing and is apparent from the boil on the surface. Water is covering the last 6 steps.
8/16/2005 Walter Pickel 40' We dove Peacock to Olsen via the cross over tunnel. Very good conditions. There was a slight boil on Peacock 1 and the spring water is very high.
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